Football statistics for the true fan!

All leagues that have concluded are of course counted.
All 1st level leagues that yielded a champion and/or relegated teams is counted.
All 1st level leagues that did not yield a champion and/or relegated teams, but yielded teams qualified for the major continental Cup tournaments is counted.
All other leagues that were officially declared as final is counted despite relegation/promotion issues.
All other leagues that did not yield promotion/relegation and/or were not declared final is NOT counted.
This means that all 1st level European leagues which are UEFA-affiliated will be counted as they all yield teams for the European cups based on the standings of each league.


My name is Clas Glenning and I come from Sweden. This site is, primarily, for the statistically interested football fan as it contains a lot of information from the international football scene, mostly in the form of alltimetables for about 100 countries around the globe. But also historical tables from Sweden, including  1st, 2nd and 3rd level tables as well as many 4th, 5th and 6th level ones. Also present is complete national cup results from the round of 16 and onward and results for the Swedish teams in the European Cups. Finally there are many women's and youth tables, including all national Swedish league tables for women from 1988 and onward. 
Why this web page then, you might ask. Well, the reason is that most of the information is unique and not available anywhere else. That's why! If you want to copy any of the information on this website in a non-commercial capacity you are free to do so, provided you clearly state the source, i.e CLAS GLENNING. On the left there are links to the pages on this site. 

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DECEMBER 5 AFC: Afghanistan (2020-season and overhauled and corrected) & China (2020-season added)  Afghanistan1   China1
DECEMBER 2 UEFA 3rd level and below: Sweden 3rd level (2020-season added) Sweden3
DECEMBER 2 Sweden Historical Tables: 2020 (3rd level and certain playoff stats added) 2020
DECEMBER 1 UEFA 1st level: Republika Srpska (overhauled and corrected) Srpska1
NOVEMBER 30 UEFA 1st level: Germany (Bundesliga) (overhauled and corrected) Germany1a
NOVEMBER 27 UEFA 1st level: Kosovo (overhauled and corrected) Kosova1
NOVEMBER 26 UEFA 1st level: Republic of Ireland (overhauled and corrected) Ireland1
NOVEMBER 20 CAF: Morocco (overhauled and corrected, 2019/20-season added) Morocco1
NOVEMBER 20 Women: Sweden 2nd level (2020-season added) WomenSweden2
NOVEMBER 19 UEFA 3rd level and below: Faroe Islands 3rd level (2020-season added) Faroe3
NOVEMBER 19 UEFA 2nd level: Faroe Islands, Finland & Ireland (2020-season added) Faroe2   Finland2   Ireland2
NOVEMBER 18 Women: Sweden 1st level (2020-season added) WomenSweden1
NOVEMBER 18 UEFA 1st level: Faroe Islands, Finland, Ireland & Lithuania (2020-season added) Faroe Islands1   Finland1   Ireland1   Lithuania1
NOVEMBER 18 Women: Sweden 2020 (1st and 2nd level added) sweden-women-2020
NOVEMBER 13 National teams: Copa America (2019-tournament added) CopaAmerica
NOVEMBER 13 National teams: Euro (qualifying added)   UEFAeuro    Africa Cup of Nations (2019-finals added) CAFnation  Gold Cup (2019-tournament added) Concacafnation
NOVEMBER 2 CAF: Tunisia (overhauled and corrected) Tunisia1
OCTOBER 28 CAF: Mozambique (overhauled and corrected) Mozambique
OCTOBER 27 UEFA 3rd level and below: Faroe Islands 3rd level (overhauled and corrected) Faroe3
OCTOBER 26 Sweden Historical Tables: 2020 (more playoffs added) 2020
OCTOBER 24: UEFA 3rd level and below: England 5th level (overhauled and corrected) England5
OCTOBER 22: UEFA 3rd level and below: Sweden 4th level (2020-season added) Sweden4
OCTOBER 22: UEFA 3rd level and below: England 4th level (overhauled and corrected) England4
OCTOBER 19 Sweden Historical Tables: 2020 (4th level added + various playoffs) 2020
OCTOBER 18: UEFA 3rd level and below: England 3rd level (overhauled and corrected) England3
OCTOBER 15: Concacaf: Honduras (overhauled and corrected), Guatemala & Mexico (2019/20-season added) Honduras1    Guatemala1   Mexico1
OCTOBER 12 Women Sweden Historical Tables: 2020 (3rd and 4th level + cup and European results) sweden-women-2020
OCTOBER 12 Sweden Historical Tables: 2020 (5th and 6th level added + cup and European results) 2020
OCTOBER 9 Concacaf: El Salvador (overhauled and corrected) El Salvador1
OCTOBER 6 UEFA 3rd level and below: Sweden 5th level (2020-season added) Sweden5
OCTOBER 5 Concacaf: Belize (overhauled and corrected) Belize
OCTOBER 5 International clubs: UEFA Cups (27 countries added 2020/21) UEFAclubtotals
OCTOBER 2 Concacaf: Bahamas (overhauled and corrected) Bahamas1
OCTOBER 1 Concacaf: Curacao (overhauled and corrected) Curacao1
SEPTEMBER 30 Concacaf: Panama & USA (MLS) (overhauled and corrected)  Panama1   USA1
SEPTEMBER 22 CAF: South Africa 1st level (overhauled and corrected) South Africa1
SEPTEMBER 21 AFC: Bhutan, Indonesia & Palestina (West Bank) (overhauled and corrected) Bhutan   Indonesia1   Palestine
SEPTEMBER 13 AFC: Myanmar (overhauled and corrected) Myanmar1
SEPTEMBER 12 Conmebol: Paraguay & Venezuela (overhauled and corrected) Paraguay1   Venezuela1
SEPTEMBER 9 CAF: South Africa 2nd level (2019/20-season added) South Africa2
SEPTEMBER 9 CAF: Algeria, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania & Uganda 1st level  (2019/20-season added)  Algeria1  Angola  Nigeria   South Africa1   Tanzania  Uganda1
SEPTEMBER 9 AFC: India, Iran & Palestine (2019/20-season added) India1   Iran1   Palestine
SEPTEMBER 7 Conmebol: Uruguay (Table overhauled and corrected) Uruguay1
SEPTEMBER 6 Women: UEFA Womens Champions League and Club and country listing (2019/20-tournament added) WomenCL   WomenEurocups
SEPTEMBER 5 UEFA 1st level: Crimea (2019/20-season added) Crimea1
AUGUST 28 UEFA 3rd level and below: Denmark, Greece, Turkey (3rd level) and England (5th level)  (2019/20-season added) Denmark3  Greece3   Turkey3   England5
AUGUST 25 International clubs: UEFA (2019/20- tournaments added for all countries) UEFAclubtotals
AUGUST 24 International clubs: UEFA Champions League (2019/20-season added) UEFACL
AUGUST 24 UEFA 2nd level: Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland & Ukraine (2019/20-season added) Slovakia2   Spain2   Switzerland2    Ukraine2
AUGUST 22 International clubs: UEFA Europa League (2019/20-season added) UEFAEL
AUGUST 18 UEFA 2nd level: Italy, Kosovo & Luxembourg (2019/20-season added) Italy2   Kosova2   Luxemburg2
AUGUST 18 Women: Germany (2019/20-season added) WomenGermany1
AUGUST 12 UEFA 2nd level: Austria (2019/20-season added) Austria2
AUGUST 12 UEFA 1st level: Denmark & Italy (2019/20-season added) Denmark1   Italy1
AUGUST 10 UEFA 1st level: Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland & Ukraine (2019/20-season added) Romania1   Slovenia1  Switzerland1  Ukraine1
AUGUST 6 UEFA 1st level: Portugal (overhauled and corrected) Portugal1
JULY 30 UEFA 2nd level: Israel (2019/20-season added) ISRAEL2
JULY 30 UEFA 1st level: Albania (2019/20-season added) Albania1
JULY 29 UEFA 2nd level Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Greece & Poland (2019/20-season added) Czech Republic2   Denmark2   England2   Greece2   Poland2
JULY 28 UEFA 2nd level: Montenegro (2019/20-season added) Montenegro2
JULY 28 UEFA 1st level: Cyprus North, Portugal  & Russia (2019/20-season added) Cyprus North1  Portugal1  Russia1
JULY 27 UEFA 1st level: Kosovo (2019/20-season added) Kosova1
JULY 27 UEFA 1st level: Andorra, Croatia, Czech Republic, England & Montenegro (2019/20-season added) Andorra1   Croatia1  Czech Republic1  England1  Montenegro1
JULY 22 UEFA 1st level: Republika Srpska (2019/20-season added) Srpska1
JULY 22 UEFA 2nd level: Turkey (2019/20-season added)  Turkey2
JULY 21 UEFA 1st level: Poland, Slovakia & Spain (2019/20-season added)  Poland1a  Slovakia1  Spain1
JULY 20 UEFA 1st level: Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria & Greece (2019/20-season added) Armenia1   Austria1   Bulgaria1   Greece1
JULY 15 UEFA 1st level: Israel (2019/20-season added) Israel1
JULY 15 UEFA 3rd level and below: Germany (3.liga and overall) (2019/20-season added) Germany3liga   Germany3
JUNE 30 AFC: Uzbekistan 2nd level (added) uzbekistan2
JUNE 30 UEFA 3rd level and below: Northern Ireland & Spain 3rd level (2019/20-season added) Northern Ireland3   Spain3
JUNE 29 UEFA 1st level: Germany (1934 and onwards) (2019/20-season added) Germany1aa
JUNE 29 UEFA 2nd level: Germany, Northern Ireland & Portugal(2019/20-season added) Germany2   Northern Ireland2   Portugal2
JUNE 29 UEFA 1st level: Azerbaijan, Germany-Bundesliga, Hungary & Northern Ireland (2019/20-season added) Azerbaijan1   Germany1a   Hungary1  Northern Ireland1
JUNE 26 Concacaf: Panama (2019 transitional season added) Panama1
JUNE 26 UEFA 3rd level and below: England 3rd & 4th level & Germany 4th level (2019/20-season added) England3   England4  Germany4
JUNE 23 UEFA 3rd level and below: Russia 3rd level (2019/20-season added) Russia3
JUNE 23 UEFA 2nd level: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Russia, Serbia & Slovenia (2019/20-season added) Bulgaria2   Croatia1  Hungary2  Russia2   Serbia2   Slovenia2
JUNE 23 UEFA 1st level: Serbia (2019/20-season added) Serbia1
JUNE 21 UEFA 3rd level and lower: Italy 3rd level (2019/20-season added) Italy3
JUNE 21 UEFA 2nd level: Belgium, North Macedonia & Wales (2019/20-season added) Belgium2  NorthMacedonia2   Wales2
JUNE 20 UEFA 2nd level: Bosnia and Herzegovina (2019/20-season added) Bosnia2
JUNE 20 UEFA 1st level: San Marino & Wales (2019/20-season added) San Marino1   Wales1
JUNE 19 UEFA 1st level: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta & North Macedonia (2019/20-season added) Bosnia-Herzegovina1   Malta1   FYRMacedonia1
JUNE 18 UEFA 1st level: Belgium, Cyprus & Gibraltar (2019/20-season added) Belgium1   Cyprus1  Gibraltar1
JUNE 17 Conmebol: Peru (overhauled, expanded and corrected) Peru1
JUNE 12 Conmebol: Ecuador (overhauled and corrected) Ecuador1
JUNE 9 Conmebol: Colombia (overhauled and corrected) Colombia1
JUNE 8 Women: England (2019/20-season added) EnglandWomen1a
JUNE 7 Conmebol: Chile (overhauled and corrected) Chile1
JUNE 4 Conmebol: Brazil 2nd level (expanded, overhauled and corrected) Brazil2
MAY 31 Conmebol: Bolivia (overhauled and corrected) Bolivia1
MAY 28 AFC: Iran (overhauled, corrected and expanded) Iran1
MAY 28 UEFA 2nd level: Kazakhstan (added) Kaz2
MAY 26 AFC: South Korea (overhauled and corrected) South Korea1
MAY 25 AFC: India (overhauled and corrected) India1
MAY 24 UEFA 1st level: Hungary (overhauled and corrected) Hungary1
MAY 21 UEFA 1st level: Bulgaria (overhauled and corrected) Bulgaria1
MAY 20 UEFA 2nd level: Israel (added) ISRAEL2
MAY 19 UEFA 2nd level: Armenia (added) ARMENIA2
MAY 19 UEFA 1st level: Scotland (2019/20-season added) Scotland1
MAY 18 UEFA 1st level: Romania (overhauled and corrected) Romania1
MAY 14 UEFA 1st level: Georgia (overhauled and corrected) Georgia1
MAY 13 UEFA 1st level: Armenia (overhauled and corrected) Armenia1
MAY 12 AFC: China (overhauled and corrected) China1
MAY 12 UEFA 2nd level: Czech Republic (overhauled and corrected) Czech Republic2
MAY 12 UEFA 3rd level and below: France 3rd level (2019/20-season added) France3
MAY 12 Women: France (2019/20-season added) Frawom1
MAY 11 UEFA 2nd level: Spain (overhauled and corrected) Spain2
MAY 7 UEFA 2nd level: France (2019/20-season added, overhauled and corrected) France2
MAY 5 UEFA Discontinued: Bohemia/Moravia 2nd level added BOM2
MAY 3 UEFA 2nd level: Gibraltar (overhauled and corrected) Gibraltar2
MAY 3 UEFA 1st level: Gibraltar (overhauled and corrected) Gibraltar1
MAY 2 UEFA 3rd level and lower: Luxembourg (2019/20-season added) Luxemburg3
MAY 2 UEFA 3rd level and lower: Scotland 3rd level, Scotland 4th level, Scotland Highland league (2019/20-season added) Scotland3   Scotland4   Scotland High
MAY 2 UEFA 1st level: France, Luxembourg & then Netherlands (2019/20-season added) France1   Luxemburg1   Netherlands1
APRIL 29 UEFA 2nd level: Scotland (2019/20-season added and overhauled and corrected) Scotland2
APRIL 28 OFC: New Zealand (2019/20-season added and overhauled and corrected) NewZealand1a
APRIL 27 AFC: Australia (overhauled and corrected) Australia1
APRIL 27 UEFA discontinued: Slovakia (pre-war) 1st level and Czechoslovakia 2nd level (added) SLOVAKIAEARLY    czechoslovakia2
APRIL 27 UEFA 2nd level: England (overhauled and corrected) England2
APRIL 22 UEFA 2nd level: Luxemburg (overhauled and corrected) Luxemburg2
APRIL 19 UEFA 2nd level: Northern Ireland (overhauled and corrected) Northern Ireland2
APRIL 18 UEFA 2nd level: Portugal (overhauled and corrected) Portugal2
APRIL 16 UEFA 2nd level: Kosova (overhauled and corrected) Kosova2
APRIL 15 UEFA 2nd level: Russia (overhauled and corrected) Russia2
APRIL 13 UEFA 2nd level: Bosnia and Herzegovina (overhauled and corrected) Bosnia2
APRIL 12 UEFA 2nd level: Faroe Islands (overhauled and corrected) Faroe2
APRIL 11 UEFA 2nd level: Finland (overhauled and corrected) Finland2
APRIL 6 UEFA 2nd level: Ireland Republic (overhauled and corrected) Ireland2
APRIL 5 UEFA 2nd level: Netherlands (overhauled and corrected) Netherlands2a
MARCH 31 UEFA 3rd level and below: Turkey 3rd level added Turkey3
MARCH 30 UEFA 2nd level: Germany (overhauled and corrected) Germany2
MARCH 27 UEFA 2nd level: Denmark (overhauled and corrected) Denmark2
MARCH 22 UEFA 2nd level: Italy (overhauled and corrected) Italy2
MARCH 2 International Club Cups: UEFA (7 more countries added 2019/20) UEFAclubtotals
FEBRUARY 14 International Club Cups: CAF (2020 Super Cup final added) CAFclubs
FEBRUARY 13 UEFA 2nd level: Wales (overhauled and corrected) Wales2
FEBRUARY 3 UEFA 2nd level: Turkey (expanded) Turkey2
FEBRUARY 3 UEFA 2nd level: Croatia (overhauled and corrected) Croatia2
JANUARY 26 UEFA 1st level: Liechteinstein (cupfinals) added Liechtenstein
JANUARY 26 UEFA 2nd level: Serbia (overhauled and corrected) Serbia2
JANUARY 25 UEFA 2nd level: Montenegro (overhauled and corrected) Montenegro2
JANUARY 25 UEFA 1st level: Scotland (overhauled and corrected) Scotland1
JANUARY 21 UEFA 1st level: England (overhauled and corrected) England1
JANUARY 18 Conmebol: Chile (2019-season added) Chile1
JANUARY 18 CAF: Mozambique (2019-season added) Mozambique
JANUARY 18 AFC: Indonesia (2019-season added) Indonesia1
JANUARY 16 Concacaf: Dominican Republic 1st level add DominicanRep
JANUARY 15 UEFA 1st level: Belgium (complete overhaul) Belgium1
JANUARY 3 International Clubs: World Team Cup 2019 added.
JANUARY 3 Conmebol: Bolivia (2019-season added) Bolivia1
JANUARY 3 UEFA 2nd level: North Macedonia added (Thanks to Marko Hunjak) NorthMacedonia2


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