Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet web www takes took Virtuebios

Posted By: Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet web www takes took Virtuebios <Send E-Mail>
Date: Wednesday, 2 October 2002, at 1:42 p.m.

Msn has found and listed this forum and I am deeply appreciative of the priviledge of
posting here. My dialogue is more meant for search engines than Humanoid as it is formatted here and that's
why I ask for some patience and understanding please!
Thanks, Rbt, Sedona Az

Please Search as "taking over the internet" including the quotation marks
And Oh!, by the way, I NEED YOUR LIFE, PLEASE!
Approximately 500 hundred million children are going to die
because you're busy in the old paradigm freedumb sickness viscosity.
HELL0!!!! are you there, is there anyone home?
When these Posts are not answered or when they are slamed,
the evidence is being placed in a public internet file to
build a case against the child killer adults of earth,
which I now estimate at about 4 billion currently ....remember,
coming conscious can be fun! By Deleting this file you become
another piece of evidence to use in my case Known as the
Childrens Immortalisation Network, a division of
Mortality Resolution International, a searchable term, as is, virtuebios
what a friend we have in genius "Shall we stop creating all children to die yet?"
This is not difficult to understand The science of "Thou shalt not kill all children
like we are now!" Please don't delete this file, as I have submitted it to several
search engines and a deletion will break the link!
[[[[ It's for all of the children(all ages)!!!]]]
Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet
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The Prophecy Fulfillment Becomes...
&&&&&& Mortality Resolution International
The International Physical Immortality Project
"Shall we stop Killing all children yet?"
And now a word to seach engines: (forgive me)
Someone should tell Bill Gates, the Fire Hose
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T.A.O,S. = The Awareness Olympics of Sedona 2003
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Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet
date: 4:35 pm - Wednesday,October 2, 2002