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Project1999 setup instructions

-Originally written by Pyrocat and then copied to the new boards by Aeolwind.

This is a step by step guide to installing everything you'll need to 
play on Project 1999.

This guide was meant as an aid for those confused by the many different threads in the files forum, or those otherwise in need of a step-by-step instruction booklet. Klarsen's post in this thread gave me the idea for this. I thought some people might be put off by the many threads and lack of unified installation instructions, so I figured this thread would be a useful addition.

You should already have purchased a copy of Everquest Titanium edition. This is the ONLY version of Everquest that will work with this server. You can find a fairly cheap used copy through ebay or amazon.

BEFORE WE GET STARTED: Please follow this guide to get the basic installation of Everquest finished. (Link broken.  Mirror of info here:EQEMU setup info mirror )If you don't follow this guide to the letter your installation will not work! This is what is necessary to play on any emulated Everquest server. The following instructions are what is needed in addition to the above installation to play on Project 1999.

In order to install the files needed to play Project 1999, you'll be making a lot of backups of default game files. Some people recommend renaming them with a different extension, other recommend just straight up copying the file and putting it into a new folder. For simplicity's sake, I just renamed the file with "_BACKUP" at the end of it. For example, if I had to rename "arena.egg" I would rename it "arena.egg_BACKUP" and all's well.

YOU WILL NEED THESE FILES: (spells_us.txt) 11/15 (dbstr_us.txt) (uifiles - gemicons01/window_pieces02/spells01.tga) (EQUI_CastSpellWnd.xml)

OPTIONAL: (Japino's Velious UI) (Classic styled login screen) (Kunark styled login screen)
These links may become outdated if I forget to update this thread.
Check the thread associated with each step if you think you have outdated files.


1) Browse to your local Everquest directory. The default location should be C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest\

2) Backup these files. You will not be replacing them with anything, but they must be renamed or moved.

3) Backup "spells_us.txt" and replace it with the latest download from this thread or the above download.

4) Backup "dbstr_us.txt" and replace it with the latest download from this thread or the above download.

5) Browse to the default directory in uifiles. The default location should be C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest\uifiles\default

6) Backup these files and replace them with their clones from this thread or the above download.
gemicons02.tga (won't be replaced, don't worry)
gemicons03.tga (won't be replaced, don't worry)


A) Browse back to your local Everquest directory and rename these files. You will not be replacing them with anything. This gives you the default, old school, midi songs for combat, death and logging.

B) Browse to your resources directory and backup "loadscreen.JPG", default location should be C:\ProgramFiles\Sony\EverQuest\Resources

B2) Replace it with whatever you want as your loading screen. Allakhazam provides the original loading screens for release, kunark, and velious at the following URLs.

C) If you want a velious-style UI, go back to your uifiles directory and (after backing up default folder) replace the default folder with the contents of Japino_Classic_UI from this thread or the above download.

D) If you want a Kunark style login screen (preview), browse to your uifiles directory, browse to whatever folder you're using for your default UI (most likely "default"), and backup the following files.

D2) Replace them with the latest download from this thread or the above download.

E) If you'd prefer a more classic styled login screen (preview), repeat Step D) but back up these files instead.

E2) Replace them with the latest download from this thread or the above download.

If people could please double check to make sure I haven't messed anything up, it would be appreciated.
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