Google Templates

Google Templates
Rather than working with your original documents, you'll want students to work from a template (or copy) of your original.
  • When the document is ready to be used by students, create a template.
    • Go to Google Doc Templates. Click Submit a Template. Click Choose from Google Docs. Find the document and click Select. Write a brief description. Choose the Students & Teacher category. Click Submit Template. Whenever you update this document, it will be updated in the template.
    • You can find your templates under the "My Templates" tab. Click Preview and copy the URL. This is what you'll provide students. When they click Use This Template, it will open a copy in Google Docs.
  • Think about how documents will be used:
    • If students will be working on an individual project, direct students to the Google Doc Template Preview address rather than the original document.
    • If students will be working on a single class or group document, make a copy of the document and place it in the class or group folder.
    • Keep your original documents in a safe place for updating and use in future classes. Remember that when you update a document that is a template, it will be updated in the template gallery. If you want to make a new version, simply choose to make a copy.