"The Clarity Herd": Our 2 & 4 legged members

Here it is...finally.
Please join us each day, as I will add photos, members, and details on a regular basis.
PS.  The order of horses and riders is completely random.
I know it might appear that our group of sale & barn horses has gotten smaller, but, the fact is...our group has gotten bigger!

Many sale horses, CPHS buyers, and Clarity Performance Horses students and horses in training have become 'forever' horses and clients/students!

Therefore, I started a new page titled:  "The Clarity Herd": Our 'forever' horses and humans.

Within, I describe each horse & human, with photos and videos.
Feel free to join our wonderful, delightful, charming, sweet and fun, 'herd'!
These members include, but are not limited to:
***Proud members of the Clarity Herd!***

Our Foundation Members

Bill & Sequoia-Updated October 2014
Ames & all-Updated
Mary, Elaine, Apollo, Dolce & Cody-Updated October 2014
Peggy & Dusty-Updated
Whitney & Dom-Updated
Dana & Dolce-Updated
Hailey & all-Updated
Tyler & all-Updated October 2014
Kat & Tinsel-Updated October 2014
Our Professionals:

Adam of Dunaway Farrier Service
Artaurus Veterinary Services
Alisha Robinson Transportation/Annie Zurth
Dr. Carrie of Circle Oak Equine
Dr Steve Wood of Pacific Coast Veterinary Services
Our members:

Susan & Dolce
Justine & all
Laurie, Jayden, Bryce & Empiro, Buster and 5 Card
Susie & Empiro, Oreo aka Thunder and Candy
Marla & All
Kyra, Chance and Kadance & all
Laurie and Dolce
Robert & all
Tom & All

Kerry & Essie
Belinda & Caruso
Tina & Zee and El Siguro
Jean and Gunslinger
Lorraine and Chico
Mia & Jenna and Roxy
Kandy Girl
Tara and Memo
Dagmar and Pamina
Shayna and Stacy
Pascale and Sebastian and Jose


Jennifer and




Shelley and Bravado

And the adorable critters:
Precious-Mini horse
Dancer-Mini Horse
Cookies & Cream-Goats
Newbee-Baby girl goat
Ghost-Baby boy goat
Snowball-My favorite bunny
Elsa and Anna-The bunny sisters
The 6 ducks

And you all know all about me, Clare, currently 'more horse than human'.

To all the rest of you out there.

You have always been there for me:  loyal, faithful, supportive,  full of encouragement, and trust.

You, and your horses, are all the backbone of "The Clarity Herd".

My eternal thanks and gratitude.


***Sweet note***

May, 2014

"...I'm so glad I met you and have had the pleasure to work my horse the Clarity way.

Proud to be a Herd member!"  K

***Below are Our Members***

I will Update them regularly, with current information and photos!


A very warm welcome to Blitz,

and congratulations Mary on the purchase of her Dreamhorse!

Mary found her Dreamhorse!
And with her dreamhorse, her equestrian 'calling': Reining!
Over the last few years, we have been looking for the perfect horse, and the right riding discipline for Mary.
Turns out, the perfect horse was Blitz, and the perfect discipline was Reining.
Blitz is a 9 year old, 14.3hh, Dun AQHA gelding.
And wow is he a sweetheart!
Mary is 'head over heels' in love!
Blitz, of course, will stay forever at Strong Stables-Home of: Clarity Performance Horse Training Center.
It is our distinct pleasure and privilege to have him with us.

Thank you Jean, for giving us this extraordinary opportunity, with this fantastic horse!

Stay tuned for updates on Mary and Blitz progress!

Lanie and Cody are doing awesome!
(Continued from The Clarity Herd "Our Foundation Member's" page):

As you recall, Lanie has Spinabifida, and moves about via her scooter.
(Lots of photos of Lanie on "The Clarity Herd" page:
if you scroll down to her section).

Lanie has been having fantastic breakthroughs on her marvelous pony "Cody".
Previously, we used Cody as a lesson horse, but have decided to keep him exclusively as Lanie's personal riding pony.
Cody appears to really like this decision, as he continues to thrive with Lanie aboard.
Cody can now trot forward nicely with Lanie up, and Lanie can steer him beautifully without any help by Clare (at Cody's head), or Mary (operating as "side walker").
We are extremely proud and excited about Lanie's progress, and Cody's delightful attitude and effort!
And of course, most important, Lanie is having a blast!
Wow, does she love it!


July 2015

Current Gunslinger photos:


Rhett & Jennifer:
(Photo of Jennifer coming soon!)
Rhett and Jennifer joined us from Novato, Ca.
They are both serious delights!
Rhett is a 4 year old, 15hh, bay, racing bred Arabian gelding.
Jennifer has done a great job starting him.
They plan on a career in the Endurance world.
Rhett should be perfect for that!
He is wonderful to work with and to ride.
Great attitude, incredibly comfortable to sit on, heavenly gaits.
Looking forward to lots of time spent with these two!

"The Bunnies"
Snowball aka Snowy


Elsa and Anna

Cuddles aka Rock Star


Baby "Ghost":
(Son of Cookies and Cream, Baby Newbee's brother)
Just a few hours old
'With us only a day before he went to baby goat Heaven, but how we loved him!'


With his sister "Newbee"


Baby "Newbee":
(Daughter of Cookies and Cream, Baby Ghost's sister)

With her brother "Ghost"

With Lanie

With a client's adorable son

Newbee about a month old

The Petting Zoo:
Cookies and Cody
Dancer, Cody and Cookies

Precious and Newbee

Precious and Dancer
Cream and Newbee

The 6 Ducks

The Clarity Herd welcomes Pascale, Sebastian & Jose!
A very warm welcome to Pascale, Sebastian and Jose!
Originally from Canada but imported from Colorado, Pascale found us as she was searching for a new horse, barn and training program for herself and her super sweet son, Sebastian.
After establishing a relationship, Pascale and Clare found Twilight, who joined "The Herd" at Clarity Performance Horse Training Center shortly after.
Congratulations Pascale and her family on the purchase of such a delightful mare!
We look forward to lots of rewarding and wonderful time spent with all.

Sebastian and his friend Kyle, loving on Gunslinger

Welty posing with our new banner!


The Clarity Herd proudly welcomes Rochelle's new spectacular 'star':


Check out our amazing new member!

Rochelle had been looking and looking for her perfect dream horse, and she finally found him!

7 year old, 16.2hh, dapple grey, Andalusian stallion (now gelding).


Denali came up from Southern California, where he was a stallion, trained for the trails.

Rochelle discovered him, we gelded him, and next thing we knew, he was here!

We are thrilled and delighted to have him in the barn.

Denali is settling in well.

He still thinks he is a stallion, so there is a lot of very loud stallion 'screaming', (you stallion people know what I mean!), but he is a glorious, sweet, wonderful gentleman.

He is marvelous to sit on, and is going to make a fantastic dressage 'dance partner' for Rochelle.

Stay tuned for lots more information, photos and videos to come!

(With Rochelle, right out of the trailer, just arrived!)

(First time in new paddock)

(Getting to know Clare)

(Finding all the right tack, and getting ready to ride)

Rochelle and Denali

Happy ending to Rochelle's horse search!

The Clarity Herd welcomes Twilight!

Pascale and her wonderful family recently joined us at Clarity Performance Horse Training Center.
Shortly after, with Clare's guidance, they bought and brought in Twilight.
Twilight is a 7 year old, 15hh, black Arabian/Appaloosa mare.
Twilight is an absolute delight.
She is sweet, and solid, safe and sound.
Beautiful as well!
Twilight goes happily English or Western.
She is a joy to work with.
She is currently Pascale's riding horse, and will, soon enough, be Sebastian's riding horse as well!
Please stay tuned for lots more information and photos to come!



(Continued from "The Foundation Herd")
Moving the Ducklings to their new home
*One of my favorite photos ever!*


Katrina and Tinsel:

(Continued from "The Foundation Herd")

New and improved


The Ducklings:

Mary and Lanie got us 6 one day old Ducklings.

Unbelievably sweet!

They started off in one of the box stalls with the Bunny girls.

They initially were in a tub with a heating lamp

Soon they were free to waddle about the stall

And quickly they were growing

Old enough to move out into there new outdoor enclosure

And learning to stretch their wings

Maturing and moved into "The Petting Zoo" and their new permanent pond!

Checking out the John Deere


Alisha Robinson Hauling:

Our trusted, tried & true hauler, the best that there is!

Here is her gorgeous new trailer:


Welcome Chico & Lorraine to The Clarity Herd! 

Lorraine and Chico are a wonderful addition to The Clarity Herd!
Lorraine has been hauling Chico into the barn for a lesson a week for about half a year.
In April, she chose to board with us, to get more intensive, concentrated, consistent schooling time.
Chico and Lorraine are both doing great!
Chico is an "as cute as a button": 14.1hh, 12 year old, bay AQHA gelding, bred for cutting but purchased by Lorraine as her best friend and trail companion.
Chico does like to be a bit spooky, which is what we are currently focusing on.
We are delighted to have both Lorraine and Chico at the barn temporarily, and then back to hauling in once a week in the future.


Buckshot comes for a 2 week sleepover & visit!

Buckshot comes for a visit and a tune up!
What a nice boy!
His "career" is trail/ranch horse, but he is wonderful to sit on in the arena as well.
We very much enjoyed his company for 2 weeks, and thank his lovely owner Jean for bringing him over!
I hope you all have a great day!

Photo bombed by Jean's other Buckskin "Gunslinger"!

The Clarity Herd warmly welcomes Ellie!

Ellie is an absolute delight, and we are thrilled to have her with us!
Ellie is exceedingly special, and is so incredibly enthusiastic, horse crazy (yay!), smart, sensitive, dedicated and extremely helpful and generous in her spirit and her actions.
She is currently taking lessons on lesson horses and on Kandy, in preparation for a Kandy half sponsorship.
The future holds Ellie's dream: owning her own horse.
Looking forward to tons of time spent with Ellie at the barn!

Ellie's first time at the barn, posing with Gunslinger.

Ellie and Cody

Ellie's first time riding Cody

Ellie and Kandy

Ellie's first time riding Kandy

And first time bareback!

And posing with mom and brother

Stay tuned for many more wonderful photos and Ellie updates!


April 2015
Thank you so very much for your patience.

I apologize for the delay in putting up all our new members!

I have been extremely busy teaching, training, finding horse's wonderful

 new homes, and running the barn.

It's been an absolute whirlwind around here!

But, we're having lots of fun.

We have a bunch of new "Clarity Herd" members: lots of new horses and

students to work with and enjoy.

I will get our new horse and human members up ASAP!

All the best to you and yours, and a big kiss and hug to your equine 



Congratulations to Kenna on the purchase of "Candy"!
And congratulations Candy for finding such a wonderful home!
Kenna and Candy were 'love at first site'!
At that point, Candies owner was not ready to let Candy go.
Then, she changed her mind, and Kenna was able to have her Candy girl!
They are the perfect team.
Here are the first sweet photos of Kenna and Candy.
Stay tuned for many more to come!



Candy in her new beautiful Dressage tack

Welcome to The Herd "Princess Whitney"!

This is The Strong Families new addition.
Mary wanted a solid, safe, uncomplicated, 'been there, done that' horse that she could just jump right on and ride about.
We hope Princess is that horse.
Also a horse for Lanie to ride and enjoy.
Princess came from down South, Murietta, with the name "Blackie".
Here is the rig that brought her:

And this is how she looked just out of the rig:

Definitely thin and a bit bewildered.
Of course, all of you that know Clare know that she will have Princess fattened up in no time!
She is indeed a Black Beauty, but Mary and Lanie preferred Princess Whitney.
Perfectly fine with me!
Wonderful, sweet, charming mare.
We are just now getting to know her better.
Here is Mary's first time with her in tack:

And first time on her back:

And Clare taking her for a test ride:

Stay tuned for lots more photos and details!

Rochelle and Welty

The Clarity Herd welcomes Rochelle back!

Rochelle had been with us before with her gorgeous warmblood boy Corona:

Unfortunately, we had to sell Corona because of family hardships.
Now, Hallelujah, Rochelle is back.
She now sponsors Carol's gorgeous Warmblood gelding "Welty":

In the next few months, we will be officially 'horse hunting' for Rochelle to own her own horse.
Stay tuned!
Frederick is Elaine's boyfriend, since forever.

He is Autistic, but did an amazing job in his first ride on a horse today.
And Cody, as usual, did a great job protecting him!

Welcome Frederick to the joy of riding!

Our wonderful lesson horse

McKenna and Velvet

The Clarity Herd welcomes Velvet!

Merry Christmas & Congratulations Kenna!

What an amazing gift from your family, your first horse...Wow!

And congratulations Velvet for finding such a wonderful home!

You will certainly be fully loved and cherished.

This is the first time Clare met Major, soon to be Velvet, over at Kelley's place:

Major is a 7-10 year old, 16.2hh, Blond Belgian Draft Gelding.

He was rescued by Kelley (Bless you & thank you Kelley!), with hopes of him being a Vaulting Prospect.

And this is the first time Kenna and Major met:

And it was love!

Major decided that he was not interested in vaulting, so he is beginning his new career as an all around pleasure/performance horse for Kenna, under Clare's tutelage and supervision of course!

Kenna is definitely one of Clare's most promising and talented students!

Kenna changed his name to "Red Velvet", because he looks a bit like the cupcake.

So, Major officially became Velvet.

We are certain they will have a fantastic career and life spent loving eachother!

Delightful human, delightful horse!

This is Velvet arriving at his new home:  Liberty Lane

And being greeted and adored by his new family:  Kenna, Taffy and Connor

And enjoying his new paddock

Velvet's training coming along:
In saddle and bridle

First time for Kenna on his back!

Lots more photos coming soon!
Roxy and Mia & Jenna
(Mia and Roxy at our first lesson)

(Jenna and Roxy)

(Roxy and the Girls)

Merry Christmas 2014!

Jean and Gunslinger
(Jean does not do pictures, but here is her beautiful boy Guns):


Weltprinz and Carol

(Welty arrives from Michigan)

Welty "Before"

Welty "After"
Talk about muscled and filled out!
My Masterpiece!

Tina and El Seguro

Seguro ready for Clare to ride!

Tina and Zee


(barn mascot)

One of my favorite photos:  Dancer and Tinsel

My son Tyler and Dancer

Lanie leading Dancer

Dancer starts his driving training

And fully rigged and driving!
What a Rock Star!

Cookies and Cream
(barn mascots)
Arriving with their breeder
Settling into their new home at our barn

First "turn out"

(barn mascot)

Dolce and Precious: Peace and Friendship

No photo of Annie or Dash yet, but here is her mare

"Sasha" Free School Under the Lights


Laurie, Jayden, Bryce & Empiro, Buster and 5 Card:

At their barn in Napa with "5 Card"
Getting to know "Buster"
Bonding with Empiro

Everyone arriving at their barn in Napa

"5 Card"

In his winter 'clothing'


With Buster in Petaluma

Jayden on Buster

Buster and Bryce in Napa

Jayden on Empiro
Me enjoying Empiro

Laurie and Empiro
The kids getting to know Empiro in Petaluma

Jayden and Empiro 'falling in love'!

The kids in Napa with Empiro
Bryce trying on Clare's sunglasses...SO cute!
Laurie enjoying Empiro at their barn in Napa

McKenna & All
Looking adorable with Cody

Kenna getting to know Candy

No photo of Belinda yet, but here is her compliment:
Relaxing in his 'bedroom'
Prepared for Clare to ride

Hanging out in his bedroom 'suite'

Kerry & Essie

Kerry and Clooney
Kerry waiting patiently for Essie to arrive from Virginia

Essie's arrival
First time Kerry and Essie meet

Essie settling in to her new life

And coming along nicely in her training


Robert & Dolce
Robert learning about handling horses

Bonding with Dolce


Laurie and Dolce


Tom & Hot Shot



Here is Justine helping us get to know Empiro

With Ames and her group