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Beaches North Coast in Tropical Dominican Republic

Beaches North Coast in Tropical Dominican Republic
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Tropical Beaches on the North Coast

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: Bozo Playa
Very busy beach with Kiteboarding schools were students try to Master the sport. On the sea -on a good wind day- you will see hundreds of kites riding the waves of Bozo Beach.
Google Maps Directions: Bozo Beach, North Coast Cabarete

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: Cabarete playa
Due to the good winds it's a paradise for many water sports like windsurfing, sailing, Kite Boarding  paddle boarding and more. While this beach is not one of the best for swimming and sun bathing, water sports, dining, and drinking are what draws crowds.
Google Maps Directions: Cabarete Beach, North Coast
Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: Diamante Playa
Diamond Beach is so named because it is the gem of the island. Aside from its obvious beauty, the waters are shallow for about a half a mile, and calm to boot.

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: Dorada Playa
Dorada Beach is located in Puerto Plata in one of the largest resort areas on the island. Great for watersports such a kite boarding and water skiing. Strong currents from the Atlantic so it's not one of the best for swimming.
Google Maps Directions: Plata Dorada North Coast

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: El Breton Playa
Playa El Breton is set within Parque National Cabo Francis. With calm waters that are great for swimming and snorkeling. If you need a quiet place to relax then this is the place.
Google Maps Directions: El Breton Playa North Coast

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: El Calento de Dario Beach
is a beach. Mainly guests of the nearby resorts spend their days on the beach. So if you look for a quiet tropical playa. Then this is a good spot.

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: Playa Grande Beach
a unique beach that is popular for both swimming and surfing. In the summer months the waters are calm, while the winter months are perfect for surfers who want to catch waves of up to 12 feet.

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: Kite Beach
Great beach for Kitesurfing. Well Known in the word with regular contests and other competitions. Many kitesurfing talents can be found here. Besides the great conditions for kite surfers it's also a great beach just to visit and see the hundreds of kites in the air.

Kite Boarding School on the North Coast Coast Dominican Republic

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More tropical playas in the Dominican Republic....

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: La Entrada Beach
A quiet playa with clean, fresh, spotless sand and cool, calm waters provide the perfect setting for a quiet day at the beach.

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: Long Beach
This playa is on the Atlantic Ocean, so a beach with a 'waves guarantee'.  But relatively populated during tourist season.

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: Magante Beach
Protected by a double coral reef, Magante Beach enjoys calm waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Almost always deserted.

Kite Surfing on the North Coast Beaches?

Looking for a good beach on the North Coast to learn Kite Surfing?
Cabarete haves much to offer when it comes to Kite surfing.
When you are looking for a very experienced Kiteboarding instructor then we advise to take a look at the website of Kanifas.
IKO Certified instructor for a good instruction. Because it's really advisable to get to know all the ins & out over Kite surfing as it is a sport with certain risks.

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Our search for the beaches on the North Coast continues.....

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Beaches Name: Preciosa Beach
This quiet stretch of sand is haves stunning views. Very good for water sports such as body boarding, kite surfing, or surfing.

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Rogelio Beach
Backed by one of Bahia Principe's all-inclusive resorts, Rogelio Beach is quiet and clean, if not crowded by resort guests. The beach serves as a nice locale to lay out and soak up some sun as well as splash around in the calm surf.
Google Maps Directions: Playa Rogelio, 56000, North Coast Dominican Republic

Beaches North Coast Dominican Republic Sosua Beach
The entire town of Sosua seems to revolve around Sosua Bach, with beach resorts, open air restaurants and bars, and markets selling beach apparel. The beach here is a beauty, and drives tourism, making it one of the most popular beaches in the Dominican Republic.