Childrens Internet Education


                                I Patented Destiny:

                        Taking Over Internet Education:

               Clarifying the Entire collective Human Mind Potential

Step 1. A method I use a lot lately is to let search engines write your code for you. Search Google for "Children's Immortality" @50 or 100 results. Right click "view source"

step 2. Search engines create keyword density as part of their function and they will bold the words you search for that are made more dense.

fact 3. Web Crawlers (software at nearly the speed of light) seem to like their own work, in a sense, because they credit bolding and keyword density both.

fact 4. Imagine a million children who work like you are beginning to....both at school and when they get home, on coordinated keyword sychronous management of all search engine results. Older brothers and sisters can assist making pages for people under 13 who's wishes USED TO BE banned from the internet's democratic possibility. 10 pages a day is easy; upload them to a free website.

fact 5. You need both clarity and motivation. Google this: "Children's Immortality". Basicly, one person did that. Google "taking over education" or "taking over internet education". So what will one million or 10 million people do in this context of synchronous intent?, (europe, india, china for example)? Just Imagine. Coordinated Keyword Synthesis Manipulating all Search Engine Results Management team. Make a section at the top of the page where you put this in your own words. Please be constructive and respectful.

fact 6. This knowledge will come in time, please trust this and be happy, thankful, dilgent and patient; I WILL learn with you and from you how to make this easier and Exciting. The search engine results will be our heart art form and our feedback. Magic Really Happens at Loving Living Truth, shared!


 Fact 7. I will create for you a beginning word list to draw from, for example, children's internet education.

                   Google is our Resume!

Mandatory Physical Immortality gives all Children their Right to Life; Their Eternal    Physical Life!
Be The Truth, with Love and Evolving Clarity Virtuebios 

        Genomic Inferentiality Deliniated

            Internetedly for Immortality!


Earth Children's Legal and long over-due Search Engine Manipulation Keyword saturation strategies and techniques are combined with logical keyword association practices and the use of quantity/density balance while speaking in a hyper-relevancy PARA-PSYCHICAL syntaxt and infusing clarity seeding with a paradigmally stimulating style and injecting it internetedly into the sum of all human intention and creativity opportunity aperture of OUR shared Now.
read it over until it breaks down your unnatural resistance.....
I am here inspiring the psychically suffocated and deceived children of earth, who were created to die, like you were, to take command of their immortality rights interneted in a coordinated, respect for life, move choreographed internetedly by robert ray hedges, a gifted destinial engineer and ParaEthicist/Immortalist in physicality. Robert has had this gift since 1972.... for destinial delineation in the english language using composite Psycho-Genomic Inferentiality combined with inverse future memory decoding synthesized synchronously in the rising dna momentum called the singularity quickening.

Search Google for Earth Children's Immortality Rights and Interneted Education   Opportunities
Search Engine Results Manipulation Strategies for Children to create   Immortality