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    On this page I have pulled together a few things that have helped me think differently about my teaching and research.

    Check out Mandy Lupton's blog on inquiry-based learning, where she argues that inquiry-based learning offers a more holistic way to teach learners to use information than the so last century concept of information literacy.

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    Mandy Lupton recently brought this video segment of
    an interview with Parker Palmer to my attention. This particular snippet is about the impacts of "fear" upon teaching, learning and working. Brilliant really! The other snippets in this series are insightful as well.

    ACRL Immersion Program - Since becoming a librarian in 2005 I participated in both the Teacher and Program tracks, and highly recommend both to anyone wanting to enhance their teaching or programmatic efforts. The teachers I worked with in this program are fantastic!

    Antioch College - My undergraduate education at Antioch was transformative for me. One of the most important things I learned at Antioch was to be responsible for my own education and learning.  It is quite fundamental - but not really how education is structured, now is it? That shift from "receiver" to "active agent" has shaped my life course in many ways. Thank you to all the brilliant folks at Antioch who worked to enable me and so many others to understand the world in new ways!

    In this TED Talk, Sugata Mitra describes his "Hole in the Wall" experiments where a computer was made available to children through an opening in a wall in remote areas of India.  The children, in the absence of supervision or formal teaching, worked in groups to learn how to navigate the web and even learned some English-as that was the language the Internet understood. He suggests, and I would agree, that much formal education (top down) stifles natural curiosities.

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