At ClassAcT, we do SHOWBIZ for schools!  Please feel free to browse our site for information on the services we offer and the productions we have done.

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What's New?

Preparing for an exciting 2019:
  • "Dreams" Mnr en Mej Garsie 2019 
  • "ABBA" Mnr en Mej Oos-Moot 2019 
  • Silverton Junior and Senior Primary Revue 
  • Garsfontein Primary Revue 
  • "The Troupe": Garsfontein High School  - written, directed, and choreographed by ClassAcT!!
  • Little Owls year-end production
  • The Launch of our very own YouTube channel!!!

Mnr en Mej Oos-Moot 2019:

Mnr en Mej Garsie 2019:

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