Founded over 95 years ago, the Classical Club of St. Louis (CCSTL) continues to provide a wide rage of fascinating and informative programs about ancient Greek and Roman cultures.  Meeting regularly during the academic year, CCSTL is open to anyone interested in hearing these talks. Recent highlights have included a discussion about Sophocles's play Antigone with its local artistic director: a description of prehistoric linguistic links between Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit; and a discussion of ancient musical instruments, followed by a group sing-along with recorded accompaniments on those instruments.

Please consult the home page for schedule of presentations: dates, times, and locations.

Membership is open to all those interested. 

The dues are $15.00 per annum and can be paid to the treasurer. 

Contact us at classicalclubstl@gmail.com

Current Members of the Executive Committee

President:  James V. Lowe

Immediate Past President: Avery R. Springer

Vice-President: Joel Nadler

Secretary: Philip Bergman

Treasurer: Jayne Hanlin

Members at Large:  Tom Keeline, Allison Thomason

Historical Note:

A notice published in the Classical Weekly, Vol. XIII, No. 18, 1920, pp. 143-144:

The Classical Club of St. Louis completed its organization on January 17, with Professor F. W. Shipley, Washington University, as President, Father Murphy, Professor of Philosophy, St. Louis University, as Vice President, and Rosalie Kaufman, Cleveland High School, as Secretary-Treasurer.  The Executive Committee consists of these officers and the following persons:  Maynard M. Hart, Vice-Principal of McKinley High School, and Rudolph Detschen, University City High School.  The Program Committee consists of Principal Hart and Professor Eugene Tavenner, Washington University. 

The organization of the Club is meeting with such a sympathetic response from friends of the Classics and the press that one is led to hope that the tide of anti-classical agitation is at last receding.                                                                                                                                         

-Eugene Tavenner