Owatonnan July - August 2017

Published by Owatonna Lodge # 62

Knights of Pythias

Stan Wolski, SR


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Chancellor Commander's Chat

My Brothers,

The last count for the play on July 8th is 54 people. Wow,what a turnout. To ease the wear and tear on the restaurant, I suggest you order your drink and food at the same time, in fact insist on it. Order as you arrive so that the orders hit the kitchen gradually as people arrive. Those with internet access can review the menu and select what you want to order by visiting: http://www.imperialwok.com/index.php?page=menu

Once again, thanks to Brothers Eli Mahler for arranging for the dinner and play.

We still need new ideas for a fund raiser. Our Town book sales have fallen over the years and we are looking for other ways of raising money Please contact me with your thoughts on this.

Please see the article about the Grand Lodge Picnic North below. Indications are we will have a large turnout for the picnic. You must RSVP to earn a steak. Call Ron Stovsky by July 15th. (440 449-5582)

If you can not eat steak, we can work with you for an alternative. You may have to supply the main course for our chef to cook on the grill.

Fraternally yours,


Stan Wolski, CC

July Birthdays

3 Arlene Malkes

5 Marty Shamis

7 Diane Shedroff

11 Gary Goldner

11 Karen Grodin

14 Mona Stovsky

16 Ron Myers

21 Robin Baker

28 Robert Rosenblum

30 William Faren

30 Donna Rosen

July Anniversaries

2 (1960) Lou & Dianne Goldstein

5 (1981) Dr, Brian & Dawn Weiss

11 (1965) Stuart & Karen Trager

23 (1966) Hugh & Donna Summers

30 (1978) Ed & Marcia Blecher

31 (1971) Michael & Barbara Spallone

August Birthdays

3 Neil Payner

4 Ken Kiner

14 David Martin

14 Donna Summers

15 Toby Mintz

15 Barb Smith

21 Karen Levey

25 Nelson Siegel

25 Judy Apisdorf

27 Elana Myers

31 Dr. Irving Lewis

August Anniversaries

2 (1992) Terry & Sharon Boerner

3 (1969) Richard & Marilyn Rosen

19 ( 1973) Joel & Karen Grodin

20 (1972) Toby & Elaine Mintz

21 (1961) Ron & Mona Stovsky

Next Season at Aurora Community Theater



The King and I

Details will be in the September Owatonnan

Lodge Dinner 6:00 PM

Tuesday July 25, 2017
Trader Jack's River Side Grill

35901 Lakeshore Blvd, Eastlake, OH

RSVP to Sir Sid Wakser by July 17 – 216 382-9999

Theater Night

GREASE” July 8, 2017 (Saturday)

The group ticket price is still $12.00 ($8 Children) per ticket and again we will have a Party after the show. For reservations for any of these shows, please contact Eli Mahler at 216-831-3947

We first meet for dinner at 5:30 PM at the Imperial Wok 33825 Aurora Rd, Solon (Corner of SR 91 and 43). Then on to the play at 115 E Pioneer Trail, Aurora

Tribute Cards

Owatonna has for many years offered the service of sending out Tribute Cards i

n your name either to celebrate an event, offer condolences to a grieving family,or wish an ill friend a speedy recovery

The cards are welcomed by the recipients and are a nice way to show that you care. The cost is only

$3.00 which also includes postage. Remarkably we have maintained this same price for over 30 years.

100% of the proceeds raised this way benefit the Freidman-Ross Charity Fund which we use for our charitable donations. The fund is deeply in the negative as we apparently are more generous than we are energetic in fund raising.

So how about helping us out? Rather that buy that card over the counter, as it were, request our Prelate to send a card on your behalf. Email Brother Eli at elimahler@gmail.com. Or 2nd choice call 216 831-3947

Grand Lodge Picnic - North

Sunday, July 30, 2017 At Noon

West Woods, Deer Run Shelter
9465 Kinsman Road (Route 87) Russell

The picnic will be a lot of fun as always. We will have a covered shelter, picnic tables, an extra large grill and games for the adults and kids. Please bring your own chair if you want to sit in the sun.

We will supply steaks, potatoes, and soft drinks. Please bring a dish to share with 10 to 12 people. If your last name starts with A though H, bring a side dish; J though Q, bring a salad; R through Z, bring a dessert. This is optional for out of towners.

Please RSVP to Ron Stovsky by July 15, 2017 at 440 449-5582.

One Liners

My wife and I often laugh about how competitive we are. But I laugh more.

The Revenant (2015). 
An epic tale of one man’s desperate journey to 
do whatever it takes to 
finally win an Oscar. Tim Siedell

Red sky at night, shepherd’s 
delight. Blue sky at night, day.

I once gave my husband the 
silent treatment for an entire week, at the end of which he declared, “Hey, we’re getting along pretty great lately! Bonnie M.

Been reading up on the 
thesaurus lately because a mind is a terrible thing to garbage.

If people say they just love the smell of books, I always want to pull them aside and ask, To be clear, do you know how reading works?

A Canadian psychologist is 
selling a video that teaches you how to test your dog’s IQ. Here’s how it works: If you spend $12.99 for the video, your dog 
is smarter than you. Jay Leno

If you think 
eggplant is good, you should try any other food; it’s much better. Amir Blumenfeld

Bifocals are God’s way of saying, “Keep your chin up.” Matt Wohlfarth

Just because you can’t dance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dance.” 
—Alcohol Josh Hara

I wonder if Superman ever put glasses on Lois Lane’s dog and she was like, “I’ve never seen this dog before. Is this a new dog?”

How come you never see a headline like “Psychic Wins Lottery”? Jay Leno

Nostalgia: How long’s that been around? Bill Bailey

What are they planting to grow the seedless watermelon? Jerry Seinfeld

At what age do you think it’s appropriate to tell 
a highway it’s adopted? Zach Galifianakis

This summer, I’m going to go to the beach and bury metal objects that say “Get a life” on them.

Demetri Martin

I have never worked out the moral to Humpty Dumpty. Is it, “Don’t let horses perform medical procedures”? Ricky Gervais

Dad Jokes from Granddad

None of my grandsons share my corny sense of humor. When the family is eating lasagna, I say, “Lean over your plate, boys. You’ll get 

I say to the ten-year-old, “Don’t yell through the screen; you’ll strain your voice.”

And when I took another grandson to the zoo, I asked, “Do you know why that snake’s not pressed against the glass? He doesn’t want to be a windshield viper.”

They'll probably laugh later.

Honest Brand Slogans

Hallmark: “When you care enough to give a card mass-produced by 
a corporation.”

Ritz Crackers: “Tiny, edible plates.”

Cliffs Notes: “They’re still going to know you didn’t read the book.”

Gillette: “We’re just going to keep adding blades.”

Chap Stick: “You’ll misplace it before the tube’s empty.”

Hot Pockets: “Every bite is a different temperature.”

Help Wanted

Ever want to share your favorite tip on how to do something? Perhaps you learned something that can help the rest of our membership.

The Owatonnan will accept articles from anyone who wishes to contribute. Of course articles on politics or religion will not be published. Nor will

articles which have no basis in truth. The latest internet myth is not something for publication.

So with that in mind, please feel free to submit articles by email to jb4email-2@yahoo.com.

Frankly, I am getting bored with filling the Owatonnan with jokes.

I know there is a lot of useful knowledge out there among the brothers and wives of Owatonna. So step up and share what you have.

For instance, it took me 70 years to realize that on wrapped candy, the wrap is twisted in opposite directions on each end. This enables you to merely grab each end and pull apart and the wrapper unwraps itself. Who knew?

Change in Payments

A resolution was passed on the floor of the lodge that payments for affairs, dues, and such will be by check only. Cash will no longer be accepted. This does not apply to payment for tribute cards or anything under $10.00

This change simplifies the payment process for our financial secretary and treasurer and leaves an audit trail.

Poster Contest Results

Mentor High School student, Micah Spansel won 2nd place at Supreme Lodge in the Knights of Pythias Poster Contest. The subject for the contest this year was “What is a Friend”. Micah submitted a computer generated entry. This year, for the first time, there were separate categories and judging for hand drawn vs. computer generated

The Owatonnan

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Cleveland, OH 44118

Owatonnan Calendar


Jul 8...........Theater Night...Grease

Jul 25.........Tuesday Lodge Dinner

Jul 30.........Grand Lodge Picnic North

Aug 25 …..Due Date for Articles for Owatonnan

Dec 10.......Awards Night