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NYS 2012

Saturday & Sunday, May 5th & 6th, 2012
Hi all,
Here is my annual wrap-up of the 2011/2012 season. This year was the second major transition year, since I have been with the crew (2008 being the first), with six seniors graduating and again a very young team left behind. We have finished our season with our trip to Dad Vails in a contingent consisting of 14 freshmen rowers, two sophomores rowers and five freshmen coxswains! Since our graduation is moved to Saturdays, we are not able to field any boats featuring seniors for Dad Vails. This has also impacted senior rower motivation and participation this spring, with only three of them finishing their season at NY States: Katelyn and Melissa in a varsity women’s 4+ (no women’s pairs this year L, they would have medaled for sure and very likely won) and Bob May in men’s varsity 4+.
At the States, we had five boats: the two varsity fours and three novice boats: men’s 4+ and 8+ and women’s 4+.
Day 1: heats
Varsity men’s 4+ was actually in very good physical shape with two of my most athletic guys: Zander and Richie, SUNY Potsdam swimmers, both sub 7 on erg, Bob May in low 7’s and Alex Montanarello, who has mead tremendous improvement this year and is now a consistently sub 7 on erg. The problem is the lack of water time, since Richie and Zander were not able to come to our Spring Training (I wish Clarkson and Potsdam State were on the same calendar!) and we had not have enough opportunities to really solidly row them in. This showed at the very start of their heat when they caught a big crab and immediately spotted the whole field a couple a boat lengths. They fought hard from that point on, not losing much more distance on the rest of the field and, while finishing last in their heats, it was a very respectable showing within a couple of boat lengths form a very tightly bunched group of boats 1-6. Bob and Zander are as of that point official members of our alumni group. We hope to have Richie back next year again, and Alex is poised to get in the best shape of his life and be one of the only two upperclassmen leaders next year.
Girl’s varsity four: Katelyn, Melissa, Pia and Kathryn had a very comfortable heat race making it to the finals in 3rd spot, several boat lengths ahead of the 4th.
Men’s novice 8 was sixth in their heat out of seven boats in a very crowded field, less than a second behind the RPI boat in 5th place. It was great experience for them and they will only get better.
Girl’s novice 4+ was without their stroke seat, Kristin, who was graduation form Clarkson School that day. Ashley (Boots), our coxswain/photographer/light-eight rower gamely took he spot and they fought hard taking the 4th place in their heat.
Men’s novice 4+ had to be 2nd in their heat in order to make the finals, since three heats were run, due to a very crowded field of 17 boats. They made it by a couple of seconds over the Rochester boat in one of the most exciting races of the day.
Day 2: finals and petites
Women’s varsity 4 was the first final race we have had a boat in. They came in a very solid 4thplace, behind West Point, Skidmore and NYU, and beating RIT and Manhattan College, finishing a great career for Katelyn and Melissa.
Women’s novice 4+ took first in petites beating Union by a couple of boat lengths and the rest of the field by a couple of miles. It was one of the largest margin of victory from 1st to last in any of the races.
All freshmen Men’s novice 8+ was fifth in the petites, again losing to RPI by 2 seconds, but beating Albany B and Stony Brook.
Men's novice 4 was 6th in the finals but in a very tight competitive race. They missed 5th spot (West Point), 4th spot (RPI) and 3rd spot (RIT), by 2, 4 and 6 seconds respectively. All are freshmen so, if they stick with it, they will be good. I need to work on them to develop that signature Clarkson strong finish J