Dear Parent/Guardian,

 Your daughter will soon be participating in a 3-week Physical Education Swim Unit (girls only) beginning May 15th – June 2nd.  THE SWIM UNIT IS NOT A CO-ED UNIT (GIRLS ONLY).

 Please be aware of the following policies pertaining to this activity:

1.      Students are given ability-level instruction.  Beginners will be taught basic skills and intermediate/advanced will participate in swim fitness and water safety activities.

2.      All students will participate daily.  Grading is based upon participation (the total amount of days in the water) and effort. 

3.      Excused students must bring a parent or doctor’s note.  Parent notes must be written, dated, and signed by the parent and are good for up to 3 days, if specified.  Students will have the opportunity to make-up a maximum of 4 required swim days missed due to excused absences or parent excuse, or their grade will be adversely affected. If a student is temporarily excused from swimming (i.e. feminine cycle, illness) they are expected to dress in P.E. clothes and participate in a daily fitness walk. 

Students who cannot participate in the swim unit due to a medical condition MUST bring a doctor’s note prior to or on the first day of the unit.  These students will dress out and walk or be assigned to another PE class for activity. 

4.      Swimsuits are to be worn in the pool.  Girls are encouraged to wear a one-piece suit, however, a modest two-piece is acceptable. NO STRAPLESS SUITS ARE ALLOWED!  Girls may also wear board shorts over their suit.

 5.      Students also need to bring a towel.  Swim caps and goggles are optional.  Please label all items.   Wet swimsuits and towels must go home dailyPlease bring a plastic bag daily for this reason.  Shoulder-length hair must be pulled back from face and rubber-banded.  Hair clips(metal) and jewelry are not to be worn in the pool.

 6.      Electrical appliances such as blow dryers, curling/flat irons are not allowed at school for safety reasons. 

 Every effort will be made to allow swimmers a few extra minutes to dress the activity.  Tardy passes will not be given to those who do not have a legitimate reason.

We are excited to have the opportunity to offer this unit in Clark’s Physical Education program, and we are looking forward to working with your child.


 The Clark Physical Education Staff

PE MAKE-UPS-  Just a reminder that when a student is absent or excused on a parent note, they do not earn their 10 points for the day.  They can make-up their absence or excused day by asking their teacher for a Lunch PE make-up ticket.  This is the student's responsibility.  The teacher will assign the student a date to report to Lunch PE to complete their make-up.  A student has 2 weeks from the date of the absence/excused day to make it up and then will receive their 10 points.  
Lunch PE begins at 11:49.  Students doing a make-up will report to their locker room immediately after 4th period.  They will dress out and participate in the Lunch PE lesson.  They will be excused from Lunch PE at 12:10 to change and then go immediately to eat lunch.