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I am a doctoral student at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. The title of my thesis is "An Economic Sociology of Law and FDI in Sri Lanka - What Do Foreign Investors Really Want?". The research is a sociologically-informed empirical and ethnographic study of the extent to which foreign investors consider the legal system of the host state to be a relevant factor when determining whether to invest. As such, the results will be used to appraise the law reform programmes that comprise lending conditionalities by international finance institutions and NGOs. There's more on this research, as well as regular updates, on the Doctoral Research page. I will also be keeping a diary of the PhD as it progresses.

I'm also very interested in global finance and the role of Credit Rating Agencies. I regularly blog about the role and actions of CRAs in global markets. Please also see the links to my papers on SSRN.

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