The Clague PTSO Activities are supported via donations which go to three main areas - the General Fund, the Village Fund and the 8th Grade D.C. Trip Scholarship Fund.

Village Fund
The Village Fund is a separate account that provides assistance to Clague families in need. In the past, the Village Fund has been used to help families purchase clothing, school supplies, eyeglasses and shoes for Clague students.

8th Grade D.C. Trip Scholarship Fund
Every year, the Clague 8th grade class takes a trip to Washington, D.C. This is an educational and eye-opening experience, especially for those students who have never before had the opportunity to travel. Clague aims to send every interested 8th grader. This scholarship fund helps those students whose families could not otherwise afford this trip.

General Fund
1. Direct grants to teachers and staff - used to purchase supplies, materials, equipment and new technology for their classrooms and to provide enrichment for their students 

2. Educational Programs - including but not limited to Science Olympiad, Homework Club, Music Programs, English as a Second Language (ESL) program and Physical Education

3. School-wide improvement projects such as interior/exterior painting of building, installation of outside benches, installation of signage, tree planting and courtyard projects

4. Ongoing school communication through Clague E-notes and the Cougar Star