Ramsond flooring nailer : Antique hardwood floor.

Ramsond Flooring Nailer

ramsond flooring nailer
    flooring nailer
  • (Flooring Nailers) are nail guns specialized for the installation of hardwood flooring.  There are pneumatic and manual types available.  Pneumatic flooring nailers are considerably easier to use and require a direct connection to compressed air in order to fire.
ramsond flooring nailer - Bostitch FLN-200
Bostitch FLN-200 2-Inch Flooring L-Nail, 1000-Per Box
Bostitch FLN-200 2-Inch Flooring L-Nail, 1000-Per Box
The Bostitch FLN-200 2-Inch L-Shaped Hardwood Flooring Cleats are designed to fit the MIIIFN industrial flooring cleat nailer; they also fit Bostitch #MFN200; True Value #402578; Porter-Cable #FCN200; Powernail #345 and #45; Senco #SHF50, #SHF15, and #SHF10; and Primatech #210, #H300, #H330, and #Q500. Each box contains 1000 cleats, enough to nail 200 square feet of flooring. 2" Hardwood Flooring Nail, Fits Bostitch #MFN200, True Value #402578, #MIIIFN, Porter Cable #FCN200, Powernail #345, #45, Senco #SHF50, #SHF15, #SHF10, & Primatech #210, #H300, #H330, #Q500.

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Laying Hardwood Floors 3
Laying Hardwood Floors 3
At this point, we started to get excited because once we could use the flooring nailer, the pace picked up. Unfortunately, it got jammed/died. We spent 90 minutes disassembling it in the freezing cold to troubleshoot and then gave up for the day. Hopefully, it will be an easy fix.
423 - Hardwood
423 - Hardwood
If you haven't spent a weekend installing hardwood before, you have no idea how tiring it can be. It is for that reason that tonight's photo is a cop out, but you can see the sweet hardwood I'm installing. Strobist info: -580EX II @ 1/4, stoffened, camera left

ramsond flooring nailer
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