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Breast Forms

Breast forms, or breast prosthesis, are made of silicone in a variety of weights and shapes.

They are designed to fit into a pocketed mastectomy bra to provide shape and symmetry.

Also available are non silicone breast forms like the leisure form and priform.

Shells and partial prosthesis provide shape after lumpectomy  surgery or uneven breasts.

A silicone swim form is ideal to fit into swim suits for chlorinated or salt water.
Amoena Essential breast form
Leisure breast form
Priform form
Amoena Essential Lite breast formAmoena Aqua Wave form

Amoena Essential

Balanced and secure fit.
One layer of silicone.

Leisure Form

Non silicone breast form.
Moulded foam inner, smooth polyester outer.
Ideal for post-operative or casual wear.


Ultra lightweight casual wear.
Moulded polyester front.
Open at back.
Dacron filled.

Amoena Essential Light

Comfortable light-weight silicone prosthesis.
A good choice if you don't like a weighted prosthesis.
Soft silicone formula.
I would recommend this prosthesis.

Amoena Aqua Wave

The best swimming prosthesis available.
Moulded silicone concave swim form.
Guaranteed for chlorine and salt water.
Comes with a handy water proof bag to pop your togs into.