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Western & Pleasure Horses


"Beaus Repose" aka "Paris":

6 year old, 16.1hh, bay, Registered Jockey Club Thoroughbred mare

Currently in full training to sell with Clare and Clarity Performance Horse Sales

Paris is extremely sweet and pretty!

She has raced, both on the track and barrels.

She has been started over fences, and has been out on the trails (loves water!)

She has had lots of exposure to scary things and environments.

Paris is brave and confident.

She is not spooky.

No buck, rear, bolt.

Happy to be ridden in English or Western tack.

Very straight forward and easy to ride, completely typical of an off the track Thoroughbred mare.

Comfortable to sit on/under your seat.

Knows how to "round off".

Will make a wonderful Hunter Under Saddle/Over fences.

Good mover, "daisy cutter" trot.

Super easy in the barn.

No vices!

Great with grooming, clippers, showers, trailer, farrier, cross ties, tieing "straight on", etc.

Up to Date on everything!

Fantastic opportunity for a Hunter rider who is on a shoe-string budget.

Adoption fee only $2,000.

Free School in tack:


Free School naked:




 2-3 year old, 14.2hh, Morgan/Arabian cross filly

(Wording by Valerie Fox of Fox Equine Rescue)

"Stella is green, has excellent ground manners (especially for her age), is affectionate, gets along well with other horses, ready to start under saddle but my vet recommends letting her have another 9 - 12 months before riding her, but OK to start saddle training.  She was severely malnourished from birth to 18 months or so, now up to health, but her growth was slower than normal because she was abandoned, eating marijuana to stay alive.   We think she is Morgan/Arab cross, right now 14.1hh will probably mature to 14.3 or 15hh, but not sure due to her history.  We are looking for a forever home with someone who has experience training babies or has a good trainer.  She will be fairly easy to start under saddle in my opinion.

and based off the work I have done with her.  I haven't started her yet due to lack of time."

(Wording from the website:)

"Stella is in need of an experienced adopter who is willing to train her under saddle or work with an experienced horse trainer.

Stella's story... She is 14.2H and growing. Stella is super affectionate and a real sweetheart with a good mind to go in any direction. We believe that she is 2 to 3 years old. We think she is an Arabian and Morgan cross. She is good to lead and do groundwork by someone who is horse savvy, but still needs to be started under saddle. She is halter broke only. Great jumper prospect! We took in Stella in the fall of 2016. We have been working with her over the winter and spring and although she has NOT had a saddle on, she has improved greatly in her ground manners and do many groundwork games. Before we took her in she had not had much human contact or had been worked with, and we don’t know anything about her history as she was abandoned."

Thank you to Valerie and Fox Equine Rescue for her generosity, and for adopting and caring for Stella, as well as many other very fortunate rescue horses.

Please visit her wonderful website for more information:


Located in Los Gatos, Ca.

Asking only a $350 adoption fee for this sweet mare!

About Valerie's Rescue... We started our rescue in 2012 after learning that many good, use-able horses are kept in less than ideal conditions, and many more are taken to auction for seemingly simple reasons like their owners are not experienced with horses or because the horse has an issue (such as rearing, bucking, or not being obedient under saddle). Our goal is to save as many horses as we can and rehabilitate them for sponsorship, pleasure riding, or adoption to a forever home.


2 year old, should mature at 15.2hh, grey Purebred Egyptian Arabian gelding

(Description by owner)

He’s very sweet.

Has such a sound mind. 

Doesn’t spook... he follows you anywhere.

He loves to play with cones, balls, and pretty much anything you put in the stall. 

Great with farrier and getting baths...

$1200 Adoption Fee

100% Negotiable to the right home!

Owner rescued him but is moving to Idaho so needs to place this beauty!

Someone is going to get very lucky to own such a sweet, beautiful, well bred boy, for such a low Adoption price.



2 year old, should mature at 15hh, rose grey Purebred Egyptian Arabian gelding

(Description by owner)

He’s got a bit more spunk. 

He’s definitely the boss between the two. 

He also loves to play with the ball... 

(I promise you will love this video!)


he knows how to get himself out of the stall! 

Very very smart boy this one... good with farrier, and baths too ;)

$1200 Adoption Fee
100% negotiable to the right home!
Owner rescued him but is moving to Idaho so needs to place this cutie!
Someone is going to get very lucky to own such a sweet, beautiful, well bred boy, for such a low Adoption price.



2 year old, albino Pony gelding

(Ad written by owner)

It is with huge regret that I must sell my little Charles, a 2-year old white pony. He needs a good home with lots of love and care, and other horses, preferably small ones. The details:
1. He's very friendly but green and has not had training. 
2. He's had all recent shots, teeth floated, farrier service. He's in perfect health. 
3. He loves to be with other horses but he's putting my mares into heat, the reason for my selling him. 
4. He was gelded by the former owner, but I feel it was not done "completely" meaning he behaves like a stallion. 
5. He's albino and has bright blue eyes - he needs sun protection/mask for the summer. 
6. He's very active and needs a pasture where he can run around. 
7. He's not a toy. He will need to be around other horses or animals. 


Charles is located in Petaluma.




13 year old, 15.3hh, Percheron/Saddlebred mare

(Description by owner)

Gorgeous, smart, and well trained on the ground and in saddle. 

Sierra is a super trail horse with great feet and a sturdy frame, engaged and alert and goes in front, middle, or back. 

She free lunges and follows at liberty (see videos). 

Has been used as a lunge lesson horse and on lead in play day activities and dressage tests with a 12 year old beginner.

 Stands tied or in cross-ties and for the farrier. 

Sierra is the best companion you could ever have and thrives on interaction, so a home with lots of TLC is a must!

Adoption fee of $2,000

Sierra Groundwork 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktl5Z_cRaVU

Sierra Groundwork 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHc3aZ_X37o

Sierra free lunge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcedhXmMk5U

Sierra lunge line & reverse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lwjeJPUnjQ


All around, Versatile, wonderful mare!

Check out this wonderful video (Taken in 2012):
What a doll!

"B.X. Blackjack Simone"
11 year old, 15.2hh, black Registered and Purebred Canadian mare
Canadien #: 11832
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation:
Here is your opportunity to own an extremely experienced, all -around-everthing mare!
Would make a fantastic Eventer!
Simone is so super safe, sweet, easy and fun, fun, fun!
Brave, fearless and bold.
Bred to be versatile, fantastic rideability.
There is pretty much nothing that this beautiful Canadian horse can not do.
The photos say it all! 
Climbing the Headlands trails, galloping on the beach, pulling a cart or carriage, ridden in tandem gladiator style, jumping, dressage, bareback, Search and Rescue:  you name it, Simone can do it.
Totally sound.
No history of health or soundness issues.
Barefoot, feet like flint.
Currently located in Sausalito, Ca.
Come for a ride in the hills with the owner, and he will show you what she can do.
Priced at $15,000 Negotiable

(Wording by owner)
3 Years of Driving experience  
Has driven on same streets as semi trucks
Super alert horse
1 year of dressage
All around jumping up to 3 or so feet
Great mare,  very strong 
Voice recognizes Walk, Trot, Trot on, Canter  (two trot speeds)
Storm/Extreme weather riding 
Night riding 
No bad habits



FREE to the perfect home and very lucky person!

(Wording by owner)

Handsome and well mannered 25 year old, 17hh, black Dutch Warmblood gelding. Free to an excellent home. 

Would make a wonderful pasture companion, barn mentor and light trail horse. Excellent ground manners, good with other horses and a lovely mount for the casual trail person. 

Healthy and up to date on all general health care. 

Not sound at the trot due to former jumping career injury. 

Corrective shoeing would likely improve to light hacking status. 

Many Equitation Championships on the AHSA Northern California Hunter Jumper A Circuit. 

Qualified for and competed in the ASPCA Maclay finals in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Pyramus is currently located in Davis, Ca.

Contact Clare for more information and/or to set up an appointment to meet him.



Congratulatons to Amanda of Oakland, Ca!

Another match made in Heaven!

"Solos Big Red" aka "Solo"

11 year old, 16hh, chestnut, Registered Appendix gelding

Registration #:  X0665223

All around Versatility (English, Western, Dressage, Jumping, Trail, Best Friend, Companion, Pleasure, Performance), in a sweet and sound package!

Currently in full training to sell with Clare and Clarity Performance Horse Sales.

Solo has competition experience in the Eventing world.

Recently has been focusing on and progressing nicely in his Dressage training.

Solo would love to be a Dressage/Trail/Pleasure/Best friend horse, as well as continuing with his Eventing career.

He would look great in Western tack as well!

He has 3 good gaits, with an exceptionally comfortable trot.

Solo is extraordinarily sensitive to his environment.

He has a sweet temperament.

Barn favorite, everybody loves him.

No vices.

100% sound and healthy.

No history of any health or soundness issues.

Clean legs, excellent feet.

Current clean Pre Purchase exam!

Current clean Radiographs too!

Cross Country:




Previous sale video:


Solo:  Free School Rigged:

Solo Free School at Liberty:



Successfully Placed!
Reunited with Rachel, his previous owner.
Perfect forever home ending!

"Happy Issue" aka "Chester"
21-year-old, 16hh, registered Thoroughbred gelding. 

(Description written by owner):
He has been ridden both English and Western and excels in both disciplines. Chester has impeccable ground manners. He is a true gentleman and, as such, will stand for the farrier, ties, leads, tacks up, stands for mounting, grooming, etc., all without issue. Chester is an accomplished trail horse, having been ridden for years in the Marin headlands as well as Pt. Reyes National Seashore. He will go out alone or in a group. Chester is also an excellent mount in the arena and has taken lessons with many beginner riders instilling their confidence and a better understanding of horsemanship. The best way to describe Chester is “a go with the flow” kind of guy; a very laid back personality. He loves attention and takes pride in the joy he brings to others. Chester has been owned by two people and has always been treated with kindness, love, patience, and respect. This has further enhanced his naturally calm, secure, and level-headed personality. He trusts and is trustworthy. A beginner’s dream. He is an expert at groundwork, responding with focus and attention, which translates to a remarkable partnership with his rider under saddle. Chester responds to verbal commands: walk, trot, canter. He has an easygoing forward walk, a rather bouncy trot, and a canter that is smooth and ground covering. He is a blast to ride! As a thoroughbred, he will require blanketing in winter and daily supplements. He is beautiful and healthy; vet and farrier records are available. Chester is a solid, people-pleasing horse that will take you wherever you want to go.

Husband horse extraordinaire!


Chester bareback leading and riding:

So safe and sweet!



Successfully Placed!

Congratulations to Adriana of Santa Rosa, Ca!

Thank you Adriana for you compassion, generosity and compassion, and for giving Tabitha such a wonderful, forever home!

For Adoption!

CPHS is delighted to present:

15 year old, 15hh, Sorrel with Chrome, Paint mare

This mare is worth her weight in gold!
Proudly in full training with Clare and Clarity Performance Horse Sales.
Only at the barn for a day, and look how quiet and sweet she is!
Lovely on the ground, polite and easy.
Walks right in and out of the trailer, travels willingly.
No vices!
Adjusts quickly and easily to new environments.
"Been There, Done That" attitude.
Not lazy, just a bit of fun "pep and go" energy.
Nice, forward, energetic walk.
Tabitha was last used on a Trail String/Guided Trail rides, so she is very good on trails with beginners and inexperienced riders.
If you are looking for a light riding, Trail, Companion, Children's Leadline, Best Friend and/or Therapy horse, here she is!
Smart, steady and safe, safe, safe.
Sound, with just a bit of a "hitch in her get along" in the trot.
Comfortable in her body.
Needs weight, conditioning and shine to bring her to her full potential.
Currently barefoot.
Adoption fee to be determined as we get to know her better.

Riding around Property and in the Round Pen:

Playing with Gymkhana:

Free School in Round Pen:



Congratulations to Dana for acquiring such a wonderful horse!

"Storybook Kurt Xtreme-Elite"
7 year old, 15.2hh, black Canadian gelding
Canadien #: 13419
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation:

Article about Xtreme in "Le Cheval Canadien",
the official newsletter of the Canadian Horse Breeders Association:

(Wording by owner)
Was showcased at Oregon Horse Expo by Chris Cox as a green stallion first time under saddle
Dressage and jumping experience
Knows how to pull something behind him
Storm/Extreme weather riding 
Night riding 
Super sweet
He adjusts to rider very well
Can handle Beginner to Advanced rider 


Congratulations to Cheryl of Colton, Ca!

"Xanne van het Wijnland":

The beauty of purchasing American bred and raised!

9 year old, 16.0hh, black Friesian mare

Veulenboek Registered #:  840004200704754

Sire:  "Sjaard"

Dam:  "Fieke van de Schans"

Definitely the "Warmblood Performance" type of Friesian!

Zoey will excel in the Dressage world,  there are absolutely no limitations to her potential and abilities!

Zoey is an excellent mover!

She is naturally forward and energetic, sensitive and intuitive.

  She has 3 super gaits!

I would rate her walk, trot, & canter:  9's or even 10's!

Big, flowing walk, with lots of overstep and natural impulsion.

Her trot is lofty and forward, with plenty of overstep, and just the right amount of suspension and lift, to carry and hold your seat.

Zoey's canter is exemplary, especially for a Friesian!

Powerful, ground covering strides and jump, incredible rhythm and tempo, a stellar and very clear 3 beat gait, naturally uphill.

Zoey is appropriate as an Adult Amateur/Junior mount, but is athletic enough to be a Professional's horse as well.

She certainly has the physical ability to take you up the levels to the top.

She is very supple laterally, and definitely has the ability to collect.

She holds the rider's seat nicely, and gives you a delightful feeling in the saddle!

She is very soft in the hand, and will not need to be ridden in anything stronger than an easy/simple snaffle and cavasson, no flash noseband necessary.

Zoey is unbelievably sweet, and will definitely charm the socks right off your feet!

Everyone loves to be around her, (at our barn, she quickly formed a dedicated fan-club), and it's hard to part with her at the end of your barn day.

Her grounds manners are very good too.

Only 1 owner!

The best thing about that is that we know every single day of her history!

Her current owner purchased Zoey's dam, and personally birthed Zoey out, on her property.

The beauty of buying American bred and raised, is that there are no surprises, no adjustment period, no uncertainty for who your import is or will become when settled & acclimated.

Zoey has a great conformation.

As close to flawless as it gets!

Her legs are clean, with very good feet: comfortably barefoot.

I am delighted that Zoey's owner trusted & chose Clarity Performance Horse Sales, to find Zoey her new wonderful, forever home.

Offered at $22,500

Summer of 2017:

Zoey schooling under saddle:

Zoey Free School  naked:


Zoey Free School in tack:



Successfully Placed before we could get him advertised!

Congratulations Christy of Petaluma, Ca!


25 year old, white, Mini Horse gelding


Successfully Placed!

Congratulations to Carmen of Fresno, Ca!


18 year old, 17.1hh, black and white Tobiano, Gypsy/Shire gelding

(Wording by Owner)

"Due to declining health issues I need to rehome this wonderful puppy dog, sweet, easy boy. Otis is a 17 hand gelding that has had some health issues in the past but now we have a good handle on them.

He is not an expensive keeper.

No hard workload for this retired boy, light riding by light rider OK.

He has had hoof canker in the past which has almost completely grown out, he is currently barefoot.

He also has vision impairment in one eye however manages to get around fine.

He is pastured with 2 other horses and seems to get along with everyone that he has met over the past 4 years of my ownership of him.

He was a carriage horse, kids lesson horse and great trail horse.

Serious inquiries only.

He will only go to an approved home.

Currently up to date on vaccinations, worming and feet."

Note from Clare:

Otis is located in the San Diego area.

He is super mellow and quiet, easy to work with and ride.

He will be a wonderful companion, light riding, therapeutic, Children's leadline, light trail, best friend horse.

This boy won't last long, so contact me if you are interested, and I will connect you to his owner.

Someone is going to be very lucky to get this boy!

I wish I could have him in my barn!



Congratulations to Jean of Petaluma, Ca!

And congratulations to Rocky for finding such a wonderful, forever home!

"Rocky MVP"

10 year old, 14.2hh, Bay and White (Blagdon), Gypsy Vanner Stallion

If you are looking for the sweetest, most wonderful smaller sized, bigger personality, best friend, riding companion, look no further. Rocky is the easiest, funnest, most adorable, perfect horse out there. I would keep him myself if I could. He is ridiculously fun and easy to ride, and surprisingly forward/not lazy! He is mellow and brave. Rocky will be great for competition, hacking around the arena, and/or playing on the trails. Bareback, English, Western: take your pick. Enormous amounts of hair, like an equine Barbi doll. He is a successful breeding stallion, so if you want to pass on his exemplary bloodlines, fantastic character and conformation, wonderful. Or using him exclusively as a riding partner, marvelous!
Rocky beautifully exhibits ALL the most desirable traits of an excellent Modern day Gypsy Vanner.

He is 14.2hh, categorized as "Classic Vanner", the optimum height for the modern Gypsy.

Rocky shows the beautiful solid coloring, with the "splash of white" on the belly, called "Blagdon".

He has and displays all the correct/desirable conformation characteristics:

Refined pony head

Profuse feathering

Short, strong neck

Correct shoulder and back

Correct and desired hind end and "apple butt"

Correct legs and amount of bone

Excellent feet

Optimum gaits

Perfect Personality and Character

Free School Naked:

With Clare Up:

Ridden in western tack with 12 year old:

Rocky is being offered at the very reasonable price of $10,000


Congratulations to Debbie of Lake County, Ca!

"Panama GHA":
True 15.1hh, 9 year old, milk chocolate bay, registered & royally bred AHA gelding

For a full list of SOLD horses, Please click on the below link: