About Me

My personal and theoretical philosophy is based on the Person Centred Approach founded by Carl Rogers. It is based on the belief that we all have within us the potential for happiness and a more fulfilling life.

Carl Rogers described this approach as “A way of being that finds its expression in attitudes and behaviours that create a growth-promoting climate”.  He talked of the organismic self, which I understand to be that part of an individual, which really experiences life in the moment, as a young child does, before being subjected to conditioning, criticism and judgement. This in turn leads to self-doubt and shutting down or blocking of emotions.

What I really like about the Person Centred Approach is that is shows respect, is non-judgemental and enables the client to be autonomous by encouraging him/her to get in touch with their inner resources rather than looking to the “expert” for answers. With therapy an individual can get back in touch with their inner self. 

Alongside person centred counselling, I offer Solution Focussed Therapy, Trauma therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Supervision. I place a lot of emphasis on relaxation and visualisation.

Essentially what I bring to my clients is me, as the person I have become after many years of self-searching, discovery, training and experience. I understand the value of empathy, the ability to understand an individual’s struggle as if I am that person, whilst remaining professional and objective and retaining my awareness of responsibility.