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Dad Vails 2012

Friday & Saturday, May 11th & 12th, 2012
We entered three novice events, made no semis but it was a great learning experience for the whole team. Again we enjoyed Al Krigman’s (1963) hospitality. In addition to a party for rowers and a few Philly area Clarkson alumni with great food, crew themed cake and an extremely well preserved and tuned early 1900’s auto piano, Al arranged for us to stay for two nights in a thrift store in West Philly that is owned and operated by the Second Mile Center (not affiliated in any way, shape or form with similarly named Jerry Sandusky’s charity). We have sent the attached letter to the Center, expressing our gratitude for providing us with accommodations. By the way, the photo in the letter shows our 4+ Vespoli formerly known as Woody, renamed to Krigman ’63.
We are already invited to stay there in 2013. For the next year, I will propose to the Crew team that we come to Philadelphia a few days earlier and do some worthwhile community service at the Second Mile Center while we prepare for the regatta.
Here is how we did in races:
Women’s novice 4+, with Kristin back in the stroke seat: three freshmen and a high school grad. They came 4th in their heat and had a good race, but only 1st two boats moved on. Overall this is how they did with respect to the whole field of 53 boats:
34th out of 53
Time behind the 1st boat in all the heats: 39 sec
Time behind the median boat in the heats (26th ): 6 sec
Men’s novice 4+ was not the same as the one in States, it was a “short” boat height-wise but they fought really hard against a very strong field. They were last in their heat but it was a hard fought race. Here is their performance compared to everyone else:
40th out of 47
Time behind the 1st boat in all the heats: 1:03
Time behind the median boat in the heats (23rd): 30 sec
Men’s novice 8+ had the original 4+ from the states (minus our fastest novice rower on the erg who had to report to summer construction work ahead of Dad Vails) and five guys form the 8+. They faced two major challenges: first was the fact that Vogel was brought to Dad Vails by Vespoli, having undergone some repairs (having hit an underwater rock in practice in the fall again, that boat is cursed and is the next one in line for a name change). However when we picked it up, we realized we did not brig foot stretchers (typical..) so we needed up borrowing a nice Resolute form Albany, that was unfortunately rigged way too low our guys, which was painfully obvious during the race. The second challenge is the simple fact that 8+ traced as Dad Vails are extremely competitive, where everyone showcases their best and you need to be at your sharpest to be competitive. So, our boat rowers really hard but they never really had a chance. Good lesson learned for the next year. If you see us fielding any kind of 8+ in Dad Vails again, be assured it will be a very, very fast boat. This is how they did compared to the field:
27th out of 31
Time behind the 1st boat in the heats: 58 sec
Time behind the median boat in the heats (15th): 31 sec
So that is it for this year. I am excited about the next season. We hope to recruit another large group and if most of the current freshmen stay, we might have the biggest team yet in 2012/2013, at least since I have been with the crew. Jess will be back, as she is starting her MBA this summer, and there is a chance that Mike Aiken will stick around too.
I wish you all the best and hope to see you at our Fall, Spring regattas or alumni events. If anyone is in town at any time, you know my house is always open for you.
Coach Boris