Clan Rules and Regulations

1) Commander is leader of entire clan. In the event that the commander is absent, the lieutenant commander will take the commanders place.
2) There are five generals in the clan. Each one is in charge of a special division: infantry, marines, air force, navy, and navy SEALS.
3) Lieutenant
Generals accompany the generals. Each general is in charge of one. The lieutenants replace the generals when the generals are not present.
4) There is a maximum of 30 members per division. That means 150 is the largest amount of players on the clan.
Recruitment process:
5) You're assigned to one general. He assigns you to one of the five colonels of that division.
6) recruiting is on Friday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm and on Saturday from 11:00am to 2:00pm.
7) after this, you'll be transported to your division where you will spend at least 30 minutes training and showing your skills to your officers
8) you will get in a vehicle and go to the announcement center to get promoted to a recruit
9) you will get to choose your weapons and your class
10) no real clan identification on emblem or player card. just notify the officers of your present rank
11) check site for updates and upcoming events
Clan Battles:
12) clan takes a vote, commander makes final decision but if 1 half the clan votes against commander, the vote is passed

13) Promotion: you are promoted to the rank above your current position when you: rank up, come in 1st place, or just do a stunning job
14) Breaking any of the rules by treating fellow members poorly or abusing any other rules will result in a warning and a demotion to a private. If player continues to break rules, they are banned from clan temporarily or permanently. If they are banned temporarily, the exile can last up to 2 months.

Remember: respect higher ranks and other clan members. Respect any allies we may have. Do not hack profile since i would like our clan to be honest and proud. If you want to join, go to to send me a message, thank you and have a great day.