What is Counselling?

Counselling is for anyone interested in exploring themselves.  Generally speaking, people come to counselling if they are feeling the need to talk through difficult life experiences, such as relationship difficulties, depression, stress, anxiety and times of transition such as menopause, bereavement or trauma.  
Counselling gives people the space and time to talk through whatever is concerning or troubling them, without being judged or told what to do, because counselling is not the same as giving advice.  Talking it through can help to develop self-awareness and insight into how a person relates both to themselves, and to those around them. Counselling can help bring about growth and change that has a positive impact on a client’s ability to understand themselves, deal with issues, and relate to others.
I am experienced in working with people who are:

FEELING GENERALLY LOW (e.g. experiencing ongoing loneliness, a sense of futility, a lack of direction, moodiness, stress, confusion, anger, trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety)
FACING A SPECIFIC CRISIS (e.g. loss, change, trauma, illness, issues around fertility, abortion, relationship break-ups, divorce, bereavement)
WANTING TO IMPROVE RELATIONSHIPS (e.g. experiencing difficulty forming and sustaining satisfying relationships, problems with personal or work relationships, difficulty with intimacy)
MEMBERS OF THE ADOPTION TRIAD (e.g. Birth parent, Adoptive parent, Adoptee)
TRYING TO COME TO TERMS WITH PHYSICAL AND / OR SEXUAL ABUSE (including victims of domestic violence)