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Become an Eco-Rep!
There are a limited number of Eco-Rep positions available.
Eco-Reps is all about getting Clarkies to truly want to live sustainably and as an active member, you will get to know a fun group of like-minded leaders. Each Eco-Rep has a duty to foster sustainability in their residence hall, and will either be a Head Eco-Rep, a committee member, or an E-board member. Specific descriptions are below. Eco-Reps are central to the success of the program and we encourage any environmentally conscious individuals who are committed to making a difference to apply!
Although specific responsibilities vary by committee, every Eco-Rep is expected to...
  • attend one weekly meeting and one bi-weekly meeting
  • take on weekly tasks that further the goals of the group and will vary based on committee
  • be a face of sustainability in their residence hall
Head Eco-Reps are responsible for leading sustainability campaigns in their individual residence hall by working with RAs and with the support of other Eco-Reps. Responsibilities:
  • put up three bulletin board postings per semester 
  • organize one activity in their residence hall each month
Collaboration Committee members focus on outreach with the broad campus and Worcester community and working with other campus groups to improve campus sustainability. They are currently working toward a Zero Waste event program that could be used by all campus groups. Examples of tasks:
  • emailing with other groups
  • coordinating combined efforts
  • representing Eco-Reps at Zero Waste events
Events Committee members plan big sustainability-oriented events for the whole campus. These include Stargazings, Go Green on the Green, and Waste Audits. Examples of tasks:
  • conducting an advertising campaign
  • communicating with participants
  • coordinating schedule of activities
Project Committee members work on long-term projects in the Clark community. Their main efforts to date have focused on composting in the residence halls, but they are branching out to projects such as edible landscaping, water pitchers in residence halls, and more! Examples of tasks:
  • proposal-writing
  • budgeting
  • communicating with sponsors
The E-board is composed of experienced Eco-Reps who are elected to handle facilitation and administration. 

NOTE: If you live in the Johnson Sanford Center please specify which side.
Please send your application to
Become an Eco-Teer!
There are an unlimited number of Eco-Teer positions available! Eco-Teers do not need to complete any questionnaire, and therefore Eco-Teers are not required to make any formal commitment and do not hold any responsibilities.  Eco-Teers get a weekly email updating them on opportunities to become involved.  When an Eco-Rep position becomes vacated, Eco-Teers are considered before the general student population when filling the empty Eco-Rep seat.  We STRONGLY encourage ANYONE interested in the Eco-Reps program to become an Eco-Teer. We also strongly encourage anyone who we cannot offer an Eco-Rep position, to become an Eco-Teer, as they will be considered first when we look for new Eco-Reps.  Eco-Teers are essential to our base of support, making our organization more successful!  Eco-Teers are still part of the Eco-Reps program, although they hold a position of Eco-Teer (instead of Eco-Rep).  It is possible for an Eco-Teer to take on as much responsibility as an Eco-Rep.  Some Eco-Teers help out just as much as Eco-Reps!

To Become an Eco-Teer please send an email with your name, residence hall, and year to  You will be added to our weekly email list.
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