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My name is Clas Glenning and I hail from Sweden. This site is, primarily, for the statistically interested football fan as it contains a lot of information from the international football scene, mostly in the form of alltimetables for about 100 countries around the globe. But also historical tables from Sweden, including  1st, 2nd and 3rd level tables as well as many 4th, 5th and 6th level ones. Also present is complete national cup results from the round of 16 and onward and results for the swedish teams in the European Cups. Finally there are many women's and youth tables, including all national Swedish league tables for women from 1988 and onward. 
Why this web page then, you might ask. Well, the reason is that most of the information is unique and not available anywhere else. That's why! If you want to copy any of the information on this website in a non-commercial capacity you are free to do so, provided you clearly state the source, i.e CLAS GLENNING. On the left there are links to the pages on this site. 

If you need statistical help in sporting matters - I am the one to contact. I also have a masters degree in history and can write historical texts. 
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UPDATES 2018/19

DECEMBER 16 International Cups: UEFA 2018/19 (17 more countries added) UEFAclubtotals

DECEMBER 13 International Cups: Conmebol (2018 tournaments added) Conmebolcups

DECEMBER 13 Swedish Historical Tables: 2018 (Some promotion and relegation issues updated) 2018

DECEMBER 10 AFC: Indonesia (2018-season added) Indonesia1

DECEMBER 9 UEFA 1st level: Georgia (2018-season added) Georgia1

DECEMBER 9 Concacaf: USA (2018-season added) USA1

DECEMBER 9 Conmebol: Paraguay & Brazil 2nd level (2018-season added) Paraguay1 Brazil2

DECEMBER 9 UEFA 2nd level: Belarus & Norway (2018-season added) Belarus2 Norway2a

DECEMBER 8 International Cups: AFC (2018-tournaments added) AFCclubs

DECEMBER 8 Conmebol: Venezuela (2018-season added) Venezuela1

DECEMBER 7 Conmebol: Brazil 1st level & Uruguay (2018-season added) Brazil1 Uruguay1 Chile (2017-transitional season and 2018-season added) Chile1

DECEMBER 6 AFC: Japan 2nd level & South Korea (2018-season added) Japan2a South Korea1

DECEMBER 6 Youth: U17 World Women (2018-final and all qualifying added) Womenu17wc

DECEMBER 5 International Cups: Concacaf (2018-tournaments added) Concacafclubs

DECEMBER 4 Women: World Cup (2019-qualifying added), Finland & Norway (2018-seaosn added) WomenWC WomenFinland1 WomenNorway1

DECEMBER 3 AFC: Japan & Uzbekistan (2018-season added) Japan1 Uzbekistan1

DECEMBER 3 UEFA 1st level: Belarus (2018-season added) Belarus1

DECEMBER 2 International Cups: CAF (2018-tournaments added) CAFclubs

NOVEMBER 28 UEFA 2nd level: Latvia & Lithuania (2018-season added) Latvia2 Lithuania2

NOVEMBER 27 AFC: Turkmenistan (2018-season added) Turkmenistan1

NOVEMBER 26 UEFA 1st level: Moldova & Norway (2018-season added) Moldova1 Norway1

NOVEMBER 21 UEFA 3rd level and below: Sweden 3rd level (2018-season added) Sweden3

NOVEMBER 21 UEFA 1st level: Estonia (2018-season added) Estonia1

NOVEMBER 21 CAF: Mozambique (2018-season added) Mozambique

NOVEMBER 21 AFC: China, Thailand & Timor-Leste (2018-season added) China1 Thailand1 Timorleste

NOVEMBER 20 AFC: Philippines, Singapore & Tajikistan (2018-season added) Philippines Singapore1 Tajikistan1

NOVEMBER 18 CAF: Ethiopia (2017/18-season added) Ethiopia1

NOVEMBER 18 Concacaf: Curacao (2017/18-season added) Curacao1

NOVEMBER 18 AFC: Iraq (2017/18-season added) Iraq Kyrgyzstan (2018-season added) Kyrgyzstan1

NOVEMBER 18 UEFA 2nd level: Sweden (2018-season added) Sweden2

NOVEMBER 14 UEFA 1st level: Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden (2018-season added) Kazakhstan1 Latvia1 Lithuania1 Sweden1

NOVEMBER 11 Sweden Historical Tables: 2018 (1st, 2nd and 3rd level added as well as further playoff facts) 2018

NOVEMBER 7 AFC: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Malaysia & Myanmar (2018-season added) and Hong Kong (2017/18-season added) Afghanistan1 Bhutan Hongkong Malaysia1 Myanmar1

NOVEMBER 6 UEFA 1st level: Greenland (2018-season added) Greenland

NOVEMBER 5 UEFA 1st & 2nd level: Faroe Islands & Finland (2018-season added) Faroe Islands1 Finland1 Faroe2 Finland2

NOVEMBER 5 Sweden Historical Tables: 2018 (Playoff stats updated) 2018

OCTOBER 30 UEFA 3rd level and below: Sweden 5th level (2018-season added) Sweden5

OCTOBER 29 Women: Sweden 2nd level (2018-season added) WomenSweden2

OCTOBER 29 Sweden Historical Tables: 2018 (Playoff stats updated) 2018

OCTOBER 27 UEFA 1st & 2nd level: Iceland (2018-season added) Iceland1 Iceland2

OCTOBER 28 Women Historical Tables: Sweden (2018-season added) Swewom 2018

OCTOBER 28 Women: Sweden 1st level (2018-season added) WomenSweden1

OCTOBER 27 UEFA 3rd level and below: Faroe Islands 3rd level (2018-season added) Faroe3

OCTOBER 27 UEFA 1st level and 2nd level: Ireland, Republic (2018-season added) Ireland1 Ireland2

OCTOBER 25 UEFA 3rd level and below: Sweden 4th level (2018-season added) Sweden4

OCTOBER 23 Sweden Historical Tables: 4th level tables added, playoff info updated for 2018 2018

OCTOBER 9 Sweden Historical Tables: All 5th and 6th levels tables for 2018 as well as comprehensive playoff info added 2018

SEPTEMBER 25 Concacaf: Canada (2018-championship added) Canada1

AUGUST 28 Youth: Women U20 World Cup (2018 finals added) Womenu20wc

AUGUST 24 INTERNATIONAL CLUB CUPS: UEFA (9 more countries added with 2018/19-tournaments)

AUGUST 23 INTERNATIONAL CLUB CUPS: OFC (2018-tournament added) OFCclubs

AUGUST 23 Youth: European Championships U18/U19 (2017 & 2018 tournaments added) Menu19euro

AUGUST 23 Conmebol: Argentina 2nd level (2017/18-season added) Argentina2

AUGUST 6 INTERNATIONAL CLUB CUPS: UEFA (10 countries added with 2018/19-tournaments) UEFAclubtotals

AUGUST 3 UEFA 1st level: Serbia (Overhauled and corrected) Serbia1

JULY 26 UEFA 1st level: Montenegro (Overhauled and corrected) Montenegro1

JULY 25 UEFA 1st level: Slovakia (Overhauled and corrected) Slovakia1

JULY 24 UEFA 1st level: Kazakhstan (Overhauled and corrected) Kazakhstan1

JULY 22 UEFA 1st level: Ukraine (Overhauled and corrected) Ukraine1

JULY 19 UEFA 1st level: Turkey (Overhauled and corrected) Turkey1




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