My Approach

I use a Relational Integrative Approach in my counselling. This is based on humanistic and psychodynamic principles which respect the individuality and particular needs of each client.

It centres on the belief that relationships between people are of paramount importance in human development, and are central to understanding human life. Each person is born with potential that is developed through relationships with others.

Through relationships, we all have the opportunity to grow, and lead a more fulfilling life. Development does not begin and end with events that have helped shape us in the past. We change and develop continually, updating our attitudes and how we relate to others every day. The way we interact with other people is an important part of this growth.

A relational approach focuses on the belief that we all have the potential and ability to adapt and to achieve positive relational patterns, and to overcome and change destructive or negative behaviour, often resulting from a pattern, or survival strategy, set in childhood.

Above all, I aim to provide a space for clients to explore themselves and their concerns.  I feel it is important to create the right environment for clients to feel comfortable, safe, accepted and understood.  My counselling focuses on the here and now whilst making links with the past. I work with clients to help them achieve their potential and develop in a positive way.