Online projects

"Working Remotely"

We can do the following for your online project:

  • Choreograph and teach dances via video tutorials

  • Have directing and coaching sessions via online platforms such as Zoom

  • Edit the final project

*There are many possibilities for online projects ranging from limited to no contact. Should you wish to create an online project it is best to have a discussion in which we can assess your needs and determine which approach would be possible*


"Making dances"

A ClassAcT choreographer will do the following:

  • Assist in the audition process

  • Choreograph dances

  • Teach the choreography to the students

  • Plot the choreography on stage when the production moves into theatre


"Running the show"

A ClassAcT director will:

  • Manage the audition process and cast the characters

  • Set up rehearsal schedules

  • Coach and block the actors

  • Collaborate with the client on set, costumes, sound, props and lighting

  • Be present at all rehearsals

  • Be present at all dress rehearsals


"Putting it all together"

A ClassAcT Creative will:

  • Create an original idea/ theme for your production

  • Design a structure for the idea

  • Create the storyline/plot (if applicable)

  • Choose appropriate music

  • Choose appropriate decor

  • Choose appropriate costumes

Rehearsal coaching

"Drill Sergeantry"

A ClassAcT Rehearsal coach will:

  • Ensure that the dancer or group of performers know the choreography well

  • Ensure that a dance piece is polished as far as style, rhythm and synchronisation are concerned

  • Ensure that actors know their lines and plotting


"Creating a story"

A ClassAcT Writer will:

  • Create an original story or adapt an existing story for the theatre

  • Write the theatre script with stage directions if needed

You also have the option to buy the performance licence for one of our already written original scripts. Click Here for more info.


"Some more tricks up our sleeves"

If needed, we can also assist with the following:

  • Costume sourcing and supply (stock dependant)

  • Editing of tracks

  • Sourcing of backtracks

  • Sourcing of props and decor