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Our Aims

ClassAcT aims to create productions in a professional manner. Even though we create a high number of shows for schools and semi-professional companies, we still ensure that each production is as close as possible to the professional standard. 

We treat the participants as performers and ensure that they are the best performers they can be. Because we aim to bring out the best in each performer, we teach while we create, ensuring that every participant walks away from the production with more knowledge in the performing arts.

ClassAcT is both punctual and flexible. We understand that participants in our productions are usually also involved in other activities and we are willing to work around them, however we try to stick to the carefully planned schedule.

Most importantly, ClassAcT wants everyone involved in their production to think back on it with fond memories, thus it is very important to us that our projects are enjoyed and that things run smoothly. There are always a few hiccups when it comes to showbiz, but we are always able to smooth them out to ensure that only good memories stay behind. 

ClassAcT only employs candidates with experience in both teaching and performing, and a tertiary qualification in the performing arts. For more information  go to The Team.

Try us, we'll make your production memorable!!

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In case you are uncertain if we are the right "fit" for your production, we have compiled this lists of do's and don'ts:

We Do…

We Don’t…

Original work

We are creatives. 


We will only copy dances when we have bought the rights to a musical production and the use of the original choreography is included in those rights. 

Use YouTube for reference

We are keen to learn and improve. 

Copy music videos/dances entirely from YouTube

You do not need a choreographer for this - you just need someone with internet and some dance knowledge

Incorporate the school’s ideas

It is important to us to have a clear idea of what a client expects before we start working on a project.

Try to please everyone. 

There are a million ideas out there and a million dances to do to one song. If we have been appointed to a project we will assume that we have creative license.

Work on various productions at the same time

Most rehearsals for school productions are spread out over months which make it possible to schedule multiple productions’ rehearsals into one week. 

Allow our productions to interfere with each other. 

We plan carefully to ensure that a production runs as smoothly as possible from pre-production right through to curtain-fall. 

Plan ahead.

 This is to ensure that each production will be ready in time. This may mean that we finalise certain aspects of your production earlier than expected but keep in mind that we also have other productions with their own aspects to finalise. 

Work without a schedule and see how it goes

This makes no sense.

Make ourselves available for client enquiries

Emails will be responded to within 24 hours.

Answer any calls/messages/emails during rehearsals 

regardless of which or who’s production we are rehearsing on. 

Try to get as much as possible done during rehearsal

This means we choreograph ahead of time and have a detailed plan of what we want to achieve by the end of each rehearsal.

Waste time. 

Not ours. Not the school’s. Not the performers’. We understand that learners are under an immense amount of pressure and will therefore avoid calling performers to a rehearsal unless they are going to be actively used during that rehearsal.


We try to challenge learners by teaching them actual dance choreography. This means that initially the steps might be a little more difficult. It also means that the end product will be more impressive.

Simplify choreography simply because performers don’t get them right the frist time. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Determination will get them where they need to be.

Stick to our job descriptions

In theatre it is of the utmost importance that each person knows what his/her part in the production is and stick to it.

Interfere with other people’s jobs 

nor do we expect others to interfere with ours. 

Go the extra mile. 

In the end it is about quality and we like to do those little extra things to ensure an end product that we can be proud of. 

Go an extra hundred miles

A show can only be successful if the school is fully on board. The show can only happen if both us and the school do our part.