***Boarding, Training, Lessons & Sales Barn!***

Strong Stables
  Home of:
Clarity Performance Horse Training Center

Non competitive environment!
***Please note***
we offer a discount of $50 per horse if you would like 2 horses to share one space!

Lots of fantastic perks and amenities!

Including but not limited to:

    Beautiful location, gorgeous country.
    Quiet, tranquil and serene environment and energy.
    Convenient, excellent location, just 5 minutes from down town Petaluma, Ca.
    Lovely covered and lighted wood arena.
    Safe welded wire or no climb fencing in all horse living areas.
    Numerous tack rooms.
    Real (flushing toilet, yay!), spacious bathroom.
    Sandy loam.
    Outdoor arena.
    Properly fenced and set up, safe, safe, safe! perimeter/exercise/galloping path.
    Warm water wash rack.
    Grand horse living areas, with permanent, walk in, wood shelters.
    3 meals per day.
Waters checked daily.
    Best, highest quality hay available-purchased (no expense spared) locally from Rivertown Feed in Petaluma.
    Security gate in entrance.
    Owner lives on premises/24 hour supervision.
    Entire property safe, secure and fenced.
    Small, cohesive, relaxed and 'down to earth' group.
    Incredibly happy horses and humans.

    No drama!

Limited number of spaces available.

Each perfect and different, and with it's own charm and beauty.

The spaces are big enough for your horse to run and roam, but small enough to offer safety and reasonable limitations.

    Each space complete with very large, permanent walk in shelter.
    Large, automatic water tub.
    Spectacular views and quiet environment.
    New no-climb fencing.
    All with the ability for your horse to communicate with, enjoy and socialize with their friends and neighbors.

Also offered, for rehab situations, or horses than require a bit less freedom:
One 12x12 wood stall with 12x24 run, all protective and strong welded wire.

    One 12x24 wood stall with 24x24 outdoor area, all protective and strong welded wire.

Each space priced reasonably and competitively at $475.

All spaces, although different, are priced the same, because they are all fantastic.

Full care
Provided Personally by Clare, for an additional $100 per month.

Clare is a born horse lover...and is motivated by that simple, true and honest love of horses.
She is dedicated to improving the lives of horses worldwide...one horse handler at a time.
Clare brings to the table 40 years of equine experience, gained from: Pony Club, Eventing, Jumpers, Starting youngsters, Ground driving, Specializing in Friesians,  Adult Amateurs ,Dressage (competition, instruction & training through Grand Prix), Reining and Basic Training.
She has been awarded her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals; and has competed successfully through Prix St. Georges.
Clare has extensive knowledge of just about 'Anything Equine'; ranging from:  Halter training a foal,  First 'backing' a Thoroughbred,  Training-Grand Prix dressage,  Handling difficult horses,  Trailer loading...and including:  Sales, Purchasing, Nutrition and supplements,
Equipment and tack, Saddle fit and bits,  Retirement,  Arena footing,  Managing a barn, Help with diagnosing and treating lameness and soundness issues,  Habits (good and bad),  Proper wrapping,  Breeds,  and referrals to local  Vets,  Farriers,  Trainers, and Bodyworkers.
Clare specializes in helping you to understand how to take care of and work with your horse properly, safely, and successfully... in the most comfortable, enjoyable, and least stressful manner for yourself and your equine partner.

And including The Works:
 (Clare will always be available, for any questions or concerns)

    Grain/supplements prepared and fed
    Fly care
    Full body check daily
    Etc. (of course, for those of you who already know Clare, as she treats each horse with the same amount of TLC as if it were her own!)

Contact Clare for more information, or to set up a visit:
Clarity Performance Horse Training Center
Clarity Performance Horse Sales



***Reference barn that we have been, in the past.

We are not currently at Willow***

 Willowbrook Stables  is a beautiful performance horse facility situated on the picturesque East side of Petaluma, California...just off of Adobe road.
Carefully protected by two security gates; this wonderful barn is filled with both competitive and pleasure horses and riders.
Living spaces for horses include box stalls; stalls with both 12x24 foot attached paddocks and stalls with double size attached paddocks; and 1/2 covered; 1/2 open air 12x24 foot stall/paddocks. 
All the living quarters are well bedded in shavings that are cleaned every day; and up to 6 flakes of hay (orchard grass, oat or alfalfa)  are provided per day. 
Willowbrook comes complete with a fenced Grand Prix jumping arena with brand new and world class Euro-Felt arena footing; a marvelous 100x200 square foot indoor arena with sand and shredded rubber as the additive; super large and grassy turnouts with extremely safe, white plastic rail fencing; hot and cold wash racks; roomy and luxurious tackrooms and bathrooms, offices and feedrooms; nice spaces for humans to hang out and relax; etc, etc, etc. 
I think it's a wonderful place for a horse to live; for a person to enjoy the company of their four legged companions and other compadres-in-arms; and a super place to sell horses out of.
Please feel free to contact Clare for a visit to this very fancy and impressive...but also very friendly, relaxing and welcome facility ...which I believe balances and provides the best of both worlds for both horse and rider.