About Us

Mission Statement: The Clark University Ecological Representatives aims to promote sustainability in the residence halls.

The Clark University Ecological Representatives, also known as Eco-Reps, is a student leadership program within the Residence Halls. The Eco-Reps program strives to foster a culture of sustainability on campus, and actively participate in reducing the university’s ecological and carbon footprint. Eco-Reps strive to make Clark University a leader in sustainability. 

Among the many responsibilities of an Eco-Rep, Eco-Reps raise awareness about important issues such as energy use, recycling, water use, transportation, and food consumption as well as how each of these issues connect to a student’s daily life on campus. They engage residents in open discussions, activities, and projects focused on environmental issues and help change the unsustainable behaviors of our residential life communities. Together, Eco-Reps believe we can help make a positive environmental impact on the world around us starting with life on the Clark campus.