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Past Events

PLEASE NOTE: Listed under "Past Events" are past events which have had specific pages on our website.  The majority of our past events use Facebook events for details.  A brief description of some of our annual events are as follows for your information:

Waste Audit: An event where all "trash" waste is removed from Residence Halls and dumped on Red Square.  Eco-Reps and volunteers then sort through, removing compost and recycling.  This shows how much "trash" waste could have been reduced by composting and recycling. 

Sustainable Supper: This annual event promotes environmentally sustainable eating by exposing students to vegetarian food from the surrounding community. Ingredients come from farmer’s markets and is prepared by Clark students. We also get food from local organic restaurants to supplement the Clark-prepared food.

Farmer's Market Trips: Eco-Reps hosts walking and/or bike trips during the Fall when the Farmer's Markets are open.

Clark Carbon Challenge: Hall vs Hall Sustainability Competition: This Eco-Reps tradition is a competition between halls to reduce energy consumption. (note: Formerly Do it in the Dark: Hall vs Hall Sustainability Competition)

Stargazing: A number of Stargazings are held each year on the physics observation deck (used by Astronomy classes).  We make attempts to hold these events with meteor showers if possible.  Stargazings are used as "lights off hours" and often include hot apple cider and donuts!

Campfires: Eco-Reps holds 2 kinds of campfires.  Both are used as "lights off hours"  Our most common type are spiritual campfires which are led by wonderful Clark librarian Rachael Shea.  We occasionally also hold campfires with s'mores.

Go Green on the Green: Clark's Earth Day festival is produced by Eco-Reps, and typically takes place the week after Earth Day.  It is an outdoor festival with bands, games, food, and fun!  The event features organizations from the region, as well as Clark organizations and clubs.  It is a wonderful celebration of Sustainable Clark and an opportunity for the Clark community, as well as the public, to learn about sustainability at Clark and opportunities to be sustainable in life apart from Clark.