This game is a computer moderated turn based multiplayer similar to a board game. 
It has strong elements from war games with a nice economical side to it. Also, it has some small pieces of RPG mixed in the bunch.

The general mechanics are quite simple, each player receives their result turn with all available information. Then you spend some time thinking and communicating with your allies (if any), then you input your commands and send them to the Judge.  The Judge will process all commands according to the scenario's turn sequencing and then distribute the results. Then we go again until a winner is declared or the time limit has being reached.

The goal is that you should spend 10-20 minutes per week preparing you commands, after the initial learning curve is done. Some people may want to run the turns more often, but we do not recommend it for beginners.

The idea is to have a client program (the Counselor) to help both new and experienced players and to leverage knowledge. From the Counselor, all information will be made available. You can review your generals and wizards. You can check upon your assassins and your enemies' rogues if they are double agents.
An easy to view map will help you see all theater of operations in a glance. You review the information and give your commands in your own pace as we are all busy people.

The game is quite stable and translated into English and running weekly since 2006. It is far from finished, but we past the initial beta and we are always looking for more players. 

Are you interested in having some fun while crushing your enemies?

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