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Zahra Ibrahim Khaddouri

It is so hard to sum up all the years that have passed, but here are some of the major events…  After graduating from Al-Rahibat, I moved to Mosul for medical school.  While in Mosul, I met my husband Bashar Tappouni.  We got married shortly after I graduated and lived in Baghdad while I was working on my residency.  Unfortunately, we spent the next 12 years apart.  He moved to the U.S. and I could not follow, because of border regulations during the war with Iran.  At the time that Bashar left, I had been 3 months pregnant.  I had my daughter Meena in 1981 and dedicated much of my time to raising her and working as a general physician in Baghdad.  I also received a degree in Aerospace medicine, while working at Baghdad International Airport

In 1992, immediately after Desert Storm, Meena and I left for Jordan, where we were finally reunited with Bashar.  We moved to the U.S. and have lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon since.  Meena is now 28 and finishing her last year of dental school in Arizona, my second daughter Tina is 16, Lona is 11, and Jonah is almost 8.   I absolutely love living in the Northwest and enjoy traveling, spending time with family and friends, and participating in community events. 

I love to hear from all of you and this is my email: ztappouni@gmail.com

My Family on Mother's Day - 2008


My Family on Easter Day - April 2009
My Family at Jonah's first Communion and Tina's confirmation - May 3rd 2009 
Zahra & Bashar - 2006
My Family - Dec. 2007
My Children at Jonah's first Communion and Tina's confirmation - May 3rd 2009