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Busfield 2012

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Busfield Regatta 2012

Busfield Regatta

Hello supporters of Clarkson Crew!

Thank you to those who came out to support us on this beautiful day in Owego, NY for the Busfield Regatta!  For those that couldn't make it, we were unusually fortunate to have great conditions for the first race of the spring season.  The sun was out, it was 60 degrees, and the water was perfectly flat.  We were joined by crews from Binghamton University, the University of Buffalo, Susquehanna University, SUNY Oswego, and Cazenovia University.

At 10:15am, the novice men's 8+ of coxswain Jason Saxton, stroke-seat Brendon Murphy, Andy Chen, Nick Bayer, Joe Calabrese, Dan Decker, Ted Taylor, Alex Montanareno, and bow-seat Dan Glasser raced in the first heat against Binghamton's novice A-boat and the University of Buffalo.  Binghamton walked away, but Clarkson had a great neck-and-neck race against Buffalo, lagging by a couple seats at the half-way mark, but pulling out a big sprint to pass Buffalo in the last two hundred meters, crossing the finish line one second ahead of them.  Based on times from the two heats, the Golden Night's novice 8+ came in third overall.

At 11:15am, the novice women's 4+ of coxswain Alyssa Schabel, stroke-seat Kristen Schubert, Kaitlyn Owens, Nicole Verone, and bow-seat Kayla Ray raced in the first heat against Binghamton and Oswego.  Right off the start, the women gained 3/4 of a length over the rest of the field, and continued to pull ahead during their next twenty strokes.  After their starting sprint, the women kept the rate high but lengthened out, and continued to pull away from the field, widening the gap by two lengths of open water by the half-way mark.  The ladies continued to slowly pull away further before crossing the line 28 seconds ahead of Binghamton and 44 seconds ahead of Oswego.  The winner of the second heat was ten seconds slower than Clarkson, allowing the Golden Knight's novice 4+ to claim first place overall.

At 11:45am, the novice men's 4+ of coxswain Greg Mahnken, stroke-seat Brandon Cooper, Aaron Dahl, Mark Walck, and bow-seat Brian Heneghan raced against Binghamton.  It was a close race down the entire length of the course.  By the half-way mark, Clarkson was down by only two seats.  During the second half of the race, Binghamton managed to pull away by a length, beating the Golden Knights by only five seconds.

At 1:45pm, the team gathered around for the awards ceremony, where the novice women's 4+ were able to claim their gold medals.  Congratulations ladies, and congratulations to everyone for rowing hard and racing well!  Here are the final times:


Binghamton A = 6:39
Susquehanna = 6:54
Buffalo = 7:08
Binghamton B = 8:04
Oswego = 9:06


Susquehanna = 8:40
Binghamton = 8:58
Oswego = 9:14
Cazenovia = 10:19


Binghamton = 7:39

Our next race is in two weeks, in Albany on Saturday, April 28th, 2012.  More details will follow.  I hope to see many of you there!

-Coach Mac