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Looking for the perfect Friesian?  Here she is!

In my opinion, the breed does not get any better than this.

And please remember, I used to specialize in Friesians, so I have ridden and experienced many of them!

This mare is an exemplary example of the best of the breed (or any breed, for that matter!).

"Xanne van het Wijnland" aka "Zoey":

9 year old, 16.0hh, black Friesian mare

Veulenboek Registered #:  840004200704754

Sire:  "Sjaard"

Dam:  "Fieke van de Schans"

Fantastic movement:

If I could just say...WOW!

Zoey is an amazing mover!

Unlike many Friesians, she is naturally forward, energetic and snappy, not ever lazy or sluggish.

She is sensitive, and quick off the aids.

All 3 gaits, spectacular!

I would rate her walk, trot, & canter, 9's or even 10's!

Glorious, gigantic, flowing walk, with an enormous overstep and tons of natural impulsion.

Her trot is lofty and forward, with plenty of overstep, and just the right amount of suspension and lift, to carry and hold your seat, stupendous rhythm and tempo.

Zoey's canter:  HOLY COW!

This is by far the best canter I have ever experienced in the Friesian breed!

(Or in any breed, for that matter.  As you know, Friesians usually struggle with their canters)

This canter...powerful, huge, ground covering strides and fabulous jump, incredible rhythm and tempo (you could set a metronome to this canter!),  a stellar and very clear 3 beat gait, extremely naturally uphill, holds your seat in an remarkable way.

Fantastic rideability:

Zoey's rideability, also a 10.

She LOVES to work!

She wants to come out to be with you, and to have a positive and constructive riding/schooling session.

And she is never in a hurry to get back to her paddock, as she would rather stay with you, in your company.

Zoey is the perfect Adult Amateur/Junior mount, but is athletic enough to be a Professional's horse as well.

She is super, super SAFE, FUN & EASY to ride!

She holds the rider's seat so nicely, and gives you a marvelous feeling in the saddle!

Absolutely NO buck, rear, bolt, spook!

She adjusts easily and quickly to a new environment, so she will be an awesome competitor (if you choose to compete).

Zoey has been schooled through some 3rd level movements.

She has the lateral work down pat.

She is very soft in the hand, and will not need to be ridden in anything stronger than an easy snaffle and cavasson, no flash noseband necessary.

Unlike many Friesians, she does not use her neck against you, and is very soft in her back, with no rigidity what-so-ever, which is unusual for the breed.

If you compete, she will fully impress the judges, and easily receive high scores, plus, you will enjoy experiencing the test!

If you have confidence issues, Zoey will take care of that as well.

Fantastic attitude and mind:

Zoey is unbelievably sweet, and will definitely charm the socks right off your feet!

She is a delight, and a doll.

Everyone loves to be around her, (at our barn, she quickly formed a dedicated fan-club), and it's hard to part with her at the end of your barn day.

Perhaps best of all, Zoey has Zero marishness!

I know this first hand, as she is currently in full blown season, and exhibiting no marishness .


Her grounds manners are very good too.

Fantastic background:

Only 1 owner!

The best thing about that is that we know every single day of her history!

Her current owner purchased Zoey's dam, and personally birthed Zoey out, on her property.

Zoey's "childhood" must have been great, because she matured into the best of the best.

She is confident and secure in herself, and who she is.

Because Zoey has had no bad experiences, she only sees humans as good, and has no issues with fear or defensiveness.

Her owner's did a terrific job raising her!

She is polite & endearing, NEVER pushy or bossy.

In addition, we know that she has always been sound, and has no history of soundness or health issues.

Fantastic conformation:

As close to flawless as it gets!

Her legs are clean.

Zoey has excellent feet as well!

Zoey is absolutely, without question, my favorite riding horse.

I am delighted that her owner trusted & chose Clarity Performance Horse Training Center, and Clarity Performance Horse Sales, to find Zoey her new wonderful, forever home.

Someone is going to get extraordinarily lucky to have this horse!

I recommend you hurry, if you want to grab her before someone else does.

Priced reasonably at $39,500 Negotiable of course, as you all know my horse's prices always are.

Zoey Free School naked:


Zoey under saddle with Clare up:




Whiskey needs a forever home

Whiskey is a super sweet,  13 yr old, 15hh, Appendix Quarter Horse gelding.

He has an old injury that won’t allow him to be ridden any longer. 

His rear leg had a separated tendon, but he is no longer limping and not in pain. 

He is NOT on any medication. 

Whiskey is an easy keeper and loves people. 

He would be great for a therapy "snuggle brush me" horse, and he would probably be fine with small children being led around on his back. 

His background was parades and team penning, and many, many miles of trails.

He is very people friendly and loves attention, and has tons of training, he just isn’t rideable due to his injury that occurred while with his previous owner. 

He would probably be fine to lead small children around on, or to teach about brushing and handling- and is an awesome lawn mower and fertilizer donater.

He would like you to know that we will give the new home a ½ ton of his hay to get him started as well.

Whiskey is currently in the safe and capable hands of Darci with T.J. & Friends Sanctuary, and will remain there until he finds his new, wonderful and forever home.




Commander: 10 year old, 16.2hh, bay Thoroughbred gelding

To the perfect home, of course.

Very sweet, "Off the Track" Thoroughbred boy in need of his wonderful forever home!

Looking for a Pasture Pet/Ornament/Companion/new Best Friend?

Commander is a 10 year old, 16.2hh, Registered Jockey Club, bay Thoroughbred gelding.

He was rescued by Strong's 2nd Chance Ranch, and is ready to be placed with someone who will love and care for him.

Diagnosed with Navicular.

He is a sweet heart doll.

Like all OTTB, he can be spicy, but only if he is confined to a small space, where he can not express himself, and move about freely.


Congratulations to Alex of Penngrove, Ca.
And Congratulations to Nugget for finding such a wonderful, forever home!

Do you have lots of time, patience and love to offer, but not a lot of funds?

More about Nugget:

He is a wonderful horse, however he needs a quiet, soft, sensitive, balanced rider with a steady hand, to guide, reassure, and develop his confidence.
He can be a bit spooky and insecure.
Nugget is energetic and forward thinking.
The more exercise he gets, the more solid he is.
He is definitely not "bombproof, been the done that".
He needs mileage.
He is, however, a super sweetie, I love him!
And his gait is exceedingly smooth.
He is also excellent on the ground, and with his manners.
He is very patient in the cross ties, and very easy to handle, groom, bathe, etc, even for a junior.
I am selling Nugget as a project.
All reasonable offers will be considered."


CPHS Proudly Presents:


10 year old, 15.2hh, Palomino Missouri Fox Trotter gelding

Super sweet and sensitive "modern type of guy"!

Impossible not to fall in love with this handsome boy.

He is a doll.

Very soft and gentle personality.

Extremely people oriented, bonds immediately and completely.

"Smooth as silk" movement.

Perfect for a rider who requires or prefers a Cadillac ride,
and a Farrari's responsiveness.

Comfortable barefoot.

100% sound and healthy.

Clean legs.

Up to date on everything.

Asking $4500

Under saddle:



Successfully Placed!

Congratulations to Mary, Paige and Kiarra of Petaluma, Ca!


Stunning, 15 year old, 17.1hh, black Hanoverian gelding!

Strong's 2nd Chance Ranch located in Petaluma has available to the perfect forever home a fabulous old school black with white star Hanoverian by Diamont.

Here is your chance to own a Hanoverian and have him be your best friend.

The breeder trusted our program to help him find his second chance in life. After his basic training "Arty" lived had in the breeder's pasture for years due to slight soundness issues. His big personality led the breeder to believe he wanted more interaction so she gave him to us.

After a few months of refresher training he is now a safe horse to ride. His ground manners are tricky but they do not outweigh his safety under saddle. He is currently enjoyed by our advanced and advance beginner riders walk trot and canter in the arena.

An amazing breed and quite a beauty and barn favorite that is for sure.
Adoption fee waived, Merry Christmas!
We are a 501 c non profit and we're lucky to be part of this great horses journey.

A few facts:
15 year old gelding
Black with white star.
String Halt - not noticed under saddle- hence the price
Huge personality
Great with other horses
Comfortably barefoot
Easy to load
Tricky to bridle for the novice horse handler
outstanding breeding


Congratulations to Liz of Milpitas, Ca!

Proudly Presented by CPHS:
"Brioso Del Amor"

 12 year old, 15.2hh, true black, double registered PRE & IALHA gelding
Summer coat: shiny jet black, winter coat:  cuddly and cute brown.
This boy is sound and sweet!
His gaits are super smooth.
His trot is exceptionally simple to sit, and he has a "smooth as glass" canter.
He packages easily, and is soft in the mouth.
Brioso is so easy to ride, he practically puts himself on the bit!
Brioso is perfect for an Adult Amateur or Junior rider, who is looking to enjoy their riding time, and excel in Dressage.
Brioso will be really cute Western as well!
He will be your new best friend.
Bloodlines are impressive!
Double registered IALHA and PRE!
Sire is Del Amor De Amigos, by Doctor XVI.
Dam is La Nouba, sired by Maestro.
IALHA #:  8463
PRE Cod:  1901010024US354
100% sound.
No history of health or soundness issues.
Strong black feet.
Offered at the sacrifice price of $13,500, and only to the perfect "forever" home.
New video coming soon!

Under Saddle with Clare up:


Congratulations to Sherri of Wilton, Ca!
New Video!


Absolutely precious, 6 year old, 13.3hh, buckskin Pinto pony

Unbelievably adorable!

The photos say it all!

Walter is sweet, and safe, and brave, and charming.

He is hacking under saddle, and is cute over fences.
Walter would be super cute Western as well!
Perfect pony for your perfect child!

No history of health or soundness issues.


Priced at $4,000

Worded from Walters owner:

"After two months of me riding him everyday I was able to put my daughter on him and help her learn how to effectively use her aids and get the desired response. He poked along like a hunter. He was turning into a fantastic pony. My daughter would do poles and pop him over cross rails and he enjoyed it. At the end of every ride she would take off her tack and walk him around bareback. He is fantastic on trails and isn't afraid of traffic. As you know he has quite the personality and does enjoy human friends a lot."
Videos coming soon!

Congratulations to Susan of Napa, Ca!

CPHS Proudly Presents: 
"Snuffys Lucky Feather" aka "Rambo"

9 year old, 16hh, Tri colored, Tobiano APHA gelding

This boy is a delight!

He is sweet and easy, uncomplicated and super safe!

Absolutely NO buck, rear, bolt, spook!

He is very fun to ride, and to be around.

Rambo has 3 really nice gaits, and will shine as either an English or a Western horse.

He is extremely flashy, and will definitely turn heads!

He does have quite a bit of experience on the trails, and is wonderful in the arena.

Athletic too!

Flying changes will be a breeze.

Very little "wear & tear" on his body.

No history of health or soundness issues.

Comfortably barefoot.

Priced to sell at $6500.

Grab him before he's gone!

He will be your new best friend and riding companion!

Videos coming soon!



Congratulations to Mary of Petaluma, Ca!


13 year old, 15.2hh, palomino with 4 white socks and a blaze, Quarter Horse/Draft gelding.

Super flashy, super safe, experienced trail horse!

His summer coat is dark gold!

Scout is very sweet, charming and fun to be around.

He definitely has a "puppy dog" personality, and will be your new best friend.

Extremely easy to handle on the ground, and around the barn.

Scout has 3 comfortable gaits.

He has tons of trail experience, with absolutely NO buck-rear-bolt or spook.

He is also a wonderful jumper, and exceedingly solid over fences.

Scout is happy to go English or Western.

He would be great for Search and Rescue, Parades, and Mounted Police work.

He definitely prefers trails over arena work, and a soft hand over a heavy one.

He also would love to have his very own person!

Scout is 100% sound and healthy, with no history of health or soundness issues.

He has clean legs, and excellent feet.

Perfectly comfortable barefoot.

Scout is priced fairly at $6,500, Negotiable to the right home.

Scout Free School:


Scout ridden around property:


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