Hey! Before you Google it...

1. Check all DATABASES & eBooks, available from the LRC's webpage 24/7.
2. Check the LRC's catalog (also available 24/7) for books.
The Providence St. Mel LRC provides a good basic collection of print and electronic sources.
IF your topic is very current or very local or specialized, or if there are not enough print sources available for all your students, you may request a hotlist. A hotlist is a custom-made list of research-worthy websites created by a librarian upon a teacher's request. If you would like to discuss research tools available for a class project, please make an appointment with Ms. Akers asap!
High School Hotlists
Spanish II / Recycling in Chicago (Fama)
9th Language Arts / Great Depression (Finder and Miller)
Music Careers (Malina)
Monologues (Miller)
HS Art / Poetry-Inspired Art (Rhoades)
Spanish IV / Ecotourism in Latin America (Russell and Fama)
AP US History / African Independence (Stopka)
Advanced Math (Turner)
Engineering Careers (Turner)
Truss Bridges (Turner)
Middle School Hotlists
7th Math / Negro Leagues (Granholm)
Science Fair (McGrath K)
Censorship and The Giver (Sullivan)
Lower School Hotlists
5th Music for a Lifetime (Baar B)
Bible Characters (Stevenson)