Christa-Louie kannemeyer

This full-time mother of two believes the world will be a better place if everyone was just completely honest with each other and themselves and that every problem can be solved with a good yoga session.

Christa-Louié has spent the last 11 years creating, directing, choreographing, and managing theatre productions for the school stage. Under the name “ClassAcT” she has given many children aged 3-18 the opportunity to experience the magic of theatre and the performing arts first hand and is known for her high quality productions and personal connection she forms with the young performers. She firmly believes that when working with the youth you have the responsibility to educate, guide, and inspire and therefore each of her productions is seen as a creative as well as teaching opportunity.

Christa-Louié enjoys learning and improving herself and is currently working on creating a youtube channel as well as an online theatre programme. She has also recently discovered writing as a means to express herself and completed her first musical theatre sript “The Troupe” which was performed in the Atterbury Theatre in 2019. She is looking forward to sharing more stories with the world.

To maintain balance, when she is not working as performer or creator, Christa-Louié is a cattle farmer in the Northern Cape.