Bird's Custard

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2012 see's 175 years of Birds Custard Powder, a mile stone for British Meal times. 
Please feel free to navigate through the site and follow the story of Bird's custard and the multitude of products that have had the Bird's name over the last 175 years.
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Bird's Custard Powder (1920's)

The company was one of the early users of promotional items and colourful advertising campaigns. The famous 'three bird' logo, however, was relatively late in arriving, only introduced in 1929.

World War II saw rationing and serious production limits. Shortly after the war, Bird's was purchased by the General Foods Corporation, which was itself taken over by Altria Group|Philip Morris in the 1980s and merged into Kraft Foods. Although the Bird's Custard product remains, the company itself is now just a brand. In late 2004, Kraft sold Bird's Custard and some other Kraft brands to Premier Foods, who are the current owners.

Bird's Custard Powder sachets (1940's)

The Current home of Bird's Custard

Stafford, Staffordshire ST20 0QJ

Alfred Bird and Sons Ltd.
After he discovered his custard was popular, Bird formed Alfred Bird and Sons Ltd. in Birmingham. By 1843, the company was also making the newly invented baking powder and, by 1844, was promoting custard powder nationally. By 1895, the company was producing Blancmange powder, jelly powder, and egg substitute. In World War I, Bird's Custard was supplied to the British armed forces.

Bird's Custard tin (1920's)

The original custard factory has long ceased to exist, but the larger factory Bird's opened in Gibb Street remains (production was Kraft Foods Banbury relocated to Banbury in 1964, along with the factory gates, featuring the company logo), and has been adapted as the Custard Factory Custard Factory arts centre.