Nimble Bread

Perhaps one of the most iconic adverts of the early 1970s was Nimble girl Emily Jones precariously balanced on a balloon, flying over ludicrously high landscapes promoting Nimble Bread to the strains of Honeybus' 1968 hit - "I Can't Let Maggie Go".breezy 1968 hit by British pop combo Honeybus, which featured the line ‘She flies like a bird in the sky’.
In a rather literal attempt to drum the point home, Nimble girl Emily Jones was filmed dangling from a red and white Nimble balloon as it rose over an Alpine mountainside. The ad caught the public’s attention but did little for the fortunes of the long-disbanded Honeybus, who found themselves pigeonholed as one-hit wonders.

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The current product range has fallen under the Hovis masterbrand...

Although still going strong today, Nimble Bread is perhaps most strongly associated with the famous advertising campaign of the late 1960s and 1970s that featured Nimble girl Emily Jones precariously perched on a small chair secured to a red and white Nimble balloon. Accompanied by the memorable ‘I Can’t Let Maggie Go’ by Honeybus, something about the ad caught the public’s imagination in a way rival firm Slimcea’s own balloon based bread commercial singularly failed to do. The product itself harks back to an age when the amateur ethos still prevailed in the sport of dieting. Phrases such as ‘lean cuisine’ and ‘calorie controlled diet’ were about as technically complex as things got. Nimble boasted it was only 40 calories a slice (that’s apparently 27 calories less than normal bread), although it probably helped that each loaf was absolutely tiny.