Claiming Online Access to AJKD

if you have claimed access in the past but your subscription lapsed at any point, you may not be able to reclaim access using these steps once your subscription is restored. Instead, please contact customer service (see bottom of page).

Step 1: Register at, or, if you already have an online account, log in.

Step 2: Once logged in at, click the "claim" link in the top navigation bar.

Step 3: On the claim screen, select either:
  • "I have purchased a personal subscription" if you have purchased an individual nonmember subscription to AJKD directly from the publisher (Elsevier), and then skip to Step 4 below; or
  • "I receive my subscription through a society membership" if you receive AJKD as a benefit of NKF membership or because you are a US-based Nephrology Fellow, and then select the appropriate option from the dropdown that appears.
Note: the "National Kidney Foundation Fellow" option is for US-based Nephrology Fellows who are claiming access to AJKD because they have received complimentary Associate Physician Membership from the NKF. If you are a US-based Nephrology Fellow and have not received complimentary NKF Associate Physician Membership, visit the NKF Associate Physician Membership for Nephrology Fellows page for information about how to sign up.

Step 4: You will be asked for your account number. If you are a member-subscriber, this number should appear to the right of your name on the mailing label of your print journal; if you are a nephrology fellow, check for a number above your name.

If your mailing label does not look like the one above left, you are a nonmember subscriber. Please refer instead to the sample print labels on the claim screen or immediately below. When entering the account number, be sure to enter the full number, including the number after the hyphen, if present:

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Elsevier Customer Service (contact information is listed after the Editorial Office section). If calling, follow the "society" prompt for fastest service.