Sick Bank

Donation and Application for Withdrawal Form

The District has agreed to continue for this school year, a bank of 150 extra IEP days was established.  All IEP teachers receive 1/2 day for every five IEPs or part thereof that they are responsible for.  The new bank of days is in addition to the traditional 1/2 days granted in the contract.


If you have already taken all of your IEP days and are in need of an additional day to complete your IEPs please click on the link below and complete the form.  A member of the committee that has been established to oversee the bank will contact you once your request has been reviewed and acted upon.


Extra IEP Day Request Form


The committee is requesting that you make every effort to not request a FridayMonday, or a day right before or after a holiday.  If you are in a situation that one of these days is really needed please be sure to give an explanation in the comment box of the form.  We also request that you complete the form a week before the day you are requesting, whenever possible.  This will allow the committee time to review the request and respond to you with ample time to make any arrangements necessary. 


We are continuing to gather as much information as we can about the components of the IEP that are requiring the additional time to complete.  Any comments you can add to help us explain the issues would be greatly appreciated.  There is an optional comment box at the end of the form.