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Clarkboys Kettle Corn

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It might be considered a stretch to say that Clarkboys Kettle Corn could someday save your life, but read on and we think you’ll agree that this incredible snack will definitely enhance your life…and maybe even save it!


Since 2005, the Clark boys have cooked this addictive treat at festivals and special events throughout central Virginia. Based in Lynchburg, we are a family business operated by Steve Clark and his seven sons. Our goal is deliver the freshest kettle corn, made with the finest ingredients, at the most competitive price. We guarantee that our premium popcorn is the most delicious snack you will ever taste.


3 Ways That Kettle Corn Improves Life


Kettle Corn Could Save Your Life!

Testimony#1 (spoken by a nervous, worried young man)

"If I don't bring home some Clarkboys Kettle Corn, my wife's gonna kill me!"

We often hear this comment from fearful men with terror in their eyes. Many women will overlook a day spent at a NASCAR event or tractor pull, if their lover will come home with some fresh-cooked premium Clarkboys Kettle Corn. We do our very best to keep these poor souls alive.


Kettle Corn Will Draw People To Your Event

Testimony#2 (spoken by an overjoyed and hungry woman)

"Oh thank goodness you're here...I only come to get my Kettle Corn."

We often hear this comment from women being dragged along to races, football games or other testosterone-fueled events. We sympathize with their plight and are pleased to bring some sunshine to what would otherwise be a dreary day.

Clarkboys Kettle Corn Stays Fresh in Freezer

Testimony#3 (spoken by a heartbroken but hungry woman)

"I would love a huge bag, but I can't bear the thought of that delicious kettle corn going stale."

We love to hear this one spoken by a person who desperately wants a large bag but is horrified at the thought of this treasured snack going stale. First, we remind them that this delicious treat will rarely last until you get home, let alone get stale. If any survives until you get home, immediately place it in the freezer. Clarkboys Kettle Corn will stay delightfully fresh and crunchy for weeks as long as you keep putting it in the freezer between feedings. Do not allow it to sit unsealed at room temperature.

Buy Some Extra Bags and Try It. You'll Be Amazed!