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posted Sep 18, 2017, 4:58 PM by Avery Springer

Prof. Tom Keeline shared his current research on Latin manuscripts and his thoughts on museums.

04/22/2017: Ancient Textiles and Dress

posted Apr 28, 2017, 10:55 AM by Avery Springer   [ updated Apr 28, 2017, 10:57 AM ]

Penelope Weaving
A lively crowd of some 25 members gathered to hear a very interesting presentation by Prof. Allison Thomason on various textiles in use in the ancient mediterranean world, including the near east and Egypt and a description of various styles of dress.

02/25/2017: Cicero Americanus

posted Feb 26, 2017, 3:40 PM by Avery Springer   [ updated Feb 26, 2017, 3:46 PM ]

Carl Springer gave a thought provoking presentation on the place of Cicero in American education and political life over the centuries.  His presentation was followed by a lively discussion, focusing on the place of classical education and the humanities in 21st century American education.

01/21/2017: Book Discussion: "The King Must Die" by Mary Renault

posted Jan 22, 2017, 11:41 AM by Avery Springer   [ updated Jan 22, 2017, 12:05 PM ]

                                                                            The Minotaur by George Watts         Minoan octopus jar

Those in attendance participated in a lively discussion of the novel, touching on stylistic concerns, the mythological background, and the archeological evidence.  Prof. Tim Moore led the discussion, presenting a slide show which helped start the discussion and sharing questions that readers had sent to him. Members seemed to find the discussion helpful and enlightening.  Suggestions for scheduling a similar discussion next year are encouraged!

10/22/2016: Populares and Populism in Cicero's Rome

posted Oct 27, 2016, 6:32 AM by Avery Springer   [ updated Jan 20, 2017, 1:59 PM ]

Those in attendance heard a stimulating presentation by Prof. Tom Keeline of Washington University, followed by a lively discussion.

9/17/2016: A Classical Mosaic

posted Sep 19, 2016, 10:06 AM by Avery Springer   [ updated Oct 27, 2016, 10:14 AM ]

The jewels of a Chaldean Queen Puabi    Vesuvius across the bay of Naples         Scene from the Academy: Knud Baade

The first gathering of the Classical Club for 2016-2017 heard three presentations of members' travel this summer.  Alison Thomason spoke about the collection from Ur of Chaldes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Timothy Moore spoke about his peregrinations in pursuit of ancient music through Greece, Italy and Switzerland; Avery Springer presented her discovery classical influences in Ultima Thule, i.e. Norway.

5/17/2016: Annual Banquet

posted May 18, 2016, 8:37 AM by Avery Springer   [ updated May 18, 2016, 8:43 AM ]

The members gathered enjoyed great food and conversation, after which a meeting was called to order with two items of business.  The board made a proposal that the number of at-large members of the board be increased to three.  This was passed on a voice vote.  The second item of business was the slate of officers for election.  Voted in by voice vote were the following:  Avery Springer, President; Joel Nadler, Vice-president; Philip Bergman, Secretary; Jayne Hanlin, Treasurer; Timothy Moore, Allison Thomason, James Lowe, At-large.  The meeting was followed by a presentation by Avery Springer on "Ariadne on Naxos: Catullus to Strauss."

4/9/2016: The American Excavations at Morgantina (Sicily)

posted May 18, 2016, 7:50 AM by Avery Springer   [ updated May 18, 2016, 7:53 AM ]

A fascinated group heard Annie Truetzel's description of the history of Morgantina and then of life on an active archeological dig. Several in the crowd were ready to sign up!

02/20/2016: Antiquities Under Threat

posted Feb 20, 2016, 12:51 PM by Avery Springer   [ updated Mar 2, 2016, 6:02 AM ]

A new record number of attendees heard a fascinating, if discouraging, presentation on the threats to ancient sites and cultures in the Middle East, not only from groups such as ISIS but also from other warring factions and looters.  Prof. Thomason also presented groups that are documenting and working to preserve what can be in the face of these losses.

1/23/2016: Catullus' Latvian Homecoming: A New Setting of Poem 46 by Ugis Praulins

posted Jan 26, 2016, 6:32 AM by Avery Springer   [ updated Mar 2, 2016, 6:02 AM ]

Ugis Praulins

A record number of attendees were treated to an excellent presentation by Philip Barnes, of John Burroughs School and the St. Louis Chamber Chorus, on the challenges and delights of working with a composer, Ugis Praulins to set a poem by the Latin poet Catullus for a chorus.  The presentation included details both of the meter of Catullus' poem (hendecasyllable) and of the delicacy of working with a composer to achieve what the commissioner of the piece would like and the performers can master.

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