Rob Roy´s Testament

Robert Roy Campbell

The Testament Dative and Inventary
of the goods gear cattle Household plenishing and others which
pertained to the DeceastRobert Roy Campbell in Innerlochlang
beg within the parish of Balquhidder and Commissariot of Dun
-blane the time of Decease which was in the Moneth of December
last Faithfully made and given up by Mary Mcgrigor alias
Campbell the Defuncts Spouse only Executrix Dative Decerned
as Credetrix to her said Deceas’d husband For payment and
Satisfaction to her of the sum of four hundred and thirty six
pounds ten shillings and four pennies Scots money Expended and
Deburs’d by her on the Defuncts funerals and for Masters rent,
and Servants fees and for medicaments and other Necessaries fur
-nished during his Sickness Conform to a particular Accompt
and Several Instructions thereof produced Whereon she made
faith as use is As also for payment of the expences of Confir
-mation hereof By Decreet of the Commissary principal of the
said Commissariot as the samen of the date of these pre-
-sents in itself more fully Bears

There was pertaining and belonging to the Said Defunct the time
of his decease forsaid the goods gear and others aftermentioned of the values after express’d According as the Samen were valued in Virtue of the said Commissarys warrant Vizt. Imprimis Two Tydie Cows at eight pound Scots per piece Inde Sixteen pound Item Two Yeald Kine estimate at Six pound Scots pr. piece Inde Twelve pound Item Two old Kine with a Stirk estimate at Six pounds thirteen shilling And four pennies Scots per piece Inde Thirteen pound Six shilling and eight pennies Item Two forrow Kine with a Stirk estimate at Seven pound Six Shilling and eight pennies Scots oer piece Inde fourteen pound Thirteen Shilling and four pennies Item Two Six quarters old queys estimate at Two pound thirteen Shilling and four pennies Scots per piece Inde five pound Six Shilling and eight pennies Item a ten quarter year old quey estimate at Three pound Item thirteen Ews and one Ram estimate at fourteen pound It[em] seven hoggs estimate at three pound ten shilling It[em] fourteen Goats with a Buck estimate at Twenty pound It[em] eight Minchaks estimate at four pounds Item Ane Old Mair with a filly estimate to eight pound It[em] two horses estimate to thirty pound It[em] a Blind horse estimate to One pound ten shilling It[em] Two Bolls of Gray Corn with the Straw estimate to ten pound It[em] the Key estimate to Twelve pound It[em] the Saddle and Armes estimate with the Bridle Twenty four pound It[em] Betwixt his body Cloaths and heall house plenishing estimate to
eighty four pound Six Shilling and eight pennies.

Item The said Defunct had Justly addebted and resting to him the
time foresaid of his decease By Alexander Mcfarlane in Coreitlet the Sum of One hundred pounds Scots money and whole annualrents thereof as a part of the sum of Six hundred merks Scots money principal Specified in a Bond Granted by him to the said Defunct therein Designed Robert Campbell of Innerfuait Dated the Twenty eight 

day of November and ______________ 

day of ___________________ 

One thousand seven hundred and seven years.


Confirmed 6th February 1735 Raynold Drummond and John
Fisher of Tayenrouyoch Cautioners