About Our Claddagh Rings Store

Our Claddagh rings store has been around since almost two decades ago. CladdaghRings.com take pride in offering a wide range of rings handcrafted by expert jewelers who find their inspiration in antique Celtic legends. Each and every ring is thoroughly polished and inspected. This is how we secure the highest quality possible. This makes our rings unique and sought after by many clients from all over the world.

Our men's claddagh rings collections are made from a wide range of metals such as silver, yellow gold, white gold and platinum. This is how we can cater to clients from all social categories and walks of life. If you are on a budget and you prefer a bohemian lifestyle, you're going to love the rings in our silver collection. If you want something classy for your fiancee, without being worried about prices, you may want to take a look at the gold and platinum Claddagh rings models. We've got a wide variety of shapes and styles, so you'll surely find the one you're looking for.

Our online store features men's rings, wedding bands and engagement rings. In order to save time, you can search directly inside the section you're interested in. There's also a special category of rings, the birthstone ones, dedicated to all those who believe in astrology and zodiac signs. You can have a with celtic wedding rings with patterns and  your birthstone.

All gemstones come with quality certificates, so you can rest assured you always get what you pay for. Nonetheless, we allow our clients to ask for independent evaluations by expert jewelers. We choose our suppliers carefully, so we are fully confident in the quality of our rings. They can last more than a lifetime. This makes them important family heritage items that pass from one generation to the next.  Click this link on how to wear a claddagh ring.

What makes our store special is the experience of our sales consultants. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, ready to answer all your questions and to help you make the best choice right off the bat.

Should you decide you haven't made the good choice, you can always return your items within the first 30 days from the purchasing date. We are happy to replace them with other rings. Our mission is to make our clients happy. We want you to feel the power of these traditional jewelry pieces. We want you to acknowledge that a silver Claddagh rings are more than a piece of metal sculpted into a beautiful shape. It is at the same time a symbol and a promise. These rings are the promise of love and loyalty.

If you want to know more about our shipping and returns policy, you are welcome to read the above mentioned section of our website. We offer order tracking, so that you can know when your ring is going to arrive. We warmly appreciate all client reviews and product photos we receive. If you can spare a few minutes, please offer us your feedback on the quality of your jewelry items and on the purchasing process in general.