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Philadelphia area Singers

The Clarion Voices Philadelphia area roster includes:

Matthew Zimnoch, Baritone, 
For times when the above singers are not available (or more are needed), The Clarion Voices maintains a roster of 60 - 80 of the best Singers in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our singers can be found performing with The Philadelphia Singers, The Opera Company of Philadelphia Chorus, The Metropolitan Opera Chorus, Vox Amadeus and other area ensembles. Many have graduated from the area's most prestigious conservatories including the Academy of Vocal Arts, Curtis Institute, Peabody, University of the Arts and Temple University and are very active as Operatic and Oratorio Soloists.

New York Area Singers

The Clarion Voices roster also includes a large number of singers in the New York Metro area. Among them are:

Other Metropolitan areas

The Clarion Voices roster has singers throughout the country. Below are just a few of the many wonderful singers we network with. Please inquire further if you don't see someone listed in your area. We are constantly expanding our base of singers and maintain a very rigorous screening process. Below is  just a sampling. (click on the links to read about them.) 

Alphabetically by City:

Austin, TX - Katherine Altobello

Buffalo, NY - Colin Macdonald

Detroit, MI - Jocelyn Zelasko

Los Angeles, CA - Kara Morgan

Mount Pleasant, MI - Meghan DeWald

San Antonio, TX - Suzie Rocha

Whenever singers from other areas are contracted, The Clarion Voices always provides the costuming and music arrangements. A consistently high level of professionalism is maintained wherever The Clarion Voices are appearing. Currently we have networks of additional singers available in and are always expanding:

North Wales, PA
Atlantic City, NJ
New York, NY
Buffalo, NY
Boston, MA
Baltimore, MD
Williamsburg, VA
Tampa, FL
St Louis, MO
Iowa City, IA
Detroit, MI
Milwaukee, WI
Chicago, IL
Seattle, WA
San Antonio, TX
San Fransisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
And many other areas!