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Clarajon Health & Saftey Consultants are an established consultancy that provides a comprehensive range of health and safety services throughout the East Midlands and surrounding areas.
We are a proactive, forward thinking company that offers effective solutions to your health & safety issues.
Safety management services

The best organisations recognise the link between the identification and control of risk, the general health of their staff, and the success of their business. On that basis, they build safety management systems that are as integral to their organisation as any other business process.

Health and safety management systems should embrace all areas of your business; strategy, finance, human resources, marketing, product design, manufacturing and operating systems, information management and front-line staff.


Effective safety management systems generally have five key elements.

Y    Clear policies.

Y    Effective organisation.

Y    Systematic planning.

Y    Performance measurement.

Y    Audit and review processes.

Clarajon Health & Safety Consultants advise and assist our clients by undertaking a general Health and Safety Risk Assessment which identifies risks and the need for any specific or detailed Risk Assessments as required under the Regulations and any statutory training requirements.


Y    Provision and Use of Work Equipment
Y    Health and Safety (Display screen equipment)
Y    Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare)
Y    Personal Protective Equipment  

Y    Management of Health and Safety 

    Y    Manual Handling Operations 



    Clarajon Health & Safety Consultants can provide a comprehensive Health and Safety Management Control System and Policy, which is produced in line with HSG 65, Successful Health and Safety Management and is tailored to your company's needs through the management structure, policies and procedures.


    The Health and Safety Management Control System is specifically prepared for our clients and includes the following:


    Y    Policy Statement
    Y    Management Structure for Health and Safety
    Y    Specific responsibilities for each member of the management team
    Y    Health and Safety responsibilities and rules for all employees
    Y    Safety arrangements for the selection and control of contractors and site visitors
    Y    General working guidance, covering various aspects of our clients’ activities enabling them to formulate safe of work and
            and where appropriate detailed risk assessments.
    Y    Procedures for the reporting of accidents and dangerous occurrences.
    Y    Procedures for identifying and managing training requirements.
    Y    Written responsibilities and monitoring programmes for each member of the management team whereby results and
            actions taken can be recorded.



      The design of the documents fulfils the parameters of our clients’ statutory requirements and also provides an effective system of Management Control.


      The provision of the documents forms only a part of our service.  Clarajon Health & Safety Consultants also have available the following services:
      Y    A 24 hour telephone advisory service operated directly by our consultants.
      Y    Health and Safety updating service which maintains the Policy and Safety Management  Control System in line company     
              developments in addition to supplying information on new legislation affecting their business needs.  The provsion of all
              necessary registers and abstracts.





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