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Yoga Final Exam Thursday June 12, 2014

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Yoga Final Exam Thursday June 12, 2014
You must read these two article before reviewing for the exam. 
Review is tomorrow Wednesday June 11.

Google:  The guide to the 12 major meridians of the body (hub pages)
             Traditional Chinese medicine cause of illness.  The seven emotions (how stuff works)
Read these thoroughly and be ready to review tomorrow.

This is voluntary and FREE.   If you choose to do the meditations you will get credit.
Go to chopracentermeditation.com
Oprah-Deepak - 21 day meditation experience.  This starts 4-14-14
Register first, then login to access sample meditation.  If you like the meditation and want
to follow through with the program, forward me the verification e-mail you received from the
chopra center.  My e-mail address is palempi@schools.nyc.gov     I will place you on a list.  You
will receive a daily meditation.  At the end of the meditation you will e-mail me a minimum of a full sentence
on your experience.  If you don't e-mail me, you will not receive any credit.  Please make sure you include key words that shows you actually did and followed that particular meditation.
Make sure the e-mails include:
your full name
meditation day # or title of meditation for that day.
Enjoy the journey!


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Answer the following questions in complete sentences.  Access

and print out a chart of the meridians in color if possible.


1.   What are the 12 major meridians in the body? 

2.   What is their function?

3.   What is the meridian role in body tapping?



Due to weather conditions our afternoon has been cancelled.  We

have a written assignment due on Thursday  January 23rd as make up for today.


Go to yogajournal.com and type in "its cool to be grounded" article.


Answer the following questions in full complete sentences.  Be ready

to discuss them in class on Thursday.

1.  What are the  issues today's adolescents are facing?

2.  How can yoga help teens deal with pressure?

3.  Anxiety?

4.  What survival skills can yoga offer?

5.  How and why teens act out?

6.  What impact can yoga have on today's teens?


Yoga Homework

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Homework 1, 2, 3.  Due on Friday May 23rd.

If your printer doesn't work or you have no ink, draw the picture and write

the information requested on paper.  NO EXCUSE!


For new yoga students   Level I ( 1-2 semesters)

1.  Go to yogajournal.com

2.  Click on poses

3.  Choose one standing pose, one balance and one back bend.

4.  Write the name of the pose in both in English and Sanscrit.

5.  Cut and paste:  the picture, benefits of the pose, contraindication of the pose.

6.  Write a paragraph on why you chose this pose.  Check your grammar and write complete



For level II students:  ( taken yoga for more than 2 semesters)

1.  Follow the same steps as above.

2.  Choose challenging poses, you can include inversions, twists,  and new poses.  (hold them for 5-8 breaths.)

3.  You can also create a flow, ( same as a sun salutation)

Written assignement due thursday April 3rd.  Practice with the video. 


1.  Go to yogajournal.com

2.  in the search box type in shiva rae moonshine video and moonshine article (separately)






Answer the following questions in full and complete sentence.


1.  compare and constrast the differences between Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namascar, include the benefits.  Make two columns and describing both.


2.  How can you bring both heating and cooling energies into balance?


3.  At what time of the month is our energy the lowest?


4.  What can Chandra Namaskar do for menstruating women?



Hand in the guide by Thursday march 20.

Google out chemical cuisine, a guide to food additives by nutrition action.


For the following tuesday, collect all labels of drinks and foods you eat from a package.


Due on tuesday march 25th.  Place the labels in a bag.  Bring about 5-10 items.

"GETTING OUT OF OUR HEADS" MEDITATION March 14, 2014  Due on Monday March 17.  No later.


Answer the following questions in full complete sentences.


1.  How did Bodhipaksa describe a  dignified pose in the beginning of the meditation?

2.  How can this meditation help us to "get out of our heads"?

3.  re were you asked to carry/release tension?

4.  What parts of your body you noticed were tense?

5.  What message did he give you about your body?

6.  Write your feedback on today's meditation?


Namaste' Meditation.  Answer the following questions in full and complete sentences.  Due Tuesday

March 4th.  No late homework accepted.


1.  What Sanskrit word did you recognize in this meditation? 

2.   what is the meaning of it?

3.  How many times was it used?

4.   What were the two colors you were guided to see and what did they represent? (google it)

5.  Who was the other person in the meditation?

6. What was the whole purpose of the meditation?



YOGA HOMEWORK #1  DUE ON Thursday February 6, 2014
Bring in completed folder with your contract, 10 sheets of loose leaf (not a stack) paper,
a pen or pencil.  Make sure your name and period are written on  your folder.
YOGA HOMEWORK #2  DUE ON wednsday february 12, 2014
1.  Go to simpletruths.com
2.  Click on videos,  (there are motivational books as well if you choose).  Choose a quote from a video of your
3.  choice that resonates or has an impact on you.
4.  Write the quote on paper and the name of the person who wrote it. 
5.  Be creative.
6.  Write your name, period and date in the back.
7.  In a separate paper, write a complete paragraph explaining  how and or why this quote has meaning to you.
8.  Can you apply this quote in every day life?

Clinical Majors (2nd period Big Gym) Mr. Meyerson

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Homework #1

Goal sheet


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***How do I submit my homework?***

1)  Heading

Name_________________________            Floor Spot_____________________

Teacher_______________________            Homework #___________________
Please add this to the top of your homework.  
In the body of the homework please re-write the question and answer using complete sentences. Please proof-read all work for any spelling and grammar errors.
Homework #1

Complete Goal Sheet

Homework #2

Answer both questions using complete sentences.

1)  List and describe three(3) different ways of passing the ball.

2)  Describe the proper execution of the layup shot.


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How can weight training help you in your daily life

Homework # 2

What are the benefits of warm-ups and stretches?

Homework #3

Explain the difference between static stretches and ballistic stretches.

Homework #4

Differentiate between weights, sets and reps.


            Explain what fitness component does the Pacer test target?  What makes it target that component?.  How can we increase our PACER test score?  Please write at least two paragraphs.



Identify the names of 6 upper body exercises. Describe the safety factors. How does each exercise benefit your body?




Identify the names of 6 lower body exercises. Describe the safety factors. How does each exercise benefit your body?




Describe cardiovascular endurance. Explain how it can be adapted to weight training.




Define muscular endurance. Explain how it can be adapted to weight training.


Homework # 10


Define muscular strength, and explain how we can alter the weights, sets and reps?


Homework # 11


In the weight room, Chris, Jane, Mary, and Doug are working out.  Indicate what action should be taken by the student for each statement below in regard to whether the weights, reps, and sets, should be increased, maintained, or decreased in order to continue their fitness training.

A.  Doug is unable to lift the heavy weights.

B.  Chris wishes to perform muscular endurance.

C.  Jane is unable to lift the weights eight times for two sets and four times the third set.

D.  Mary wishes to perform muscular strength.

E.  You wish to perform cardiovascular endurance with the weights.


Homework #12

Record everything you eat for three consecutive days using the chart below:













 Using the food guide pyramid answer the following?


1. Explain if you had a balance diet based on the food guide pyramid; or, why you did not?

2. From which of the food group did you tend to eat fewer servings than the number recommended?

3. From which food group did you tend to eat more servings than the number recommended?

4. As a result of this analysis of your diet, what specific recommendations do you have regarding your eating habits

 (foods you need to cut back on, foods you need to eat more of, etc,)?

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