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I know, a long time coming, but...here it is!

I will add to the pages of this website every day so, please feel free to keep checking in.

Thank you for all your continued & constant support!
Best, Clare

Clarity Performance Horses & Clarity Dressage



I know it might appear that our group of sale & barn horses has gotten smaller, but, the fact is...we've gotten bigger!

Many sale horses and CPHS buyers have become 'forever' horses and clients/students!

Therefore, I will be starting a new page titled:  Our 'forever' horses and humans.

Within, I will describe each horse & human, with photos and videos.
Feel free to join our wonderful, delightful, charming, sweet and fun, 'herd'!
These members include, but are not limited to:
Hailey & all
Katrina & Tinsel-Up now
Jacqueline & Nika
Mary & Apollo-In progress
Elaine & Dolce
Sarah & all
Susie and Piro
Tiffany and Murphy
Tyler & all
Peggy & Dusty-Up now
Whitney & Dom-Up now
Susan & Dolce
Tracy & Apollo
Paula & Epic
Ames & Magic
Lisa & Bolke
Bill & Sequoia-Up now
Amy & MJ
Marilyn and Tuttles Heaven
Jodi and Stable Acres
And you all know all about me, Clare, currently more horse than human, & currently the proud owner of Dream.
We'll have the new page up and running in a jiffy.
Please stay tuned!
xoxo, Clare and the rest of the CPHS & Clarity Western/Dressage Team

"Magic 8 Ball" aka "Magic":

 1995, 16 hand, Bay American Warmblood (Dutch WB/TB) Gelding. 

(Wording by current owner-Amy Savage of Amiable Sporthorse)
No history of soundness or health problems. 
 Just had his teeth done. 
Very relaxed for trailering and stands well for the farrier. 
A complete sweetheart on the ground...very polite. 
Extremely athletic with lots more to give!
 A little hot under saddle, without feeling intimidating. 
Great gaits with a nice "flicky" trot and a fun, powerful canter. 
Light in the bridle. 
Had some Eventing training, but seems to like Dressage better. 
Trained through 2nd Level Dressage, with the potential to move up the levels. 
Previous owner was overwhelmed with work and could not give him the attention he deserves. 
Magic had been out of work for many months before current owner got him.
He has been brought back slowly over the last 4 months. 
Unfortunately, lack of finances and back problems force current owner to find Magic a wonderful forever home. 
Asking $2000, solely because of his mature age.
Price Negotiable to the perfect home.  This is a very special horse!

Fun free school:

Magic and Ames getting to know each other under saddle:

More wonderful photos can be seen at:



Proudly offered and presented by CPHS-

"Empiro do Premier"

9 year old, 14.3hh, bay Mangalarga Marchador gelding.

***Update: 4-17-2014***

New video & wording:

Ames & Empiro: Having fun Gaiting & Cantering‏:


Good morning everyone,
here is more about Empiro.
We love him!
He is:

So super cute!
And so easy.
Empiro will happily gait for any rider.
No fuss, no muss.
Easy peesy lemon squeezy!
And his canter...so divine!
Extremely user friendly.
Anyone can ride!
Even, easily, a child.
So, his career?
Could be a child's jumping horse...
Walk, trot, canter, jump, halt, rein-back.
Safe, uncomplicated, fun! On the ground and under saddle!
Or, could be a wonderful, gaiting trail companion...
Or anything in between.
Empiro will switch from gait to trot, and back again.
The walk, canter, halt and rein-back are superb.
Everything without question or strife.
Looking for about as push button as it gets?
This boy is a gem!
Dependable, reliable & consistent.
Loveable, adorable, sweet, and cuddly.
100%, totally and completely sound and healthy.
Priced to be affordable.
Have a bad back?
Looking for 'smooth as silk', mega comfortable and enjoyable to ride?
Here's you new best friend, riding companion.
Very straight forward and enjoyable.
Safe, 100% of the time, with just a bit of spice and sassyness.
Lots of trail experience.
Tons and tons of Natural Horsemanship training.
Extremely smart and trainable.
Loves to jump, free or under saddle.
Small enough to easily mount from the ground (super handy on those trails!).
Cheerful and energetic.
Completely sound, clean legs.
Excellent feet.
This boy is a mega sweetie, cutie patutie!
Charming and delightful.
Pocket pony, best friend, buddy horse.
Loves to hang out with you, just passing time.
A very fancy breed, without the very fancy price tag.
The owner loves him, so her entire focus is finding him the perfect wonderful, 'forever' home.
For that reason, he is priced affordably for most horse people.
Empiro is incredibly fun to handle on the ground and to ride.
He has a bit of 'fire', in an exciting and interesting way.
Gaited, and much prefers to gait then to trot.
Nice and active walk, smooth and easy canter.
Feel free to click on the links, to learn about his interesting and unusual breed.

In summery (Compliments of Wikipedia):

"The Mangalarga Marchador is a breed of horse. There are over 350,000 registered Mangalarga Marchador horses in Brazil and others registered in countries outside its Brazilian homeland. As an Iberian breed, descending from the Lusitano stallions of Portugal and Barb mares, supporters of the breed value them for their carriage, beauty and intelligence, good disposition and consider them easily trained for almost any discipline. The Marchador horses are known for having a smooth stable walk, canter and gallop as well as two natural ambling gaits: the diagonal batida and the lateral picada. They are valued for their endurance, versatility as stock horses, trail and pleasure riding animals as well as their ability to be trained in dressage or jumping.



Clare's first ride on Empiro:
Getting to know him and having fun!


3 brand new videos!

1.  Showing his 'free' and natural walk, trot and canter.
And, while playing with Clare, how much he loves humans.
And yes, we are muddy...it's winter!

2.  Clare and Empiro having fun "jumping":

3.  Empiro and Hailey on the "trails":

Coming soon!  Empiro gaiting under saddle with Clare up.  It's fun and easy!

Offered at $7500

More wonderful photos can be seen at:



Keeping while we add more training!
He's coming along beautifully.
He is a delightful horse!

"Dream Weaver":


Under saddle trot & canter in 100:


Under saddle walk in 100:


***Update: 1-17-14***‏

*New video*  Free School in 100 meter round:


Because Dream is still a project, (albeit a charming, sweet, fun and rewarding one), we have made his price negotiable.
This will also make him more accessible to those of us with a smaller budget.

Dream would be best suited for a quiet life with one loving and patient owner, a peaceful barn, and tranquil time spent enjoying the arena and on trails.
He thrives on a consistent, steady, smooth, mellow, harmonious, calm environment.
He is perfect for someone looking for their equine counterpart, best friend & companion.
Dream is adorable, and will certainly win your heart.
He is 'sound as a bell', and shouldn't ever need to wear shoes.
Excellent feet.
Very fun and straightforward to ride.
Needs a decent rider, one who can support him if he gets scared.
Dream is easy, quiet and brave on the trails.
He is great on the ground.
Ties straight on, trailer, grooming, flawless for the farrier, bridle, saddling, etc.

Please feel free to contact me.
 I'd be happy to tell you more about him, and, if you like, set up an appointment for you to meet him, at your convenience.
Best, Clare

***Update 12-8-13:***

Dream is wonderful to ride.
Very solid, very fun.
Easy and safe:  Walk, trot, canter.
No longer 'startles' or fearful.
Becoming outgoing, friendly and gregarious.
Very precious horse.
Will adore his person, and show them with sweetness and horsy kisses.
Gentle and charming.
Definitely a good/expressive enough mover for Western Dressage.
Or beautifully suited for Trail or Pleasure Riding, Best Friend & Riding Companion.
Will live happily in pasture, or a stall/paddock situation.
Feel free to contact me, to set up and appointment to ride/meet him, at your convenience.
Best, Clare

Original wording:

Own a genuine piece of America! 'Dream': Proudly Owned & Offered by CPHS

Start your day with a 'Dream': 
This was Clare's first time cantering Dream.
Pretty good, yes?!?


Also, I know his ears look a bit grouchy, but that's just his insecurity.
His expression will become happy and cheerful as his confidence continues to grow.

Looking for a 'dream' of a trail horse?
This boy is wonderful, you're going to love him!

"Dream Weaver":

10 year old, 14.3hh, tiger striped buckskin, Kiger Mustang.

First Free School naked:

First Free School in tack:

Looks like a teddy bear in horse clothing!
Sooo adorable, sweet & cuddle-able.
Learning to trust and like humans.
Soon enough...he will love us!
Sound as a bell.
Fantastic feet.
No history of health or soundness issues.
Proudly owned and offered by CPHS.
Feel free to contact us about our "Dream".
Best, Clare

Please click on link below for lots more beautiful photos: