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UPDATE: In-Hall Composting

posted Oct 11, 2012, 1:16 PM by ClarkU EAC
The project committee is continuing its work to create a comprehensive in-hall composting program for all residence halls.  We are hoping to submit our proposal to Clark administration by the end of the semester, and to begin implementation in all Residence Halls by the second half of Spring Semester (2013).

Currently the Maywood Hall Composting Pilot is up and running.  To get compost bins for your Maywood suite, please contact Jake Kailey (  Remember to empty your compost bins into the compost container in the Maywood Hall kitchen.  

For those living in Residence Halls other than Maywood, as well as those who live off campus or in Clark-owned houses, you can send an email to to get a compost bin for your room/suite/apartment.  You will have to empty your compost bin into the compost bins in the UC or Bistro.