Dr. Jacquie Mullender
           Personal tutor of English
        Kidderminster, Worcestershire


         Claritas English Tutoring Ltd.

         2018 GCSE results in so far: 
Language: 2 at level 6, 1 at level 7, 1 at level 9. Literature: 2 at level 7, 2 at level 8, 1 at level 9. 
  • Highly qualified private tutor of English with 28 years' experience
  • Principal examiner for A level
  • Skype lessons also available if you are not local
  • Subjects and levels offered:
    GCSE English, English Language, English Literature (all boards), IGCSE English Language, IGCSE English Literature.
    A level English Literature, English Language, and Language and Literature (all boards)
    Undergraduate level: Shakespeare, Renaissance literature, poetry (all periods and types), Language (at foundation level), Stylistics (literary linguistics, the language of literature), critical discourse analysis, critical theory and others. (Please ask).
  • All ability levels catered for.
  • I have worked successfully on a number of occasions with dyslexic students.
  • Recent DBS certificate


I am a highly qualified teacher of English with 28 years' tutoring and teaching experience in a wide range of sectors. I ran the GCSE English provision in a busy FE college for 5 years, while also teaching both English Lang./Lit. and Literature A        levels, and Access to Higher Education. I also taught both Shakespeare and Introduction to Language at the University of Birmingham for 5 years, and both undergraduate and masters level courses in Linguistics at other Midlands universities. I have been a busy full time private tutor since 2011.

I offer GCSE (Lang and Lit), A level English Literature, Language, and Lang. and Lit. (all boards), and undergraduate and masters’ level tutoring in a wide range of possible subject areas. Please ask for details. 

I have many years' experience as an A level examiner, currently working as a principal examiner in Language and Literature A level. 

I have the highest academic standards, but am sensitive, supportive and encouraging. My aim is always to tailor teaching to the needs and ambitions of the individual student, catering for all ability levels. I have worked successfully with dyslexic students a number of times.

Although exam grades are usually our key objective, in my experience it is the building of confidence that brings about the biggest transformations in the lives of my tutees.


We have known Jacquie for 10 years, during which time she has been an inspirational tutor and coach for our two daughters.  Jacquie regularly coached our younger daughter, Eleanor, in A level English Language and Literature, supporting her in gaining a very good grade and a university place.  She graduates this year.


Jacquie taught and encouraged our elder daughter, Amelia, as her sole tutor in AS and A2 level English Literature.  At that time Amelia was unable to attend college.  Her inspirational support enabled Amelia to regain self confidence and experience success.  She has now almost completed her degree in English Literary Studies and plans to read for an MSc degree at Birmingham University.


Given Jacquie’s excellent teaching skills and positive, supportive approach we would recommend her without reservation.


Cathie Watt  BA MA Cert. Ed. Mifl

John Watt MA BSc (Econ) Senior Lecturer, University of Aston (Business School) 

Post script: Both Amelia and Eleanor gained first class degrees. 


Our son Sam moved from a mock GCSE exam grade 2 to achieving a GCSE grade 7 in English language with 6 months' tuition from Jacquie. She taught in a way that he clearly understood and gave him confidence. I would highly recommend Jacquie.

Mark Abrams


I am pleased to tell you that Jed got a 7 [the highest grade] in his IB English. Thank you for all your precious guidance. Without you he would not have been able to achieve that grade. Thanks again, Colleen Ko


My daughter was struggling with GCSE English Language, and we were both becoming frustrated with her lack of progress. Thank goodness we found Jacquie. Her support and guidance really motivated my daughter to achieve her true potential and gain an A in this summer's examination. I can't thank Jacquie enough. She truly is an inspirational tutor. 

Jayne Plant


I was overjoyed when I received a grade 7 (the highest grade) for my IB English Literature. As a student whose first language is not English, I found it very difficult to understand writers' techniques and their effects on readers. Without Jacquie's top-notch teaching and warm lesson atmosphere, I would not have been able to achieve the grade I needed. Additionally, her expertise on Shakespeare's Othello gave me the confidence to speak up and achieve full marks for my Individual Oral Commentary (if you are an IB student you will know exactly what I am talking about!). For any prospective students I highly recommend Jacquie.

Chu Zhong 


Jacqueline Mullender is a highly professional and focussed English tutor whose lessons are targeted on the individual's ability. Her lesson preparation, attention to detail and encouragement during lessons is excellent. Supplementing these qualities is her immense experience, which led to my 16 year old son being diagnosed with dyslexia, which other teachers failed to identify; for that I shall be ever grateful. 

Kulvir Gangar


In the three months I was tutored by Jacquie I learnt more than I had in a year at sixth form. I had completely lost my confidence in the subject due to poor teaching and negative feedback. Therefore I was so happy to find Jacquie because she was always positive and non-judgemental, as well as having an amazing knowledge of her subject. As a result I got the B I needed in A level English Literature to study at my first choice university. I am so grateful for her support and guidance, because without her I wouldn't have stood a chance in the exam. 

Polly McComb


My daughter found Jacquie's help and guidance invaluable when preparing for her English Literature GCSE. Jacquie's insight into the exam and the required techniques really improved Grace's confidence, and she was delighted to receive an A in the subject she had previously found most difficult, and had previously been predicted as a B/C. Thanks Jacquie.

Fiona McCartney


We can't thank Jacquie enough for the help she gave our daughter with A level English Literature. The teaching was delivered with great professional insight and clarity, which was especially important as Jacquie had only three months to cover all the gaps in Polly's learning. Equally important for a student who had lost their confidence were Jacquie's unstinting encouragement and optimism. As a result, Polly achieved the B grade she needed to study at her first choice university. We only wish we had found Jacquie sooner!

Richard and Sally McComb


Without Jacquie's help and support Tabitha would not have gained any grade in her English Language GCSE, let alone the A that she did receive. She was unable to go to school during the time she was studying with Jacquie, and this invaluable experience has given Tabitha a boost in confidence in her abilities, which is just what she needed.

Cordelia Noble


Our daughter found Jacquie's help and guidance invaluable when preparing for her English Literature GCSE. Jacquie's insight into the exam and the required techniques really boosted our daughter's confidence, and she was delighted to receive an A* in the subject she had previously found her most difficult.

Joyce Williams 


I can't thank Jacquie enough for her fabulous help and support over the last two years. She has a genuine love for English and her enthusiasm is contagious. Her wealth of knowledge and advice was invaluable, especially when it came to background knowledge, critical analysis and sentence structure. I would never have achieved an A in A level English Literature without her. 

Tori Edwards


Jacquie provided me with great knowledge while I was preparing for my A2 English Literature exam, but perhaps most importantly gave me confidence in my own abilities. Without that, I strongly doubt whether I would have gone on to achieve full marks and an A* in my A level, which also stands me in good stead to go on to study for a degree in English Literature. I can't thank Jacquie enough for her help and support. My only regret is that I didn't find her sooner!

Rebecca Fenton


My daughter Rebecca was very upset after receiving an 'E' in  AS English Language, which she was studying at sixth-form college. She was shocked to receive this grade, as prior to studying her A levels she had always shown strong ability in this subject. After this result she was ready to throw in the towel and give up. 

However, with encouragement, support and excellent tuition from Jacquie, my daughter has now gained a 'C' for her final A2 grade. We are delighted, and only wish we had found Jacquie earlier!

Marie Pleaden 


We were absolutely thrilled with our daughter's English result (A* in A level Language and Literature). I think it is just beginning to sink in for her. It is our belief Jacquie that it would not have been possible without your help. Your tutoring, guidance and encouragement have been invaluable to her, and as parents it was very reassuring to have help from someone so enthusiastic and professional. Over the last year we have watched her slowly start to believe in herself and her ability, after the setback of being told by her teachers that she 'wasn't an A grade student'! We will be forever in your debt, Jacquie. You have enabled her to pursue the degree of her choice, and in her first choice university. As well as that we now have a very happy daughter who believes in herself. 

We would be more than happy for you to use any of this on your website, or indeed speak to parents of any prospective tutees.

Judith and Ro Perera 


I studied A level Language and Literature with Jacquie in my gap year, and thanks to her incredible knowledge of the subject, excellent teaching and encouragement I achieved an A* and am now able to go to my first choice university.

Beth Slater