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Brave is now in full training to sell with Clare and Clarity Performance Horse Sales!

Located at her beautiful new barn:

Equus Springs Stables, Eastside Petaluma:


All NEW wording, photos and videos!


3 year old, 15.1hh and growing, true black, Purebred Canadian Horse mare

This is the first time Brave has left the farm where she was bred, born and raised.

The first week of training has been fantastic!

Brave is gregarious, inquisitive, outgoing and friendly.

She is super sweet and smart, and tries hard to please.

She has already learned about the cross ties, and to be more responsive to lead and handle (she was a bit too pushy when she arrived).

She has learned the word "whoa" when leading and free schooling.

She is a super cute mover, more like a mini Percheron than a mini Friesian.

She will make a wonderful "all around best friend" horse.

Western, English, Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Driving, Trails, Parade, Search and Rescue, and/or Pleasure: all will suit her fine.

Pony Club would be great!

Trails will be super fun, especially bareback!

Training will be a cinch.

Brave will definitely be safe and fun.

She will be an excellent training project.

Perfect for a smaller Adult Amateur or Junior rider.

Brave is 100% sound, bred and built to stay that way.

No history of health or soundness issues.

She has a super conformation, looks exactly like a mini Friesian.

Great feet, should be able to always be barefoot.

Clean legs, no scars or injuries.

Exceedingly flashy and cute, fancy and adorable: somehow all at the same time.

Obviously, currently on the plump side, but we would prefer that to thin, yes?

Priced to sell at $5,000 Negotiable.

Have the video, but still trying to get the footage from the new camera to the laptop!

Please feel free to contact Clare for more information, or to set up an appointment to meet her.

More about Brave's breed:

Sire: Storybook Kurt Xtreme-Elite

Registered Canadian Horse

Registration #:  13419

Dam: B.X Blackjack Simone

Registered Canadian Horse

Registration #:  11832

The Canadian horse is a very rare breed, in the 1970's consisting of only 400 wordwide, and at other times, nearly extinct.

As you can tell by the description, they are very much like the Morgan and Andalusian:  Strong, sturdy, smart, willing, extremely versatile and athletic:

From Wiki:

"Overall, the breed gives the impression of strength and agility. Their heavy and wavy mane and tail, arched necks and finely boned heads are all reminiscent of Andalusian and Barb ancestry.[4] Their trot is described as flashy. They are hardy horses and easy keepers. Today, most Canadian horses are used as riding and driving horses, and are known for their jumping ability.[1] They are seen in competition in almost every discipline, as well as for leisure riding.[5]They can also be found in light draft work, trail riding, and working as a stock horse.[6]"

Canadian Horse:



..."The Canadian horse has a rather short, high-set head with a broad forehead. The neck is arched and graceful, and the chest, back and loins broad and strongly muscled. The shoulders and croup are sloping, with a relatively high-set tail.

Most Canadian Horses are dark coloured: blackbay, or brown. A few chestnuts are found, occasionally with flaxen manes and tails. Their height averages 14 to 16 handsand stallions average 1,050 to 1,350 pounds in weight, while mares weigh 1,000 to 1,250 pounds.

By the 1970s, the popularity of the breed had decreased significantly, and there were approximately 400 Canadian horses worldwide, with only around five annual registrations between 1970 and 1974.[12] Several interested breeders began a campaign of preservation and promotion, which resulted in a Canadian team winning the 1987 North American Driving Championships.[1] Popularity began to increase, and by the mid-1990s population numbers were between 2,500 and 3,000, and The Livestock Conservancy, which had classified the breed as "critical", changed its designation to "rare". With the increase in popularity came pressure for the breed standard to change to meet modern show and market trends, by breeding for taller horses with more refinement. In 2002, the Canadian Horse Heritage and Preservation Society was formed in response to these pressures, with a goal of preserving the original Canadian horse type.[12] ..."

Brave's Sire:

Brave's Dam:



4 year old, 17hh, solid black APHA gelding

Wonderful ridden over fences and out on the trail!

All new video!

Cooper over fences:


Cooper out on the Trails/Bridle Path:


This boy is an absolute doll!

Cooper is ridiculously sweet and adorable. 

Excellent conformation and movement for the Equitation/Medals/Hunter world.

He is a 4 year old, 17hh, solid black Sporthorse gelding (Sire:  "PDF Luke Likes Art"/APHA --- Dam:  "Rhythm Galore"/JCTB).

Cooper was bred for the Hunter Under Saddle world, his sire was Congress and Honor Roll Champion in Green Working Hunters, and was 6th in the Nation at age 6.


Cooper is fantastic to ride: a wonderful trot, with just the right amount of suspension and forward, and a tremendously ground covering, huge strided "rocking horse" canter.

He naturally carries his neck low, and will travel with his nose in the sand if you give him a loose rein.

Cooper is super mellow and safe.

He walks right into a trailer without hesitation, and is dead quiet and solid in new surroundings.

He is athletic, and will be an absolute cinch for flying changes.

Cooper has been ridden over cavalettis and small cross rails.
It is obvious that he will be talented over bigger fences, and make the distances between fences easily.

Completely and totally sound.

Charming and delightful to be around, I have a difficult time leaving him at the end of the day.

100% kissable face!

Cooper will definitely be your new best friend.

He was started in a lesson program, ridden by beginners in crowded arenas at a very busy barn, so he has no spook, and a "solid as a rock" feel.

Absolutely no buck, rear, bolt either.

Cooper is a fantastic confidence builder, on the ground and under saddle.

He is very trustworthy on the trails as well.

Acts like a 9 year old, I constantly have to remind myself that he is only 4!

Perfect for an Adult Amateur/Junior rider, looking for a fun, sound, safe, easy, super sweet best friend.

Priced to sell at $8,000

Owner reluctantly is selling due to not enough time to give him the love and attention she knows he so deserves!

Cooper over fences:


Cooper out on the Trails/Bridle Path:


Free Jump:



"Allicasandra" aka "Allie"

13 year old, 15.3hh, chestnut, registered Anglo Arabian mare.
Anglo Arabian Horse Society Registration/AAHR #:  10582
Sire:  Atican  (Arabian Horse Registry/AHR)
Dam: Isntlifewonderful (Jockey Club Thoroughbred)

Allie is very pretty and very sweet!
She is nice in the arena, and excellent on the trails.
She is naturally forward and "go-ey".
Allie is a fantastic prospect for any endurance race distance.
She competed May 6, 2017 at Cache Creek 25 mile endurance race, ridden by her amateur owner.
He says she was quite strong (in a positive way), and needed to be "held back" the entire race.
She has jumped a few times and seems to enjoy it so she could be a prospect for hunt seat as well.
She is a wonderful mover, so dressage would be another option.
She is absolutely safe: no buck, rear, bolt, with only the occasional spook.
She is also a great breeding prospect, as she has super bloodlines.
Allie has an excellent conformation.
She is big bodied and substantial.
She is 100% sound.
Allie has no history of health or soundness issues.
She is comfortable barefoot, with fantastic feet.
Her owner loves her, but is selling because he purchased an experienced, "been there, done that" endurance gelding, and can only support one horse.
Allie is being offered at $6,000 negotiable.

Videos coming soon



***Price Negotiable & Reduced due to owner's divorce***

Here is an excellent opportunity to own an  exceptional Friesian for a great price!

"Xanne van het Wijnland":

The beauty of purchasing American bred and raised!

"Xanne van het Wijnland":

9 year old, 16.0hh, black Friesian mare

Veulenboek Registered #:  840004200704754

Sire:  "Sjaard"

Dam:  "Fieke van de Schans"

Definitely the "Warmblood Performance" type of Friesian!

Zoey will excel in the Dressage world,  there are absolutely no limitations to her potential and abilities!

Zoey is an excellent mover!

She is naturally forward and energetic, sensitive and intuitive.

  She has 3 super gaits!

I would rate her walk, trot, & canter:  9's or even 10's!

Big, flowing walk, with lots of overstep and natural impulsion.

Her trot is lofty and forward, with plenty of overstep, and just the right amount of suspension and lift, to carry and hold your seat.

Zoey's canter is exemplary, especially for a Friesian!

Powerful, ground covering strides and jump, incredible rhythm and tempo, a stellar and very clear 3 beat gait, naturally uphill.

Zoey is appropriate as an Adult Amateur/Junior mount, but is athletic enough to be a Professional's horse as well.

She certainly has the physical ability to take you up the levels to the top.

She is very supple laterally, and definitely has the ability to collect.

She holds the rider's seat nicely, and gives you a delightful feeling in the saddle!

She is very soft in the hand, and will not need to be ridden in anything stronger than an easy/simple snaffle and cavasson, no flash noseband necessary.

Zoey is unbelievably sweet, and will definitely charm the socks right off your feet!

Everyone loves to be around her, (at our barn, she quickly formed a dedicated fan-club), and it's hard to part with her at the end of your barn day.

Her grounds manners are very good too.

Only 1 owner!

The best thing about that is that we know every single day of her history!

Her current owner purchased Zoey's dam, and personally birthed Zoey out, on her property.

The beauty of buying American bred and raised, is that there are no surprises, no adjustment period, no uncertainty for who your import is or will become when settled & acclimated.

Zoey has a great conformation.

As close to flawless as it gets!

Her legs are clean, with very good feet: comfortably barefoot.

I am delighted that Zoey's owner trusted & chose Clarity Performance Horse Sales, to find Zoey her new wonderful, forever home.

Offered at $25,000 Negotiable

Summer of 2017:

Zoey schooling under saddle:

Zoey Free School  naked:


Zoey Free School in tack:




Congratulations to Jean of Petaluma, Ca!

And congratulations to Rocky for finding such a wonderful, forever home!

"Rocky MVP"

10 year old, 14.2hh, Bay and White (Blagdon), Gypsy Vanner Stallion

If you are looking for the sweetest, most wonderful smaller sized, bigger personality, best friend, riding companion, look no further. Rocky is the easiest, funnest, most adorable, perfect horse out there. I would keep him myself if I could. He is ridiculously fun and easy to ride, and surprisingly forward/not lazy! He is mellow and brave. Rocky will be great for competition, hacking around the arena, and/or playing on the trails. Bareback, English, Western: take your pick. Enormous amounts of hair, like an equine Barbi doll. He is a successful breeding stallion, so if you want to pass on his exemplary bloodlines, fantastic character and conformation, wonderful. Or using him exclusively as a riding partner, marvelous!
Rocky beautifully exhibits ALL the most desirable traits of an excellent Modern day Gypsy Vanner.

He is 14.2hh, categorized as "Classic Vanner", the optimum height for the modern Gypsy.

Rocky shows the beautiful solid coloring, with the "splash of white" on the belly, called "Blagdon".

He has and displays all the correct/desirable conformation characteristics:

Refined pony head

Profuse feathering

Short, strong neck

Correct shoulder and back

Correct and desired hind end and "apple butt"

Correct legs and amount of bone

Excellent feet

Optimum gaits

Perfect Personality and Character

Rocky was bred by Gypsy MVP in Katy, Texas.


Below is the Breeder's (Gypsy MVP) definition of Rocky, used in his sales advertisement:

"Rocky is a son of the legendary palomino stallion "Romeo" aka 

"Clonoeen Mull of Kintyre".

His dam is the gorgeous bay mare:
"Coco Chanel", imported by Gypsy MVP.

He has all the right stuff... "MVP Rocky"

Rocky has tons of hair and feather and a nice round apple butt.
Rocky has a very sweet, laid back personality both with handling and with breeding.
He has pasture bred and has bred live cover by hand.
Rocky has 3 foals on the ground and 3 on the way...
Rocky is trained under saddle and in training to drive currently."

Thank you Gypsy MVP Website for the below excellent definition of the Gypsy Vanner! Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed: "Through selective breeding over more than 100 years Gypsy men and their families in England and Ireland created this breed of horses. Their goal, was to create a unique draft type horse that could pull their caravans in fancy fashion yet was docile enough to be handled by their children and would work all day with small amounts of food and water. They designed the horse to primarily be half black, and half white. They wanted the horses to have a "WOW" factor so that each family could always have a competition on whose stallion was the finest. The average Gypsy Vanner should stand about 14.3 hands high, and be most any color these days. They should have an arched crown neck, smaller ears that curve inward, a round and correct heavy chest, thick boned legs with feathers that start at the knee in the front and the hock in the back that tent-like cover the hooves. This horse should have a very chiseled and refined head with tapering towards the end of the muzzle, and kind, well set eyes. The Gypsy Vanner, or Gypsy Cobb horse as it is sometimes referred to, should have a short back and a very well rounded hindquarter, and a crease down the center of the hindquarter that is called "Apple Butt." The breed should also have a very wide and thick tail that is not set too high, and may eventually drag the ground." Origins of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed:

"Extensive research has revealed the true origin of the Gypsy Vanner breed.  The Shire horse had the greatest influence with the Fells pony, Dales pony, the Clydesdales and the British Spotted pony also contributed to its makeup, with the Highland pony giving rise to its magnificent mane and tail.

The Gypsy and nomadic people popularized the use of the Gypsy Vanner in Europe and gained its popularity in the USA in the mid 90’s.  At 14.2 – 15.2 hands, it is considered suitable for riding and all athletic pursuits and is favored in America for breeding purposes."

Gypsy Vanner Horses® Current Breed Standards for 2005 Stallions/Mares/Geldings

Rocky beautifully exhibits ALL the most desirable traits of an excellent Modern day Gypsy Vanner.
He is 14.2hh, catagorized as "Classic Vanner", the optimum height, as the Gypsys are currently being bred to be smaller.
Rocky shows the beautiful solid coloring, with the "splash of white on the belly", called "Blagdon".
He has and displays all the correct/desirable conformation characteristics:  Refined pony head, profuse Feathering, short, strong neck, correct shoulder and back, correct and desired hind quarters and "apple butt",  correct legs, feet and gaits, and the optimum personality and character!

Please go to the Gypsy MVP Website, to see all the specific desired characters for the Gypsy Vanner Breed:

Free School Naked:

With Clare Up:

Ridden in western tack with 12 year old:

Rocky is being offered at the very reasonable price of $10,000


Congratulations to Debbie of Lake County, Ca!

"Panama GHA":
True 15.1hh, 9 year old, milk chocolate bay, registered & royally bred AHA gelding

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