Thatcher Park Field Trip

Sixth Grade Students - Geology Studies

Mrs. LaRow's Earth Science Class 

  1. All sixth grade students in Mrs. LaRow's Earth science classes visit Thatcher Park
  2. The field trips are designed to give the students first hand knowledge of land formations they are studying in class.
  3. Students are able to do pre and post trip activities
  4. Students are encouraged to post questions and answers to the class blog
  5. Students will demonstrate what they have learned in the unit by designing multimedia projects
  6. Pictures, taken by the teacher and other students, are made available for class projects and can be found at the following sites:
  • Google Groups
  • Flicker
  • iPhoto Photocasts
  • Picasa albums

- A map of our trip is located below.

- The map is dragable.

- Click on the blue pins to see pictures taken on the trip

- Each picture is named. More pictures will be added.

- You can enlarge the map. You can switch to satellite view

- Click on "larger view" to view the map in Google Maps

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