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Congratulations to Emily of Livermore, Ca!
And congratulations to Sequoia for finding such a wonderful home!


Almost 4 year old, 16.2hh and growing, chestnut with maximum bling, 4 white socks and a blaze, Jockey Club Thoroughbred mare.

Foal date:  April 8th, 2011.
Jockey Club #: 1125132
Dam:  "Grand Sequoia", Dame's Sire:  "Jerrio"
Sire:  "Peppered Cat"
Sequoia's sire: Peppered Cat
Peppered Cat is 17hh, I think Sequoia is going to finish darn near that!
Sequoia looks exactly like him, just the 3 year old filly version.

Sequoia is a very smart, sweet, sassy, safe, delightful mare.
Definitely still growing, she is 2-3 inches taller behind!
Her movement is going to be excellent, once her front end catches up with her back end in height.
She is still super green, but extremely fun to ride.
No buck, rear, bolt...EVER!
Amazing, ground covering canter, feels like you are floating!
Sequoia will make a terrific Eventer or Jumper.
She loves to jump.
Big, charming personality makes her a barn favorite.
Naturally curious and inquisitive.
Bold and brave and always up for an adventure.
Sequoia has a great work ethic and loves to learn.
She is NOT mare-ish, or the least bit hormonal!
She is always cheerful, and never grouchy.
Completely sound and healthy.
Clean legs, spectacular feet.
Shod in front, barefoot behind.

Brand new Under saddle video-
Sequoia learning how to "round off" in sliding reins:

Good morning everyone,
I am certain that you all have noticed the lack of new sale horses in the Clarity Performance Horse Sale's Sale Barn.
This is by choice, not by accident.
I am currently focusing on our new boarding facility, and training and instruction:


Of course, I will continue to sell horses for you:


But my concentration has shifted.


Please click here for details and photos of our new, wonderful barn:


Feel free to join us!



Contact Clare to set up a visit.