The Clarion Voices

The Clarion Voices are available for your holiday:

● Corporate and Office Parties

● Private, Themed and Christmas Parties

Gala Events

● Hotels & Conventions

● Shopping Malls

Country Club Celebrations

And throughout the year, A Cappella Singers can add a wonderful atmosphere to so many venues and special events. Please consider us for your:

● Weddings Ceremonies and Receptions

● Banquets and Fund Raisers

Cocktail Parties


Company Picnics

● Promotions and Special Events

● Community Concerts and Senior Events

Service Organizations

● Grand Opening Celebrations

● Church Services


● Birthdays

● Anniversaries

● Theme Parties

  New Year's Eve Parties

● Wineries

● Trade Shows & Fairs

● Music Festivals

& Other Concert Events

Adjunct Services

When planning your special event, you may find the need to plan for more than just A Cappella singing. Through Matthew Zimnoch Music, we can provide many different types of performers.

Some of the soloists and ensembles we contract on a regular basis:

The Clarion Voices String Ensemble

The Clarion Voices Brass Ensemble

The Clarion Voices Jazz Ensemble

The Matthew Zimnoch Chamber Orchestra

Organists (for your ceremony), Pianists, and Operatic Vocal Soloists and Concert level instrumental soloists.

Please inquire further for more details and availability.

Other considerations...

Costume Choices
We can perform in Dickens-Era Costumes, Tuxedos and Formal Gowns, or Show attire for other events. For Specialty and Themed-Parties we can accommodate most reasonable requests. Please don't hesitate to ask.

Number and Combination of Singers
The Clarion Voices can perform in a variety of configurations depending on the event, the repertoire and your budget.            

The Quartet* - (4 singers): This is the standard caroling group for most festive occasions: Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor and Bass/ Baritone.

The Duo and Trio* - (2 or 3 singers):
A workable option for those on a budget. Duo: Soprano and Baritone; Trio: Soprano, Mezzo and Baritone.

The Quintet and Sextet* – (5 or 6 singers)
For specialty repertoire of both Renaissance Madrigals and Jazz-oriented shows, many arrangements require additional singers.

Multiple Trios and Quartets* – (6, 8, 9, 12 or more singers) For larger events where multiple groups of strolling singers would be desired to canvas and stroll through large crowds or events with multiple locations requiring simultaneous entertainment.

Operatic Soloists* – (1 or more Singers, usually with an accompanist) For Special and featured events any of our fine singers can be available to perform Recitals, Concert and Gala events. Please inquire further.

                   *Please Note: For times when the above singers are not available (or more are needed), The Clarion Voices maintains a roster of 50 - 60 of the best Singers in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our singers can be found performing with The Philadelphia Singers, The Opera Company of Philadelphia Chorus, Vox Amadeus and other area ensembles. Many have graduated from the area's most prestigious conservatories including the Academy of Vocal Arts, Curtis Institute, Peabody, University of the Arts and Temple University and are very active as Operatic and Oratorio Soloists.


The Clarion Voices are all classically trained and highly skilled singers, however, depending on the venue, for larger concert events (more than an audience of 100) some sound and lighting and sound reinforcements may be advisable. Please inquire if you think your event would be enhanced with such arrangements.

For most commercial events and parties, where we would be circulating throughout the guests or patrons no such reinforcements are necessary.


While The Clarion Voices is based primarily in the Greater Philadelphia area, we do employ and network with the top operatic singers and musicians from across the country.

We do travel nationwide and also are in close contact with many of the finest singers and instrumentalists in almost every major metropolitan center throughout the country.

Regardless of your location, or situation please don't hesitate to ask. We will be most happy to assist in filling all of your entertainment needs. Currently we have offices in:

North Wales, PA
Atlantic City, NJ
New York, NY
Boston, MA
Baltimore, MD
Williamsburg, VA
Tampa, FL
St Louis, MO
Iowa City, IA
Detroit, MI
Milwaukee, WI
Chicago, IL
Seattle, WA
San Antonio, TX
San Fransisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA

We can also provide top quality instrumentalists of many genres including (but not limited to):

The Clarion Voices Jazz Ensemble

Please call to inquire further!