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Western & Pleasure Horses

For Adoption!

To the perfect home, of course.
Adoption fee waived,  Happy Halloween!

Very sweet, "Off the Track" Thoroughbred boy in need of his wonderful forever home!

Looking for a Pasture Pet/Ornament/Companion/new Best Friend/Light Riding horse?

Commander came from a Hunter/Jumper lesson program.

With the right care, he could come sound enough to ride!

Commander is a 10 year old, 16.2hh, Registered Jockey Club, bay Thoroughbred gelding.

He was rescued by Strong's 2nd Chance Ranch, and is currently ready for adoption to someone who will love and care for him.

Commander was discovered and adopted by Strong's 2nd Chance Ranch in 2016.

He was extremely thin, and extremely lame.

When he arrived at the barn, the S2CR Team went right to work.

Approximately 4 months later, he is plump and ready for adoption (See Before and After photos).

S2CR (Strong's 2nd Chance Ranch) brought Commander to the Vet Clinic to be evaluated by Artaurus Veterinary Hospital/Dr. Robert Steere.

After a lameness exam, and flexions (See Videos and Photos), it was ascertained that the lameness was in Commander's right fore, probably in the foot.

After Blocks, that was confirmed.

X-Rays showed significant changes in the Navicular bone:


Basic Soundness Exam showed Commander is very healthy otherwise:  lungs and heart are good, eyes are good, legs are clean, weight is perfect.

Immediately after vet exam, S2CR's farrier:  Adam Dunaway of Dunaway Farrier service, put a wedge shoe on Commander's right fore, with the rolled back toe, to help to alleviate pain and stress to his Navicular bone changes.

Commander has been in lots of pain for quite some time.

He, (like every other horse on the planet), deserves to be protected, loved, and properly cared for.

He is a sweet heart doll.

Please contact Clare for more details

After/Current photo


Loved on by Phoebe:

Lameness exam:


13 year old, 15.2hh, palomino with 4 white socks and a blaze, Quarter Horse/Draft gelding.

Super flashy, super safe, experienced trail horse!

His summer coat is dark gold!

Scout is very sweet, charming and fun to be around.

He definitely has a "puppy dog" personality, and will be your new best friend.

Extremely easy to handle on the ground, and around the barn.

Scout has 3 comfortable gaits.

He has tons of trail experience, with absolutely NO buck-rear-bolt or spook.

He is also a wonderful jumper, and exceedingly solid over fences.

Scout is happy to go English or Western.

He would be great for Search and Rescue, Parades, and Mounted Police work.

He definitely prefers trails over arena work, and a soft hand over a heavy one.

He also would love to have his very own person!

Scout is 100% sound and healthy, with no history of health or soundness issues.

He has clean legs, and excellent feet.

Perfectly comfortable barefoot.

Scout is priced fairly at $6,500, Negotiable to the right home.

Scout Free School:


Scout ridden around property:


Congratulations to Jani of Petaluma, ca!

Due to unforeseen circumstances...

Opal is again available.
Opal's owner found that she was not excited about Endurance.
She is currently located in Forestville.
Opal would like to be a Performance, arena, competitive, Adult Amateur or children's horse.
Price negotiable!
Get an amazing horse for a ridiculously low price!
Feel free to text or email Clare for details


"Karas Opal LR" aka "Opal":
9 year old, 14.3hh, grey, registered AHA, Spanish bred Arabian mare

Opal is exceptionally well bred.
If you are familiar with Performance Horse Arabian breeding, you will instantly see that she has quite a bit of Royalty in her bloodlines!
To begin with, the fact that she was bred by Lacey Arabians, starts us right off with the Breeder Greats!
Lacey Arabians is a well known, longstanding and proven great among Arabian Breeders:
In addition, Opal's Grandsire on her sire's line is the famous and well known stallion "Barich De Washoe":
On her dam's side, her grandmother is a full sister to the great stallion "Karadjordje".

Opal has quite a bit of Performance horse training.

Here is a short clip of her young rider over fences:
Below, you will also see her schooling dressage with Clare's 13 year old student, (the first time her student had ever ridden Opal!), and with Clare after about 2 weeks of having Opal in full training.

Opal is 100% sound and healthy.
No history of health or soundness issues.

Opal has spectacular feet, and has always been barefoot.
She is super with the farrier, clipping, bathing, trailering, etc.
She is charming and easy around the barn, and has no problem being around other horses, mare or gelding.
Opal is not at all hormonal or "marish".

Free School in Tack:

Free School Rigged:

Under saddle: Featuring Clare's 13 year old student "Mia", first time riding Opal!:

Under saddle with Clare:


Successfully Placed!
Thank you for your tremendous response!
Congratulations to Carrie of Petaluma, Ca!


15 year old, 16.2hh, chestnut Canadian WB gelding!

Rio is now available for free, to the perfect person!
He is super sweet, 100% sound and very rideable.
His history is Hunter/Derby over fences.

Rio is a beautiful: 15 year old, 16.2hh, chestnut, Canadian Warmblood Gelding.
He is comfortable ridden Dressage or Hunt Seat.
Rio's background is in the Hunter and Derby Arena.
He has competed happily, and is definitely a "packer" over fences.
Very fun and easy to ride.
Safe on the trails.
Suitable for riders of any level.

Rio competing over fences:


Congratulations to Debbie of Lake County, Ca!

Brand NEW video!
Free School At Liberty:

"Panama GHA":
True 15.1hh, 9 year old, milk chocolate bay, registered & royally bred AHA gelding.
Located and in full training at Clarity Performance Horse Training Center in Petaluma, Ca.

Panama's bloodlines include such greats as:  "Padrones Psyche" and "Desperado V".
National Champion "TF Psymreekhe" is his sire,  who's sire line goes back to Padron.
His Dam:  "Crystals Fortune", is a Desperado V daughter!
Panama has been in the  Halter and Western Pleasure show arena.
He checks "all the boxes" if you are looking for a tall, beautiful, well bred, sweet, safe and athletic purebred Arabian that will excel and win in the Dressage, Western/Dressage, English Pleasure, and/or Hunter Pleasure world.
He is extremely fancy & flashy!
Panama will definitely get great scores in competition, and will certainly catch the eye of the judge!
He is mega refined and "willowy".
Gorgeous "dolphin" face.
3 excellent gaits, and an absolutely divine, "rocking horse" canter, so unbelievably comfortable to sit on.
Panama is very fun to ride and to be around.
Charming, super sweet character and personality, with a touch of goofyness.
Panama will definitively be your new best friend!
He is safe and NOT SPOOKY!
No vices! 
No buck, rear, bolt!
Panama gets along great with other horses.
He will be lots of fun to "pal around" with your riding buddies.
He has very good feet, and comfortably goes barefoot.
100% sound.
Zero history of health or soundness issues.
Priced reasonably at $5000.
Hurry, his boy definitely will not last long!
Schooling Western under Saddle:

Below are horses recently SOLD!
Please click on the SOLD page Link:
for the full list of successfully Sold horses!

Congratulations to Pixie of Carmel Valley, Ca!

"Gold on my Asset"

7 year old, 16+hh, Palomino, APHA (has a spot of white on his belly, white on his chin, and socks over his knees) gelding.

APHA Registration #:  947,481
Sire:  Pep San Freckletin, by: Tin Man
Dam:  Sheeza Ruling Asset,  by: Justan Asset
Trigger won stuff as a yearling in Halter, and was trained for Western Pleasure as a 2 and 3 year old.
Looking for the complete package?
Well, here he is!
Trigger is a bonified marvel.
He is "The Real McCoy".
In my opinion, if you are looking for a horse like him, it doesn't get any better.
Someone is going to be extremely lucky to get this one!
This boy checks ALL the boxes!
Mega flashy-check
Gorgeous color-check
Tons of chrome-check
Sweet as a pea-check
Incredibly well behaved around the barn-check
Delightful and very easy to ride-check
Good with other horses-check
Super smooth canter-check
Fantastic back up-check
Happy to go Western or English-check
Wonderful disposition-check
Tall and stout-check
White legs but black feet-Hallelujah!-check
Very brave and easy on the trail and in the arena-check
NO SPOOK, buck, rear, bolt!-check
7 years old, the perfect age!-check
No history of health or soundness issues-check
Priced accordingly at $13,500-check (the pocketbook)

Under saddle in Western tack:

On the Trails:

Free School Rigged:

Trigger under saddle in English tack:


Congratulations to John of Hercules, Ca.!
And congratulations to Clover for finding such a wonderful home!


CPHS Proudly Presents:
9 year old, 16hh, chestnut, branded Appendix gelding.
Absolutely NO Spook!
Super brave and bold.
Extremely forward thinking and moving.
No buck, rear, bolt, balk!
Unbelievably sweet and easy on the ground.
A completely charming,  puppy dog personality.
Wonderful just to hang out with.
Clover will definitely be your new best friend.
Adjusts easily to new environments.
Strolls right in and out of a trailer.
Perfectly fine with water.
Excellent on the trails.
Super sensitive, you will never need a whip or spur with this guy.
Will stand quietly, as long as you like.
Sound and healthy.
Good feet.

Up To Date on everything!  (shots, teeth, & shoes)
Would make a fantastic Search and Rescue horse.
Would also be very well suited as a Police horse.
Price 100% negotiable to the perfect home.

Cruzing around the property:
Free School in tack:



SOLD before we could get him advertised!
Congratulations to Angel & her wonderful family of Penngrove, Ca.!
9 year old, 14.3hh, buckskin AQHA gelding



SOLD before we could get him advertised!

Congratulations to Carol of Cotati, Ca!

We are delighted that Carol was able to 'grab' this wonderful boy!

"Mahoganys Sparkle" aka "Sparky":
9 year old, 15.2hh, mahogany bay, AQHA gelding.
AQHA #: 4876483

Sparks was "in training to sell" with Clare, who realized he was the perfect match for Carol!
He is a delightful, wonderful gelding.
Extremely sweet and willing.
Excellent gaits!
Sparks came to the Sales Program as a trail horse, but will now be embarking on his dressage career.
We look forward to lots of fantastic time spent with Carol and Sparks.
Stay tuned for updates and photos!

Currently, Carol is the proud owner of Welty, also a member of The Clarity Herd @ Clarity Performance Horse Training Center.
Welty will be for sale within approximately 3 months.
Sparks is his replacement.
Welty will be looking for an exceedingly serious, driven, advanced, competitive Dressage rider.
He will be in intensive work with Clare for the next few months, at which time he will be schooling 2nd and 3rd level movements, and will be prepared to connect with his new owner and dance partner.
Stay tuned for a full advertising campaign for Weltprinz aka Welty!


Congratulations Mary on the purchase of her Dream horse: "Blitz"!

Mary found her Dreamhorse!
And with her dreamhorse, her equestrian 'calling': Reining!
Over the last few years, we have been looking for the perfect horse, and the right riding discipline for Mary.
Turns out, the perfect horse was Blitz, and the perfect discipline was Reining.
Blitz is a 9 year old, 14.3hh, Dun AQHA gelding.
And wow is he a sweetheart!
Mary is 'head over heels' in love!
Blitz, of course, will stay forever at Strong Stables-Home of: Clarity Performance Horse Training Center.
It is our distinct pleasure and privilege to have him with us.

Thank you Jean, for giving us this extraordinary opportunity, with this fantastic horse!

Stay tuned for updates on Mary and Blitz progress!


Pistol has been successfully placed!

Thank you for your tremendous response!

Congratulations to Shane and Sierra of Flournoy, Ca.
And congratulations to Pistol for finding such a wonderful 'forever' home!

"Dun It Gun" aka "Pistol":

6 year old:
Born March 9th, 2009
Perfect size for getting on and off, and looks great with a smaller or larger rider!
TONS of amazing frosting in mane and tail!
Does have striping on legs, but no dorsal stripe!
Registration #:  5258119
Extremely well bred for the reining horse world!
Sire is "Colonels Smoking Gun" by "Colonelfourfreckle".
Dam is "Dun It The Hard Way" by the world famous "Hollywood Dun It".
Nominated for the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA).
Nomination # Pending:  91221
And we all know the geldings rule (but don't tell the mares!).

This boy is absolutely fabulous!
He is the cutest thing ever.
His coloring is spectacular!
He is incredibly user friendly to work with on the ground and under saddle.
Easy, easy, easy!

Unbelievably fun to ride.
Reining stuff super straight forward and a blast!
100% uncomplicated!
Perfect for the Junior or Adult Amateur who wants to learn, enjoy, and win in the Reining horse world.
Fun, fun, fun!

So beyond sweet and adorable.
Absolutely a barn favorite (Obviously, I mean, just look at him!).

Safe, safe, safe!
 Zero vices, Zero buck, rear, or bolt.

No history of health or soundness issues.
Excellent feet.
Ready to "Rock and Roll"!

You will want to move quickly with this one, he won't be around for long.

Must go to the perfect home.

Free School in Tack:

Schooling under saddle at Spin City Reiners:

Playing around Under Saddle with Clare-Showing how sweet, safe & easy he is!: