Dulux Floor Paints

dulux floor paints
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  • Dulux is an internationally available brand of paint. It is produced by AkzoNobel (formerly Imperial Chemical Industries). The brand name Dulux has been used by both ICI and DuPont since 1931 and was one of the first alkyd-based paints.
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dulux floor paints - Paint Dulux
Paint Dulux Zero VOC Eggshell Latex Enamel White
Paint Dulux Zero VOC Eggshell Latex Enamel White
Dulux Zero VOC Eggshell Latex Enamel White Lifemaster 9300 Dulux Eggshell Latex Enamel is a premium quality water based acrylic finish that provides both a highly durable and environmentally friendly finish for interior architectural surfaces. This wipable, super adhering, oil and stain resistant eggshell coating is ideal for use in all types of interior wall or trim areas where a durable yet extremely washable surface is desired. Dulux Eggshell Enamel has been formulated without the addition of V.O.C ( volatile organic compounds ) in order to meet all current and anticipated regulations for air quality. The elimination of emissions from organic solvents allows for rooms painted wit Dulux Eggshell Enamel to be put back into service faster because residual paint odors are virtually non-existent after paint has dried. Dulux Eggshell Enamel is the ideal coating for residential use or commercial and institutional applications such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and offices. Features : • Durable eggshell finish • Contains no VOC’s (untinted) • Virtually no odor • Excellent washability • Excellent hiding • Block resistance • Bonds to glossy surfaces • Very good touch-up properties • Easy application • Quick drying and recoat • Easy soap and water clean-up • Performance alternate for Federal Paint Specification TT-P-2119 • MPI Approved Product Category #144 Composition : • 100% Acrylic Resin • Titanium Dioxide and Extender Pigments • Not manufactured with lead or mercury containing materials Contact Greener Country if you wish a color pigment 1-877-680-6010. U.S.A

86% (10)
Blue Townhouse - Front
Blue Townhouse - Front
This four floor Regency Townhouse had an extension. All the walls, windows and doors were made good, all the masonry, woodwork and iron railings painted with Sandtex masonry paints and Dulux Weathershield undercoat and gloss. Many passers-by commented on the striking effect of the two-tone masonry and woodwork - and I gained two new customers who stopped to ask if I could quote for work on their houses.
kitchen in progress
kitchen in progress
So we are making progress. The floors have been stripped and oiled and the walls have a coat of primer. There is still a lot to do, the door, trim, and walls all need more paint, we need to patch the hole where that 80's light fixture was and the wood burning stove needs a right good scrub. But it is all starting to come together....slowly.....

dulux floor paints
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